When A Client Wants To Change Up Their Look In A Dramatic Way,

 A Color Service Isn’t The Only Way To Go

Whether you’re dealing with a client with overly-processed hair, a length they’re not comfortable with, a serious need for correction, or just someone wanting to add some color without the commitment, the answer is extensions.

Extensions can add a fresh pop of color, bounce, new length, or subtle variation on a client’s already fabulous look.

Check out these extensions options for creating a brand new look without chemicals or color products.

Mermaid Hair For Any Length Or Strength

The Internet has brought tons of new inspiration for clients, but often, the looks they find on Pinterest can take hours in a chair and require a serious length to achieve.

 For clients looking to add bold, bright layers that give them that coveted, on-trend mermaid look without the length required to truly create it, extensions can be a serious game changer.

This also cuts down on the maintenance for the client, so it’s a great option for those who are just dipping their toe into professional cuts and colors in hopes of achieving a trendy look. 

You as the stylist can custom color their clip-in extensions or, if they want to get more time out of their extensions, tape-in extensions is a great options!

Subtle Color to Spice Up A Look

Not everyone is ready to go full mermaid, but for the curious client who wants to add a unique color to their look, a few simple extensions can make all the difference.

This small shake-up is an excellent choice for an indecisive client who isn’t sure they want to fully commit to the amount of lightening required to achieve a few fun pops of color. This is also a smart choice for those looking to minimize damage to already over-processed hair.

Many clients would love to add a pop of color without having to get in trouble at work!

Colored strand extensions are a great way to change up their look but remain conservative if need be.

Growing Out A Drab Cut While Looking Fab

Clients with a shorter length and single color can, of course, benefit from adding some highlights to add dimension to their look. For those looking to grow their current shorter length (like the in-between cuts look nobody likes) out into something fabulous, extensions can help them rock luscious locks they’re going for right away!

This can completely change your guest’s look and help give him/her the confidence to keep growing it out naturally—with a little boost from his/her stylist in the meantime.

Small Changes....Knockout Results

Adding a pop of color doesn’t just mean pinks, purples, and greens- extensions can be used to add dimension and brightness to a flat look.

A simple toner and a few well-placed extensions can take your basic ash blonde to a glowing golden babe with minimal effort! This gives the look body, movement, and polish with just a few adjustments.

Extensions can already create the illusion of “more hair” and volume.

From Fine to Fabulous

Fine or breakage-prone hair can occur for a variety of reasons.

Whether your client is undergoing medical treatment that causes hair loss/loss of density or whether they’ve always had naturally fine hair, dimensional extensions can totally elevate your client’s look and give them the hair they never thought they’d have. 

There are so many guests who complain about not having “enough” hair or lacking volume. A great form of extensions for these guests are cold or hot fusion extensions.

Extensions may seem like a way to simply elongate the hair, but they can make truly dynamic changes in your client’s look by giving them the hair of her dreams.

 who doesn’t love seeing the look on a truly happy client’s face when they find the perfect look?

Not to mention, extension services can become the new bread and butter of your salon by bringing in more revenue than any other service.

We hope this inspired you to think outside the box with extensions, and we’d love to hear any success stories you’ve had with extensions in the comments below!