A gorgeous model shows off her natural hair color, a top 2022 trend in the cosmetology world.

Must-Know Info About Hair Health & Natural Hair Color
Top Trends Cosmetologists Should Be Aware Of

Newsflash, beauty pros–it’s not just about the perfect-for-client color anymore.

Nope, nowadays, hair color and hair trends are about more than just how they look on a person; they need to be backed up by two important things: how they *feel* and how they impact the overall health and well-being of that client.

What do we think about these new fads? We’re totally on board, and we’re willing to bet you are, too. 

What we’re really here to cover is the need-to-know info from this important report so that you don’t have to spend a few hours driving through to find the highlights. 

We’ve done the hard work for ya, friend (no need to thank us, it’s all part of the job). 

So, sit back and relax (but not too much, you’ll want to pay attention) as you glean a little insight about the latest and most prominent hair trends out there.

Where Did These Hair Health & Natural Color Trends Come From?

Here’s the thing. This little trend update isn’t just based on our opinion. We’re straight-up deliverin’ the facts.

A 2022 report from Perfect Corp., a fashion tech solutions provider (and an AI and AR company, too) called The 2022 Top Hair Color Trends Around the World: A Global Analysis of Virtual Hair Color Try-On Data supports this info.

The company was able to collect this data with the help of the thousands of hair and makeup filters they’ve made available online. 

But the important thing to realize here is that this info isn’t necessarily new.

You can look at how hair trends have changed in the past, and you’ve probably seen a total shift from the total transformation trend to a more natural take on personal beauty. 

Further, consumers and clients are spending a lot less time focusing on how they look and a lot more time focusing on how they feel–that means hair health is going to play an enormous role in their hair care regimen and the services they request. 

And, of course, this isn’t just based on normal data. We’re evaluating trends that came as a result of something totally unprecedented–the pandemic.

Remember when lockdowns and social distancing were in place? Well, a lot of consumers and clients were forced to stay home, grow their roots, and try to care for their hair on their own. 

Obviously, this played a huge role in the way our current trends developed. It’s likely a reason there’s a huge shift toward natural color and the push for hair health overall, too.

What Cosmetologists Need to Know About Hair Health & Natural Color Trends, According to the Report 

OK, OK, let’s get to the real bulk of the article, the reason you’re here in the first place–let’s talk about what that report found. Here are the main takeaways we think you should pay attention to:

  • This is less exciting, in our opinion, but according to the report, cosmetologists like you will likely switch to digital swatches for hair color in the future instead of opting for bundle swatches. It’s just the way the world is going. 

  • Gray roots are on-trend in a big way. There’s less of an inclination to cover up roots than ever before, and we love it (big time). 

  • Hair health is the main focus for most consumers right now. People want haircare routines, they’re embracing natural hair shades, and they want to optimize their natural colors in ways they love. 

  • Minimizing damage and preserving hair conditions is a primary goal for most consumers. 

  • Rich, natural hair colors are top of mind for most consumers–especially richer brunette tones. 

  • Vivid tones continue to be popular in a fun, experimental way.
Going back to natural colors is a top hair trend in 2022.

What Do These Hair Trends Mean for Your Business?  

You’re probably thinking, “OK, so, I get it–these are things to know for now, but they’re just trends. Why should I pay attention to them in the long term?” 

That’s a totally fair question. It’s important to realize the difference between quick, little fads and long-term trends that have legs to stand on.

Natural hair color trends and hair health trends aren’t new; they’re just having new emphasis placed on them. So, even if there’s a time when these trends aren’t the main focus, they’ll never go out of style the way a pastel pink fad might.

If you’re not already, it’s time to shift gears and focus on perfecting the services you offer that align with these trends. Whether that means getting new certs, taking a few lessons, or just updating your offerings on your service list, we highly recommend taking a stab at these so you can make the most out of them. 

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