Last-Minute Black Friday Tips 

That Are a MUST For Your Salon

So, you waited until the last minute to decide on your Black Friday strategy, huh?

We get it—it’s been a rough year, we’ve all got the pandemic to worry about, and lots of us probably just don’t even like Black Friday. The one thing we can’t deny? Consumers dig Black Friday—and they’re ready to spend their money when it rolls around.

After a stressful year, a solid boost in your profits might be the morale saving grace you need (or the financial relief you’ve been seeking), and Black Friday could be just the manic day to make it happen for you.

While it probably would have been ideal to plan your Black Friday marketing strategies with a little more time, you’re at where you’re at—don’t sweat it, we’re not judging, we’re just here to help.

If you love the idea of a last-minute Black Friday marketing splurge but aren’t sure where to start or how to prioritize what needs to happen ASAP, keep reading—we’ve got a ton of last-minute tips that are sure to make your Black Friday surprise! Sale an absolute money maker.

Make the Black Friday Announcement NOW

Before you do anything else, start screaming your Black Friday sale announcement from the mountaintops (or like, from behind the chair, whichever is more effective).

If you’re a small business, odds are that you’re going to need to get the word out—surprise sales, well, they work sometimes, but often for big, enterprise companies. Small businesses need to (typically) do a little legwork before the sale happens to build anticipation and gain traction.

No, a few days before isn’t a ton of time, but it’s definitely still doable.

Start getting the word out ASAP—even if you don’t have all the plans in place. If you’re still putting the details of your sale together, start hinting HARD on your website, social media, in-salon, and through email marketing.

Mention the dates, mention whatever details you have, and make it a little cheeky—your customers don’t need to know that you’re not totally ready to spread the deets because you don’t have them. They’ll just think you’re being coy.

Inventory Flash-Sale

Not sure what to add in as part of your Black Friday specials? Do the business savvy thing and discount that old inventory that’s cluttering up your retail shelves and your back bar. Run a serious sale on the stuff that’s just sitting there and watch it fly off the shelves!

In true Black Friday fashion, lean into the limited time only rush and institute a flash sale.

Whether this means you’re running an in-salon sale (which is great in theory but brings its own challenges to keep everything COVID-free and safe) or on your online shop, this is an exceptional way to participate in a fast Black Friday sale without needing weeks to make it happen.

Discount Those Gift Cards

Who says that you need to sell actual services on Black Friday. Maybe, all you need to sell is the promse of a service. This is where being a cosmetologist really pays off—your services don’t need to happen right when someone purchases them.

Use Black Friday as the perfect chance for your customers to stock up on gift cards for certain services. Set up those special Black Friday gift cards for a particular window of time (maybe early December until end of January?) to kill two birds with on stone—you’ll book up your holiday without any issue and you’ll see a boost in your end of the year profits as a result!

Create Easy-to-Buy Gift Packages at a Discounted Price

You know as well as we do that lots of consumers do their holiday shopping on Black Friday. Can you blame them? The deals are a must when it comes to gift selection. You can make their buying decisions one step simpler by putting together and marketing custom holiday gift packages.

Feel free to get creative! Set up a section of gifts under categories like, For Him, For Her, For the Hard-to-Buy For, For the Minimalist, etc.

Then, run a solid sale on these items! Want to really make it worth your effort? Create gift bags with inventory that’s cluttering up your shelves! You’ll get rid of slow-moving inventory and they’ll get an easy (but awesome) present for everyone on their list—at a Black Friday price, of course.

Extend the Sale

Just because Black Friday happens on Friday doesn’t mean your sale has to end. Throw a curveball everyone’s way and extend the sale into the weekend to really maximize the benefits.

Obviously, you’ll want to put as much marketing effort into getting the word out before Black Friday hits (we’re talking email campaigns, SMS texts, social media—the works).  Then, just keep the party going—but make sure to market that hard while it’s happening.

Okay, pros, time to spill—what’s your last-minute Black Friday marketing tips? Drop your advice, insight, and exceptionally clever last-minute tips in the comment section below and share some serious knowledge with our beauty community!

You’re well on your way to running a fabulous, last-minute, thrown-together, amazing Black Friday sale! Don’t forget to re-visit this blog and let us know how it went. That’s what the comment section is for, beauty pros.