The Vital Importance To The Success And Longevity Of Your Career

We know that the nail industry is super competitive and trying to stay on top of trends and new services can be a real challenge in and of itself. 

But, as a nail professional, it's your obligation to your clients to keep your service offerings fresh and relevant to the times.

Every service you offer gives you a leg up in your market, and it opens you up to gaining new business and distinguishing yourself as a leader in the nail game. So what should you know how to do well, and what trending services and what nail technician continuing education is vital to your success? 

Let’s explore…

Back to Basics, Offer All-Natural Nail Services

​ Natural nail care has always been and will always be a strong staple in nail service offerings, but natural nail services recently received an upgrade with the introduction of all-natural and organic nail care products.

Coupled with natural nail care services, vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products provide a great opportunity to market oneself as a natural nail care specialist.

Offering natural nail care with all-natural professional products to health-conscious clients can be a real competitive advantage as the organic beauty product trend continues to grow and become a mainstay.   

Nail Art

Generally speaking, nail art is nothing new, per se, but there are so many variations that it would behoove you to learn some form of it. Every client loves nail art to some extent, whether it’s an accent nail or a full-blown crystal encrusted masterpiece, and if you are not doing any nail art, you are missing out on some serious cash.

Not only is nail art an upsell, for just a few nails, it’s also a totally separate service for clients who get manicures, gels or acrylic nails.

The point is, you can charge for a manicure plus a full set of nail art too, so choose from popular nail art trends, like accent nails, practice it, promote it and offer it to your clients.

French Manicures and Half Moons

The French manicure isn’t just a boring, safe manicure anymore. It too is considered nail art when executed with a splash of color.  Experiment with different nail colors to make these creative French and half moon nail designs that will set you apart when showcasing your work.  

Nail Appliques, Embellishments, & Airbrushing

All those little gems and crystals on one nail…how do they do it?

Truth is, it takes a lot of time and patience to apply appliques and gems to nails, but it’s totally worth it if you get good at it. This will always be a nail trend in some form and it’s a skill worth having.

Airbrushing is a service that not every nail tech knows how to do because there hasn’t been a huge demand for it in recent years, but it’s making a comeback. If you really want to be a trendsetter in the industry, learn how to airbrush nails and start promoting yourself as an airbrush nail artist now.

Airbrushing is fast, easy to clean up and you can use with stencils to make instant nail art. The airbrush method is also fantastic for ombre nail designs and it’s the quickest polish job you’ll ever do!

Most trends we see in the nail industry are just re-inventions of what has been done before – everything old is new again.

Study old nail trends to keep yourself on the cutting edge of new nail trends. If you learn the basics and use your creativity, you can become a nail trendsetter.