Nail Tech Exclusive: 

Expanding Your Nail Tech Business

When it comes to being the most badass nail tech in the biz, we’re willing to bet you’ve got that on lock. 

You probably have all sorts of regular customers who never dare visit another nail tech (lest they want an inferior service). You probably know your services like the back of your hand (we promise there’s no real pun intended here, we’re not that cheesy). Heck, when it comes to reputation, you’re probably the best-known nail tech on the block.

But here’s the kicker—we’re not here to ask you about being the best in your current field. 

We’re here to ask you a totally different question, and it’s one we really want you to consider before you answer: are you doing everything you possibly can to expand your nail tech business?

See, that’s a totally different question. 

You can be the best of the best at the services you offer, you be considered the top nail-tech in your city, you can rack up an entire client book full of customers who love you—but is all of that enough to ensure the longevity of your nail tech business?

At EBS, we like to encourage every beauty pro to do what they can to expand their businesses in tangible ways to help ensure that they’re always at the top of their field and always in demand.

And nail techs, that most certainly means you. 

There’s so much more to your industry that meets the eye—you’re an artist, you’re a creative, you’re giving your customers the gift of your flair and expertise. 

It’s up to you to expand your services where you can and boost your nail tech business in doable (and imperative) ways—and we’re here to help you on that path.

So, are you ready to start simply and seamlessly boosting your nail tech biz? We thought so. 

Sit back, relax, and get to reading—you’re on your way to becoming an even more refined, more business-savvy version of your already badass, professional nail tech self. 

Services That Can Be Offered

  • Nail artistry 
  • Nail jewelry 
  • Hand and foot massage 
  • Face and body masks 
  • Esthetician services 
  • Spray or sunless tanning 
  • Dip powder 
  • SNS nails
  • Silk or fiberglass overlays and extensions  
  • Lash and brow tinting
  • Lash and brow extensions 
  • Microblading 

This list could go on forever. Whether you want to pursue more licenses in the cosmetology sphere in general or want to focus specifically on nails, adding to your menu of services is a must for businesses looking to expand. 

Update Your Services & Branch Out 

We always tell our community of beauty pros in all trades—and yes, that means you nail techs—that diversifying your services can be a huge boon to your business.

Sure, it’s great that you’re a slammin’ nail tech, but if your services are a little dated and lack-luster, a smattering of brand-new services can revive your business in no time! 

We’re not saying you need to go out and become the master of all cosmetology offerings, but you should consider adding some new services to your repertoire. Consider nail-tech specific services (and beyond) like: 

Market Yourself Like Crazy 

We always like to remind our beauty community of a very important fact—you could be the baddest nail tech in the biz, but if no one has ever heard of you and knows nothing about you, your talent is wasted. 

The whole point of being an amazing nail tech is to work with clients and wow them with your skills, right? So, if you’re not marketing yourself correctly and no one knows who you are, you are way underselling yourself and not allowing yourself the chance to grow. 

Marketing can be a scary topic, and we get that sometimes some of us are starting from scratch. But that’s NBD. We’ve included a few must-read resources right here to help you get your marketing 101 on.

Be In the Know and On-Trend ALWAYS

You’ve probably got an entire list of tried-and-true services that your clients—regular and brand-spankin’-new—can’t get enough of. But it’s important to take a routine check-up of your services and ask yourself a very important question, “am I on-point with what’s on-trend?” 

We’re not just talkin’ about services, either. Techniques, styles, aesthetics, etc.—the beauty industry is in a constant state of flux. Things are always changing, trends are always evolving, and nothing is ever sitting still. 

It’s beyond important that you’re doing your best to keep up with these trends—especially if you want to stay relevant and draw in new clients. By doing this, you’re accomplishing two things—first, you’re allowing yourself the chance to capitalize on some serious money-making opportunities, and second, you’re staying hip AF. 

Both are important, right? Right.

Cover Your Business—Don’t Leave Yourself Vulnerable 

You know what would be the very worst-case scenario for your nail tech business? Doing all of this hard, but necessary work to build your business and boost your success and all the while leaving yourself, your career, and your business at risk.

That’s where liability insurance comes in. 

Look, we get it. We’re the insurance company coming at you all biased saying things like “of course you need liability insurance, it’s imperative.” We get how that sounds.

But you guys, the real deal here is that you do need high-quality, professional liability insurance to protect your future, your career, and your business. Even if that means you don’t work with us. 

Obviously, we’d love for you to partner with EBS for your insurance needs (and we’ve got a ton of reasons why we’re the best of the best that we’d be happy to share with you), but ultimately, it’s about protecting yourself—we don’t really care how you do that as long as you do it correctly.

We’ve laid out a few must-read resources right here to help you dive into liability insurance—we’ll cover the basics about what it is, why you need it, and what you could risk if you don’t invest in it.

As nail technicians, you’ve got an incredible opportunity to constantly grow and expand your business. The beautiful thing about the beauty industry (aside from the obvious) is that you’ve got ever-evolving trends that give you room to thrive in new spaces. The only catch? It’s up to you to do it!

Stay up to date on trends, know how to market yourself, and don’t be afraid to branch out and add new services—it’ll take you far.

Have some advice for your fellow nail techs? Let us know! Drop your insight, tips, tricks, and more in the comment section below and leave some must-have knowledge for your fellow nail tech pros. 

And remember, if you’ve got insurance questions, we’ve got you covered—don’t be afraid to reach out to EBS for your nail tech liability insurance needs!