Maintaining Mental Health in the Salon
The Top Tips for Cosmetologists

It might be a running joke that cosmetologists are basically therapists, but you know as well as we do that there’s more than just a grain of truth to that.

People come to you for your badass cosmetology skills, but they also come to you because they know they can trust you, talk to you, and have a relationship with you.

TBH, that relationship between client and cosmetologist is pretty precious–and we never want to advise you to avoid that special perk of the job. 

But here’s the thing, at the end of the day, you’re not responsible for playing therapist to your clients. You’re also not responsible for carrying the emotional baggage from which they want to unburden themselves. 

That’s not to say that empathy and being present with your customers aren’t really important–because it is. Like it or not, people book with you for more than just your skills (though, that’s a big part of the deal, too). 

Your clients want to be comfortable with you, form a relationship with you, and be heard. And you should let them–but not at the expense of your sanity. 

So, what can you do to maintain your mental health, protect your energy, and put YOU first while staying present with your clients?

There are a lot of things–but these tips should help you start figuring out your preferred methods. 

The Must-Know Cosmetology Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health in the Salon 

First things first, we want to say this–maintaining your mental health and protecting your energy are both things that should happen inside and outside the salon.

This article is specifically giving you the advice you need to monitor your energy while you’re working. 

There’s plenty you can do outside of the salon to maintain a little work-life balance; in fact, we’ve got a blog we think can help with some tips right here. 

But what do you do when you’re actively in the salon and in need of a little mental health check? These are a few tips you can remember next time you’re standing there thinkin’, “how the hell am I gonna get through this day?” 

Make Sure You Take Your Lunch Break

It might sound ridiculous because it’s so easy, but you know just as well as we do that you often skip your lunch break to squeeze in clients or avoid running off schedule.

But listen, fueling your body is an enormous part of ensuring your brain is functioning healthily. 

Try to make time for a few healthy snacks throughout the day, so you’re not starving, hangry, and putting your brain in jeopardy. 

Not taking a break to eat lunch can be detrimental to your mental health and your attitude. It’s a simple thing, but it’s one you need to be aware of if you really want to take care of your mental health while you’re on the job. 

Get Some Steps In Outside

You’re already getting a ton of steps in every day just by the nature of your job, but if you can take just a fraction of the day to transfer those steps outside, you might notice a big shift in how you feel. 

Spending a little time outside (like even five minutes) can dramatically improve your mood, boost your serotonin, and set you on a better path toward a healthier mental state and attitude.

It sounds simple, and it is, but it definitely works. 

Set Boundaries with Your Clients

There’s no denying that you’re going to act as a semi-therapist with your clients, but if something is really off the table for you, make sure your client knows it's off the table.

It is not impolite or rude, or bad customer service practice to layout boundaries that are healthy for you. 

And contrary to popular belief, you can do this anytime you want. If something bothers you, if something is bad for your mental health, or if you just don’t want to talk about something, speak up respectfully and let your client know you’re not comfortable talking about it. 

This is a tough one to first implement, but just setting a few simple boundaries with your clients can do wonders for your mental health on the job. 

But Also Your Co-Workers 

Don’t quit while you’re ahead–apply these boundaries to your co-workers, employers, and employees, too!

Odds are you’re probably more comfortable talking about certain things with these folks than your customers, but that doesn’t mean you’re obligated to talk to them about anything. 

Boundaries are healthy, they’re helpful, and often they’re very necessary for creating a safe, healthy space for yourself. Don’t be ashamed of setting boundaries, and don’t let people disrespect these boundaries, either.

You need to put yourself (and your mental health) first–even if that means not listening to someone else’s problems.  

A Little Breath Work Never Hurt 

Intentional breathing and meditational breath work can do absolute wonders for your mental health. 

If you can sneak away to do a little breath work, practice meditation, or just get a few big, deep breaths in throughout the day, you can check in with yourself to see where you’re at and better evaluate what you need.

Is it the end-all-be-all-solution to every stressor in your life? No way. But just a few deep breaths can help you reset, evaluate your needs, and take care of yourself. 

Never underestimate the power of taking a long, deep breath or two (or three). 

We hope that this advice proves helpful for you during your time in the salon.

Whether you’ve already developed a pretty strong mental health checklist or you’re just now learning how to put this on the map for yourself, these tips can help! 

If you’re in the market for more mental health awareness assistance, make sure you keep up with Elite Beauty Society and our regularly updated blog.

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