Navigating COVID Surges:

What Your Salon Can Do to Stay Safe

Even though every last one of us has been wishing, hoping, and pleading that the COVID-19 pandemic would come to a screeching halt, allowing us all to get back to normalcy and safety, the truth is, we’re all still trying to navigate the tumultuous waters of the pandemic.

As new variants begin to surge and more cases are popping up, this phase of the pandemic is starting to feel dangerously like the beginning.

One of the most pressing questions is surfacing once again—will our industry have to shut down again?

After so much time spent trying not to be a business statistic in the fight against the pandemic, these surges present an all-too exhausting threat.

And unfortunately, the truth is, no one really knows what’s going to happen or how this all will unfold.

As much as we could speak to it, we simply can’t.

That being said, there are things we can speak to—specifically about how you can take control of your salon and navigate the COVID surges with grace, simplicity, and safety as your priority.

Keep reading for a few tips on how to stay safe in the salon during these trying times.

How to Prioritize Salon Safety During COVID Surges 

Revamp Your Cleaning & Sanitizing Routines

Like we suggested in one of our past articles about reopening during the pandemic, we think it’s absolutely crucial to refocus on your cleaning and sanitizing practices.

Look, we’re not trying to suggest you don’t clean or sanitize—you’re probably a total cleaning fiend. But it’s extra important during these times that you’re going the extra mile to ensure consistent sanitizing and cleaning.

Not only is it crucial to slowing down the spread of COVID, but it’s also impactful to show your clients how seriously you’re taking their safety (and yours).

So, if you’ve let the cleaning and sanitizing thing slack a smidge since the start of the pandemic, it might be time to revisit a stricter schedule and regimen.

Make & Enforce Rules That Make You Comfortable

Here’s something that we don’t think people are saying enough—in your salon, you make the rules.

Take this empowering statement seriously!

If you’re uncomfortable, fix this problem as you see fit.

No matter what other people think of you, no matter what your state’s policy is, and no matter what you’re afraid of, remember—this is a weird, unprecedented time. If you want to do something that makes your salon safer, then just freakin’ do it.

Require or Reinforce Mask Rules

Want to reinforce masks in your salon? Go for it.

No, most states are not mandating or requiring masks anymore, but if this is a measure that’s going to make you feel better about the safety and wellbeing of your staff, your clients, and yourself, do it.

Check Temperatures

Consider testing temps for clients who are coming in for appointments.

Of course, this doesn’t always help weed out those with COVID symptoms since so many people can be asymptomatic and might not have fevers, but it is an extra precaution you can take if you’re interested.

Think About Capacity Limits & Space

Think about reverting to the same occupancy limits that you were abiding by before during the first surge of COVID.

Try scheduling appointments to ensure only a certain amount of people are in the building at one time, space out your schedule to leave time for sanitizing and cleaning, and limit the availability for walk-ins.

Consider Moving Some Things Back to Virtual Modes

Of course, we’re not trying to endorse or suggest the need for a shutdown, but if you’re concerned about the surges and you want to make a substantial change, it might be time to consider swapping back over to some virtual services or creating a unique hybrid of virtual services.

We get that this isn’t always a seamless way to make money, however, there are a ton of distinct ideas that you could get into that could help you improve and diversify your income (and that are pretty COVID proof, too).

Be Open with Your Clients

The best thing you can really do?

Just be open with your clients.

Send out a newsletter, talk to them one-on-one, craft a great email—whatever you do, just level with your customers, let them know how you’re feeling, and even let them know you’re open to suggestions for safety during these times.

Truthfully, being transparent and real with your clientele is going to get you the furthest when it comes to expressing your fears, pain points, and goals.

(This applies to pretty much everything in this line of business, not just the pandemic).

At the end of the day, how you choose to navigate COVID surges is up to you—so do what makes you comfortable and try to be as considerate as possible to your clients.

Ultimately, your priority should be the safety of your staff, your clients, and yourself—don’t ever forget the importance of that.

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