Everything You Must Know About the
2019 International Beauty Show

The International Beauty Show – a beautiful title standing tall in full grandeur, polish, and splendor.

But it’s not just a grand name with intentions of propping up a less-than-exciting conference, the name perfectly represents exactly what this beauty show is – impressive, enormous, and astonishing.

If the name doesn’t speak for itself (it should, just let it roll off your tongue one more time, The International Beauty show) allow us to further tempt you with details about this must-attend, annual conference.

To get all the deets on this must-attend, annual event in the city that never sleeps (that’s right, the beauty show of the year takes place in the beauty mecca of America – pretty fitting, huh?) read on below! Not sure you're ready to make the trip to this expo? Check out our complete guide of all the beauty shows in 2019 here.

What is the International Beauty Show

Before we get you all hyped up about the amazing features, benefits, and extras you can expect when you attend the International Beauty Show, we should probably provide you with a little background first.

The International Beauty Show is an annual convention that’s only open to licensed beauty professionals (attendees are required to provide their licenses and photo IDs – in other words, they’re not messing around).

This east-coast leading convention for beauty professionals has been happening for an entire century – that’s right, 100 years of iconic beauty and industry professionalism, and it can all be yours. The shows main goal is to educate professionals, offer growth and insight, and open new doors for beauty professionals.

Want more info? Check out the site’s super helpful FAQ here.

What Can You Expect at the International Beauty Show

So, you want to know what to expect from the International Beauty Show, huh?

Just for a second, let’s stop using words and let the numbers talk and see what we come up with. Shall we?

  • 1 Astonishing, Exciting City
  • 3 Full Days
  • 11 Conference Tracks to Choose From
  • 100 Free Classes from Industry Leaders
  • 500+ Exhibitors
  • 65,000 beauty professionals

That’s a little more powerful than our blabbing, right? (Don’t worry, we’ll do plenty of blabbing throughout the article).

Before we dive in deeper to what you can expect, check out the IBS Conference Program here and laugh at yourself as you try to pick which classes, summits, demos, and speeches you want to attend (hint, you’ll want all of them, but it’s just not possible).


We won’t even attempt to dive into the insane number of classes they have at the IBS, but know that you’re going to have a really hard time picking among them (you can only fit so much into three days, people). You can choose from business classes to technique classes to trend classes to financial classes and so much more


Did we mention there are over 500 exhibitors present? Big names, industry leaders, and beauty icons will be running booths, teaching you about your favorite products, and doing live-demos non-stop. We promise not to pinch you, we’ll just reassure you verbally that you’re not dreaming.

Course Tracks

This is one of the coolest things about the IBS – you can choose a convention track to get better in a specific skill. There are 11 tracks to choose from, ranging from Main Stage to Makeup & Artistry to the Business of Beauty. All of these course tracks will set up a specific guide for you to get the most out of each track choice.


Hold the phone – did you say there are 65,000 industry professionals attending this conference? Yeah, sign us up. Think about all the networking opportunities just lying in wait – further, think about all the potential industry buddies you can make in the few days you’re at the conference.

Be Super In-the-Know: Here are the Must-Have Deets About the Show

We convinced you to attend, right? (Like you needed us to do it – the show speaks for itself).

Check out the must-have details for attending the 2019 conference here:

Show Need-to-Knows

When: March 10- March 12, 2019

Where: New York City, New York; Jacob K Javits Convention Center

Hotel Booking Info: Want to make this experience even more fun? (As if that’s possible). Check out the show’s hotel info here to see if you can stay among the other beauty professionals attending the conference.

Registration and Tuition Info: Ticket prices vary, so you’ll want to check out their registration page here to get a better idea of what you’ll be paying.