A client shows off her smooth, sleek Brazilian blowout.

Must-Know Brazilian Blowout Tips 

How to Celebrate National Brazilian Blowout Day Right 

We’re about to talk about those two words that everyone–client and stylist–absolutely always love to hear.

Yep, this blog is all about Brazilian blowouts. 

And, in case you’re unaware, it’s National Brazilian Blowout Day on August 21. TBH, that’s a national holiday we are more than happy to celebrate.

We love a sleek, smooth, and frizz-free blowout that leaves your clients looking fierce. And we’re sure you do, too!

But tackling a beautiful Brazilian Blowout doesn’t need to be reserved just for this holiday–you should be crushing the blowout game every dang day of the year.

Not sure how?

This blog has you covered! We’re tackling the must-know tips every stylist should be in the know about when it comes to BBs. Trust us; these are killer tips that your clients will 100% thank you for.

The Top Tips to Achieve the Perfect Brazilian Blowout

Want to make sure you’re giving your clients their best Brazilian blowout ever?

You probably already know the drill, but these teeny, little hacks can make or break your blowouts. If you’ve already got a system down perfectly, we’re def not trying to throw a wrench in your game.

But if you’re ready to give these tips a try, you might find they make a small but substantial difference in how your blowouts turn out.

And hey, what better time to churn out the ultimate blowout than on National Brazilian Blowout Day, right?

Invest in a Solid Cleanser

As you know, a blowout is only as good as how cleansed the hair is before you apply the treatment. Usually, it takes 2-4 washes to really strip the hair of any product.

Anti-residue shampoos are rated on a sliding scale–if you want to save yourself some time, money, and effort, it’s best to find a cleanser that does the hard work for you.

In other words, even if the upfront cost of a cleanser is hard to swallow, think about the time and effort you’d spend cleansing your client's head three, four, or five times (not to mention the cost of purchasing more and more cleansers to supply those washes).

Washing with a dependable cleanser is the best first step for a successful brazilian blowout.

If you want to be able to focus on the treatment itself, aftercare education, and the end product, invest in a cleanser that does the hardest part of the work for you.

Opt for Boar Bristle Brushes Over Metal

While there’s definitely no rule that says using a metal brush on your client’s hair is going to undo the impact of their Brazilian blowout, it’s a wise move to opt for a boar bristle brush to style after the fact.

Why? Metal heats up­, of course! 

The friction point can cause the treatment on the strands to burn off the hair. Boar bristles, on the other hand, don’t heat up the same way, ensuring that your client’s treated hair stays intact during this process.

Advise Your Clients on How They Can Ensure Their Blowout Lasts

You can do all the hard work for your clients–but if you don’t teach them how to sustain that beautiful Brazilian blowout, the treatment won’t last as long as it should.

Brazilian blowouts should last anywhere from two to three months–but if your clients treat their treated hair right, they can ensure it’s on the higher end of the scale.

Advise your clients on the appropriate aftercare so they can get the best out of their blowout. For example, make sure they know tips like:

  • Use specialized Brazilian blowout products that you recommend to them.  
  • Don’t let them wash their hair immediately! Just like other salon treatments, the longer your client can hold out on washing, the better. If possible, tell your clients to hold out for at least three days (minimum) to ensure their style sticks around.
  • Because water, chemicals, and salt can strip your clients’ hair of the treatment, they should avoid swimming in pools or the ocean.
  • Deep conditioning is going to be the go-to move for clients with a Brazilian Blowout. This is true of almost all salon-treated hair, but blowouts especially.

Have some amazing BB tips of your own? Share them with the community!

Drop a comment in the reply section below and share that knowledge ASAP. 

So, what are you doing for National BB day, hm? We know one thing–whether you throw a discount to your clients or just celebrate by giving the best Brazilian blowout ever, this is one national hairstyle day you won’t want to skimp on.

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