Members-Only Benefits, Please

Everything You Need to Know About Our Member Benefits

As an insurance company who is deeply, deeply invested in the beauty pros we proudly insure, we’ve made it our mission to go above and beyond to provide top-notch insurance that’s affordable, reliable, and always (always) there for you.

But we’ve also made it our mission to take it a step further—scratch that, several steps further.

At Elite Beauty Society, our members come first, that’s why when you partner with us, you get more than just the best beauty pro liability insurance possible—you get a ton of mega-sweet benefits that’ll improve your work-life (and the rest of your life) in a snap.

We’ve created the ultimate benefits package for our members—from office supply discounts to unique access to online education to deals on rentals cars to reduced price products and so much more, there’s no other members-only benefits program out there like this one.

How Member Benefits Work

When you sign up with Elite Beauty Society, you’re signing up to more than just an insurance policy, you’re signing up for immediate access to exclusive member benefits that include all kinds of discounts to your fave beauty brands, a free (yep, you read that right, we said FREE) website to help grow your business, preferred group rates on other insurance plans, travel discounts and so much more.

And all of that (and more, trust us) comes hand-in-hand with simply signing up with EBS!

Here’s the thing, we like to think our member benefits package rules for lots of reasons, but mostly because it’s exclusive—and who doesn’t love premium benefits and the allure of exclusivity? We sure do.

But here’s the thing, being part of the exclusive group doesn’t automatically mean you have to be insured with us—nope, you can be a part of our special little club in a different way. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to work with you in the insurance realm, but if you’re not into it right now, that’s not a deal-breaker.

If you’re not in the insurance market right this moment but you’re still looking for some must-have exclusives, you can sign up with our newly launched package—our aptly named Member Benefits Only Package. No insurance needed and all for just $39.

Yep, it’s as sweet as it sounds.

The Full List of Member-Only Benefits EBS Offers

We wouldn’t write up this hype blog if we weren’t going to back it up—so that’s precisely what we’re doing right now. Grab some wine, start reading, and be ready to pick your jaw up off the table—because, yep, these benefits are real and they're yours for the taking.

MetLife & Insurance Marketplace Access

You don’t just get quality liability insurance when you partner with us—well, you get that, but you get more than that, too. When you choose to become a part of our EBS team, you gain access to both MetLife PPO dental coverage and our EBS Insurance Marketplace.

Whether you’re looking for a dental policy as low as $28.50 per month (with options to tack on vision plans for as low as $11.30 per month) or you’re after access to ACA-qualified health insurance, short-term health insurance, and telehealth plans, this benefit definitely has your back!

UPS Discounts

Let’s not pretend that shipping discounts aren’t like, the best thing ever. When you become an EBS member, you take advantage of special EBS pricing, like up to 50% off air, 30% off round, and continued UPS Smart Pickup Service.

Constant Contact Deals

Marketing is such an important part of running our beauty businesses—that’s why we wanted to make marketing as seamless, automated, and effortless as possible. Your EBS membership comes with an extra 10% off pre-pay plans for Constant Contact, an email marketing platform that helps you plan your email campaigns easily and seamlessly.

FREE Customizable Website

We just said marketing was important, and we meant it. That’s why your membership comes with a totally FREE, fully customizable website to help you grow your business in a snap! This website can be totally tailored to your vision to help you bring in clients, reach new markets, and thrive in your industry.

FREE Access to Online Education Platforms

We’ve got three words for you—Sam. Villa. Education. When you work with us, you get two months of free (totally free!) access to Sam Villa’s Artist Studio and online education platform and video library. Learn from the best for FREE when you become an EBS member.

Discounted Travel & Accommodations

Obviously, the benefits we’ve mentioned already are pretty great, but of course, there’s more. We know how important travel is to a business-savvy person like you—that’s why we’ve included a ton of travel and accommodation deals and discounts as part of your membership!

  • Hotel Engine—save up to 60% on publicly available rates on over 200,000 hotels worldwide
  • Bonus Drive—get up to $500 cash back when you buy or lease a qualifying vehicle from a participating manufacturer
  • Hertz—save up to 25% & receive a free Hertz Gold Plus Account
  • Dollar Car Rental—save up to 7%
  • Thrifty Rental—save up to 7%

Industry-Related Product Discounts

And of course, we save one of the best for last (although, c’mon, they’re all pretty good, right?). Discounts and deals on products you actually want and need to run your badass beauty biz.

  • LUVANYA—member discounts on products and serums
  • Lenovo—save 30% off everyday public web price of Lenovo’s entire line of PC products & receive free ground shipping on all web orders and monthly limited-time special offers
  • Office Max & Office Depot—receive up to 75% off preferred products
  • SUTRA Beauty—Get an extra 20% off all SUTRA beauty products and tools

Ready to be a part of the EBS family? We sure hope so! 

No matter how you want to go about it—from our insurance package (which includes our member benefits, of course) to our member benefits package (no insurance required—just access to all of our secret-club benefits), we want you to be a part of our team!

If you’re ready to lock down some serious beauty biz benefits, sign up here for either option today!

Check out our insurance offerings right here, read up on our company, or just browse our regularly updated blog for now!

Either way, we’re stoked you’re considering becoming an EBS member!