A client receives her microshading treatment while the cosmetologist performs her service with confidence because of her microshading insurance.

Introducing Microshading & Ombre Brow Insurance
EBS Has Your Services Covered

The great thing about the beauty industry is that it’s always changing. Because it’s never stagnant, there’s always an opportunity for new services, skills, and techniques to add to your repertoire.

As you know, that means a greater opportunity to serve new demographics of clients–and that means expansion, growth, and profit.

All of those things are probably OK with you. Right? We thought so.

The only problem? The insurance industry isn’t always as fast-and-furiously keeping up with the new modalities.

That means many cosmetologists do all the tough work of getting certified for a new service, implementing it in their salon, marketing their new service, and more–then they’re left working without coverage for that specific service because their policy hasn’t evolved with the beauty industry.

At Elite Beauty Society, we’re big fans of not doing that. We’re all about supporting the cosmetologists who partner with us, and we know that means it’s our obligation to keep up with covering what’s hot and trending.

That’s precisely why we want you to know this huge piece of info ASAP–we officially cover Microshading and ombre brow services in our beauty pro insurance policy!

It’s big news for those who already offer this service, but it’s big news for beauty pros who might have opted out of this service because they weren’t covered.

We wanted to start this blog with the big news; we’re not trying to bury the lead! If this is good news for you, keep on reading!

Understanding These Two New Covered Services

Not sure what these two services are? Don’t sweat it! We’ll walk you through the basics. Keep reading to learn more about Microshading and ombre brows.

What is Microshading?

Like microblading, Microshading is a tattoo procedure where a beauty pro applies permanent makeup to a client’s brows for a more filled-in look.

Unlike microblading, though, Microshading is far more focused on small, natural-looking adjustments to fill in just a few sparse areas. Microblading typically focuses on the brows as a whole, providing consistent strokes to fill in the brows. Microshading is a much more precise, natural stroke only in the areas where customers might want a little extra fluff.

A cosmetologist carefully practices her microshading technique while utilizing her microshading insurance.

The biggest difference here is in the strokes. Instead of full strokes, they’ll be smaller strokes specific to sparse areas to provide a filled-in, natural look for clients.

What Are Ombre Brow Services?

Ombre brows are pretty much a speak-for-themselves sort of service. It’s an eyebrow service that sounds exactly like its name–a soft, subtle eyebrow look that’s gradual. Often called Powder Brows, this brow style technique is an ombre-shading process that uses semi-permanent eyebrow dye via a small machine to place tiny dots of pigment into the skin. The goal here? You’re looking to create something that’s like a soft-shaded brown pencil.

It’s like microblading and microshading in practice, but the look is different. Though the brow techniques look similar, an ombre brow is achieved through the use of a machine, while a microblading or Microshading service is achieved through a tool that makes tiny cuts into the skin.

We Provide Microshading Insurance & Ombre Brow Insurance

Do these sound like appealing services you might like to add to your menu of offerings? We thought so. There’s tons of opportunity when it comes to brows, so if you’ve considered these before, we highly recommend hopping on the bandwagon now–especially since we officially provide coverage for both Microshading and ombre brow services.

At EBS, we like to keep our coverage current, which means we’re big on providing our clients and partners with coverage that actually protects them throughout the services they provide. We know that, often, that means keeping up with the trends, too. Eyebrow services are a huge craze–and we know this trend isn’t slowing down. Make sure you keep up with us to see what we continue to cover!

We know that your career depends on updated services–and we want to make sure you’re covered for those. That’s why you can always count on us for updated coverage on trending services your clients are after.

Got more questions about coverage? We’ve got answers. Make sure you reach out to our team for more information on Microshading coverage, ombre brow coverage, and beyond. With over 350 modalities covered, there’s a good chance if there’s a service you offer, we protect it and you!

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