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KEY TAKEAWAYS: Freelance beauty pros have a lot of choices when it comes to advertising their services–so many it can be hard to choose where. In this article, an EBS expert shares three must-consider sites for advertising their bridal beauty pro services. 

*This article was last updated May 5, 2024.

Where Freelance Beauty Pros Should Advertise Bridal Services

If you’ve made the steps to either start a specialized bridal beauty business or have added bridal beauty options to your already established business, you’ll want to ensure that potential clients are aware of your services.

Bridal beauty is a challenging, arduous, and demanding business, but it also happens to be a very lucrative industry.

You’ll want to develop a unique demand for yourself while showcasing your consistent, reliable skills to potential brides-to-be.

How can you accomplish this?

One word: Advertising.

Okay, more like five words: Advertising with popular bridal websites.

Choosing to advertise on popular websites like these can help in enormous ways. Not only do these sites attract millions of brides every day who are looking for inspiration (aka, millions of pairs of eyes looking at your advertising), you’ll also be able to customize your advertisement opportunities to create the perfect advertising campaign for you.

Check out a few of these popular sites, get a feel for them, and analyze whether advertising with one, two, or all these sites could be a wise decision for your bridal beauty business.

Where to Advertise Your Bridal Freelance Beauty Pro Services: Sites to Consider 

The Knot

The Knot is one of the most prominent wedding websites in the world with an estimated of 25 million customers they’ve helped get inspired, plan, and book with local professionals.

Advertising with them can get eyes on your business that you never would have dreamed of. What’s more, advertising with The Knot is always a unique experience.

They’ll work with you to help you select wedding advertising options that meet your goals and fit your budget, and you’ll even be assigned a dedicated account strategist that will support you along the way, answers your questions, and ensure that your advertising choices are getting you the results that you’re after.

Another great thing about The Knot is that, depending on your membership level, you’ll be kept updated on the latest news happening in your industry with a weekly newsletter, a frequently updated blog, and a top-of-the-notch calendar with education events and marketing parties you can attend in your area.

According to The Knot Pro, partnering with The Knot for advertising purposes will help you on more than just a website level – in fact, you can arrange to be featured on their mobile app, their Instagram account, and of course, all of their other social media pages.

Evidently, through these outlets, they reach more couples than any other brand like them.

The Knot has a few different profile options available for you to look into if you’re interested in advertising with them, including things like Limited, Lite, Standard, and Featured.

They range in price from free to almost $140 monthly, depending on which options, how much space, and what advertising and featured options you’d like to pay for.

A freelance beauty pro applies lip liner to her bride's lips.

Wedding Wire 

Now, let’s talk about the Wedding Wire. This site touts their popularity over other wedding brands, stating that they’ve helped clients book over 200,000 merchants through their website, including bridal beauty specific businesses.

Wedding Wire states that their site includes over 3 million business reviews on their site, as well as a comprehensive client management system for merchants who choose to advertise on their website.

More than that, Wedding Wire boasts about 40 million visits per month – meaning about 40 million more opportunities for people to view your advertisement and pay your website a visit.

Another benefit of Wedding Wire is that it, like The Knot as well, offers both local and national advertising opportunities and they’ll work with you to determine which type of advertising opportunities will make the most sense for you.

The Wedding Wire options plenty of different profiles if you’re interested in advertising your bridal beauty business.

Starting with the free Lite option, you can upgrade to Standard for about $40 monthly, Professional for about $130 monthly, Featured Ad for $220-$250 monthly, and a Spotlight option that stretches up to $500 monthly.

Though that seems a bit pricey, Wedding Wire is a great resource for businesses who have a rough time expanding on their own or growing their own digital advertising via their social media outlets, and website.

"More than that, Wedding Wire boasts about 40 million visits per month–meaning about 40 million more opportunities for people to view your advertisement and pay your website a visit."

Style Me Pretty 

While it might not carry quite the weight that sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire do, Style Me Pretty is a popular and frequently visited site for young couples who are planning their own dream weddings – in other words, it’s another great site for you to consider advertising your bridal beauty business on.

According to Style Me Pretty, this popular wedding site receives about 32 million monthly pageviews, and they’re only increasing with each day.

They also receive about 3.6 million monthly unique visitors as well as about 10 million social media followers.

They typically reach brides are about 1.9x more likely to be married in the next six months, so they’re looking to get booking when it comes to their vendors.

Aside from a lot of the same basic perks that come with advertising on any popular bridal website, Style Me Pretty has a relatively unique one in the form of a Vendors We Love Page and a Little Black Book Feature.

While they do offer you the basic benefits that other sites would offer, their Little Black Book is reserved for only the top-quality vendors who are style-savvy, sophisticated, and come highly recommended.

Advertising with Style Me Pretty is the first step in working your way into their Little Black Book, a highly respected and regarded guide for brides who visit their site.

Ultimately, where you advertise is up to you! But we do recommend giving these three big hitters a try when it comes to getting your bridal beauty freelance services out there. Best of luck!

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