On-Trend Stylist Marketing Strategies: 

Using TikTok & Instagram Reels to Boost Your Business 

We’re going to start this article off with a very obvious statement—social media marketing is an absolute must in today’s hustle-and-bustle media world.

Why is that, exactly?

Because that’s where the people are—if you’re trying to reach them, you know where to find them. 

Unfortunately, this can be a tough world to keep up with. Not only are you busy running your salon empire, building your own career, and keeping up with the rest of your life, but also, the social media world is constantly evolving. With new platforms, trends, and strategies popping up every single day, it can feel seriously impossible to ever be really on top of the marketing trends in your industry.

But fear not, talented folks, we’re here to help.

At Elite Beauty Society, we do our very best to analyze and assess the latest and greatest trends happening in the digital and social media marketing worlds because we know two things to be true:

1)You’re busy AF. (Like, next level busy, all the time). 

2)Social media marketing is hugely impactful for your business. 

We’re trying to make this as seamless and simplified as possible while keeping you in-the-know with the best-of-the-best—and that’s where TikTok and Instagram Reels come into play.

If you’re reading this and scratching your head thinking something along the lines of, “what the heck is a TikTok and a Reel?” don’t be upset—you’re not totally out of touch, these are just fairly new trends that are proving to be insanely popular with, well, literally every target market. 

TikTok videos and Instagram Reels are short, concise videos that users post on their social media platforms (TikTok and Instagram, respectively). They’re typically brief and fun, oftentimes set to some great or hilarious soundtrack (music, sound effects, etc.).

Traditionally, these types of videos (when they first came out) were used for choreographed dancing, lip-syncing, and other silly-but-fun stuff. In the past year or so, though, savvy business people have learned how to use these types of videos to boost their business, target their ideal markets, and put their brands on the maps.

Cosmetologists, Nail Techs, Estheticians are no exception! Want to know why? Keep reading!

Why TikTok & Reels Are a Must For Stylists & Salons

While TikTok videos and Instagram Reels might not be the perfect fit for everyone (we suggest studying the platforms to get a better idea of your target audience exists on that platform in the first place), we personally feel that this type of trend is a must for anyone who’s trying to dive deeper into social media marketing.

Why? Well, for a few reasons.

  • Brand Awareness: like we mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for an audience, it’s highly likely you’ll find them on social media (unless they’re a highly-niche market that’s less likely to be on there, such as clients above a certain age or those with specific interests that don’t match up with the social media demographics). 
  • Talent Showcasing: Getting people to come into your salon to see your talent first-hand is hard to do. And that doesn’t say anything about you, it mostly says that getting people to do anything in-person is a bigger battle these days. By making and posting TikToks or Reels, you can showcase your amazing talent in an affordable, low-effort, and totally effective way—people can see your talent with almost no effort or barrier to entry. This makes it way easier to book clients in the long-run because they can see your talent without ever having to show up in person first.
  • New Audiences: We can bet you’ll find an entirely new market (or two or three) that you can serve just through hopping on TikTok or Instagram. Again, if you want to find a following, social media the perfect place to do it.
  • Affordable (Read: Totally Free) Marketing: If you’re trying to be a marketing baller on a budget, well honey, this is the way to do it. You can literally make these videos for absolutely free—which is perfect for professionals who don’t have enormous marketing budgets but still want to reach a ton of people.

How to Use TikTok & Reels to Elevate Your Cosmetology Career

Everybody’s TikTok and Reel creation strategies are going to be different—and that’s exactly how I should be!

Your Reels and TikToks should be fun, compelling, informative, and excellent marketing tools all at one time—only you can figure out how to do that for yourself.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to get started, though, here are a few pieces of advice that we think are crucial to creating awesome and engaging videos:

  • Follow Tutorials First: Learn how to operate these platforms first—then get started on creating killer content. There are tons of free videos online that can teach you how to craft the ultimate reel, and we highly recommend doing your homework before you dive in. There’s nothing wrong with taking a tutorial or two before you go for the gold.  
  • Make Your Content Fun: You want to find a great balance between informative content that showcases your skills and fun content. That makes sense, right? You don’t want to put together a boring video no one wants to watch, but you also don’t want it to be total nonsense. Find that balance and you’ll be good to go.
  • Offer Valuable Content, Too: Make it fun, but offer great insight, too. You want to make sure that people are getting something out of your videos. In other words, it’s more than just entertainment. When you offer value (like how-to tutorials, tips, trends, etc.), you’re showing your credibility—and that’s something you absolutely want to showcase through these platforms.
  • Take Notes From TikTok influencers: Don’t be afraid to be playful and hop on popular trends that TikTok and Instagram influencers are participating in. You don’t have to do this, but it’s definitely a great way to get some traction.
  • Be Yourself: Don’t make this video creation thing stressful—sure, it should be good, but not so much that you have to change yourself or your brand to fit any particular image. Be you, be confident, and do your thing—that’s what’s going to draw people to your content in the first place.
  • Don’t Wait For the Perfect Video Before Posting: Put your perfectionist tendencies away and remember that your first video doesn’t have to be flawless. Just do the dang thing—waiting for the perfect video is just going to put your progress off. Have fun, work hard, and let t go—it’s going to be helpful no matter what!

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