The Benefits Update: 

The Latest EBS Members’-Only Benefits You Need to Know

If you’re just now hearing about Elite Beauty Society, we’ve got a lot (like, a lot) of great info for you to read up on.

But before you do that, we’re going to throw a huge spoiler alert at you to save everyone a little bit of time—our no. 1 passion is protecting beauty pros, but our passion to provide beauty pros with unheard of member benefits that make their lives easier, their careers better, and their overall experience in the industry more enjoyable is a pretty dang close second.

In other words—we are all about providing our members with insane benefits that never stop evolving. We’ve got a large selection of foundational benefits that we offer our members, but better than that, we’re constantly adding on new benefits for our members whenever possible.

And that’s precisely what’s happening right now.

We’ve just added two new benefits to our long list of members’-only benefits, and we’re stoked to share them with you.

The Latest & Greatest: Peep Our Newest Exclusive Member Benefits

Access to Discounted PPE

Now, more than ever before, the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) is substantial. With all of the requirements and regulations beauty pros need to follow during the COVID-19 era, the demand is greater than ever.

When you choose to insure your career with EBS, you get premium access to discounted face masks, custom facemasks, and even discounts on smart UV protection lamps that help to disinfect larger rooms or target areas.

BTC University Access for FREE

At Elite Beauty Society we are big on continuing education. This is why we do our very best to offer benefits that don’t just encourage you to press forward in your career but make it easy to do so.

Our latest offering? One month of FREE access to Behind the Chair University (about a $30 value, BTW)!

Check out everything you can learn from BTC University right here and then let us know how you feel about FREE access. We can bet you dig it, right?

Recapping the Best of the Best Benefits for Our Members

Curious about what else we offer? We bet.

Those new benefits are just that—new. They’re by no means the only benefits we exclusively offer to our members. We’ve got quite the spread when it comes to member benefits, and personally, we think beauty pros like you are bound to love what we’ve got going on.

Not quite sold yet? Don’t just take our word for it—see what we’ve really got to offer.

FREE Customizable Website

It’s YOUR website, so customize it how you want. And yeah, it’s totally free. This can help you grow your business in a snap even if you’re not website savvy.

It’s easy, it’s efficient, and, like we said, totally free.

UPS Discounts

Shipping is part of our business—there’s no denying it. So, why wouldn’t we try to get you a sweet discount?

When you become an EBS member, you get to take advantage of special EBS pricing, like up to 50% off air, 30% off ground, and UPS Smart Pickup Service.

FREE Subscriptions to 1 of 5 Beauty Publications

We offer plenty of resources to help expand your education, including a FREE subscription to 1 of 5 Creative Age publications. Choose from Beauty LaunchPad, DaySpa, NailPro, Eyelash, or MAN Magazine.

Discounted Travel Accommodations

From discounts at Hotel Engine, Bonus Drive, Thrifty Rental, and more, we offer tons of deals when you partner with EBS. Travel has never been easier (or more affordable).

And guess what? That’s just the start of it.

We’ve got a lot more member benefits for beauty pros like you who choose to let us insure and protect your career!

SPOILER ALERT: even if you decide not to partner with us for insurance (which, you know, you do you but we can definitely help you out), we’ve got special member benefits packages that let you access our member benefits without choosing us as your insurance partner.

Check out the deets right here!

Feeling like you’d like to learn more about our insurance options? Perfect! We’ve got a whole list of policy details laid out right here—give them a read!