How Insurance Can Change Your Cosmetology Career

A Full Breakdown of Elite Beauty Society Insurance & How It Can Protect You

We’re going to start this off with a very bold claim—without insurance, you’re risking everything you’ve worked for.

Okay, before you keep reading, take a deep breath. We’re not saying this to freak you out—if you don’t have insurance, we can totally understand how a claim like that might make your heart beat faster and send your pulse racing. We are saying this to inform you. 

As a professional in the beauty biz, here’s the undeniable fact—you need coverage, and you need it STAT.

That being said, it can be hard to determine what kind of coverage is the right kind of coverage, and further, it can be tricky to attempt to sift through all the policy options out there to find the perfect fit. 

That’s what we’re here to help with.

First things first, we want to address that big ol’ elephant in the room—yes, we’re an insurance company. So, obviously, we understand how you could feel like we’re coming at you with an agenda. But here’s the deal, we feel so passionately about the fact that you need quality insurance.

The point is, no matter who you choose coverage through, you just need to be covered. And today, we’re diving into the types of coverage you should be concerned with as well as the type of coverage we can offer you. 

Obviously, we will add a little spiel about ourselves here and there, though—can you blame us? We really want to be on your team. 

The best part about Elite Beauty Society’s coverage? We’ve got something that will work for any beauty professional. From part-time coverage to beauty student packages to payment options ranging from monthly to two-years at a time, we’ve got a lil bit of everything right here waiting for you.

Want to learn more about our policy options? Check out our blog right here for a full debriefing on what you can expect from us.

Once you get a good look at that, come back here and keep reading—we’re taking a deep dive into the types of coverage you can expect from us (and of course, why they’re so crucial for a beauty pro to have!). 

Professional Liability Insurance

This type of coverage is an absolute must for any beauty professional in the game—no matter what stage you’re at in your career. Seriously, from beauty school students to seasoned pros, if you don’t have it, we suggest you run—don’t walk—to get professional liability insurance ASAP. 

Professional liability insurance is, technically, the type of insurance that protects you against lawsuits that claim negligence, or incompetence on the policyholder’s behalf (that’s you). Often, this type of insurance is referred to as malpractice insurance.

Essentially, professional liability insurance is going to protect you from any claims—alleged or actual—that happens during the course of, or as a result of, your professional procedures and actions. 

Why should you cover this part of your profession? Because if something happens—or if a client claims something happened—on your watch or as a result of your service, litigation is always a possibility. That means, without coverage, you could be on the hook for the financial responsibility, the reputation damages, and the overall effect it could have on your career.

Professional liability insurance makes sure you don’t have to deal with all that by yourself and, often, can cover you no matter what. 

At EBS, we can offer you occurrence form, professional liability policies—AKA, a policy that covers you for any claims filed during or after your policy term, whether or not you’re a current policy member—for up to $2M per occurrence and $3M per year. 

General Liability Insurance

Often called trip-and-fall insurance, general liability insurance is the coverage that’s going to protect you and your business should something happen on your property. 

In other words, if a client trips, falls, and suffers an injury at your salon, shop, or spa, this coverage applies to the claims that can result from that personal injury, bodily injury, or damage to another person’s property. 

At EBS, we also offer a $2M per occurrence and $3M per year coverage option for general liability insurance. 

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability kicks in when a client has an allergic or otherwise adverse reaction to any product that you use. And from one professional to another, we use many products that our clients don't use on a daily basis. So you never know what could happen. 

Our policy offers product liability insurance for up to $2M per year.

Life Insurance 

We know what you’re probably thinking—pump the brakes, why are we talking about life insurance—isn’t that a little morbid? 

Actually, life insurance isn’t a bummer like it might seem—and more than that, it’s super (super!) necessary to talk about, especially if you’re your family’s primary breadwinner. 

Taking care of life insurance can be incredibly beneficial if anything should ever happen to you. Why? Because proper life insurance can help pay for funeral costs, solve bill issues, provide ongoing living expenses for your loved ones, pay off outstanding debt, finance future needs (like education), and protect your loved one’s retirement plans. 

At EBS, we’re proud to offer cosmetologists and beauty pros just like you the life insurance plans you need for peace of mind. We can help you plan for the policy that makes sense for you—no matter your budget, your plan, or your needs. 

Want to learn more about this type of coverage? We highly encourage it! Check out our EBS page right here for a deep dive into our life insurance policy—and as always, reach out to us ASAP to cover any questions you might have. 

Health Insurance

Being insured with EBS means that you’re granted access to explore exclusive insurance-related benefits, like ACA—qualified health insurance, short-term health insurance, telehealth plans, and even more!

We offer both ACA and non-ACA plans, ensuring we can make it work for you. Our telehealth options are—now more than ever—an added benefit! You can visit with board-certified physicians or pediatricians 24/7 by phone, video, or by app!

Forget the long waits, access to a healthcare professional is always open—anytime, anywhere. 

Dental & Vision Insurance  

When you're insured with EBS for your insurance policies, one of the best things we tack on is access to Metlife and other Insurance Marketplaces. 

This means that you’ll become a part of our EBS team and gain access to both MetLife PPO dental coverage and our EBS insurance marketplace. You can even add-on vision plans for a low, additional fee! 

Want to learn even more about this offering?

Click right here for a full disclosure of what you’ll get with EBS—from standard PPO dental starting at $28.50 a month to comprehensive coverage with rates at $38.46 per month, (not to mention vision plans starting at $11.30), there’s something for every budget and every plan! 

The best part about teaming up with Elite Beauty Society? Sure, you get stellar coverage, awesome customer service, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no matter what happens, you’re covered—but you also get killer member benefits that are exclusive to EBS policyholders.

And we’re not just talkin’ about a lame gift like a T-shirt—we’re talking serious benefits like discounts and deals on major brands, reduced rates for travel fees through hotel and car rental partnerships, access to continuing education platforms, FREE marketing tools, and more. 

Ready to learn more about our benefits? Take a look right here!

All in all, what we love to offer our cosmetologists and beauty pros is the promise of a community—and one of the ways we foster that community is through tips, advice, tricks, and trends. Want to stay in the know? Good—we want that, too. 

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