How to Succeed as a Nail Tech in a Salon Suite
Make the Most Out of Your Salon Suite Setup

You’re ready to make a name for yourself, tackle some seriously big goals, and of course, assert your independence and expertise as a nail tech.

But there’s just one caveat–you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and purchase your own studio. If you’ve outgrown the rent-a-booth life but you’re not yet looking at setting up and owning your own nail tech salon, the perfect middle-ground option could be renting a space in a salon suite.

Spoiler alert, we’re pretty pro-salon suite, so keep that in mind while you’re reading this blog–but we’re definitely taking that position for good reason.

Salon suites help blossoming nail techs and cosmetologists work in a place surrounded by the beauty community without sapping them of creative control or freedom to run their business their way.

All in all, salon suites can be a pretty sweet deal. (See what we did there?).

Still, there are challenges that go hand-in-hand with working in a salon suite. Sure, there are lots of conveniences, but you’ll deal with issues like less foot traffic, having to manage your own books, and basically taking on running an entire business out of a small space.

So, how can you succeed?

A little advice can go a long way. Read on to learn our tips and tricks of the trade to attain nail tech success in a salon suite setting.

Tips for Succeeding as a Nail Tech in a Salon Suite

Team Up with Your Fellow Cosmetologists

You’re an independent nail tech running your own business, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone (at least not entirely).

Team up with your fellow salon suite renters to create deals, discounts, referrals, and more. This helps you attract clients from your fellow cosmetologists and spread the love their way, too.

A salon suite doesn’t have to mean relentless competition–it can be about helpful collaboration where everyone wins, too.

Keep Your Marketing Game on Point

One of the nice things about salon suites is that often, the salon suite will handle a chunk of the marketing for you. But still, that’s not enough to attain the success you’re seeking.

It’s tempting to slip into the rent-a-booth mindset when you’re in a salon suite. But for your own success, you’ll need to market your little heart out.

Set up killer social media marketing strategies, build a bomb website, and get your marketing efforts out there to ensure that people know where you are, how they can book with you, and why you’re the best.

Network Every Day

Walk the building, meet the people, and of course, know your neighbors. Salon suites offer a very unique opportunity–there are tons of people in that building every day that aren’t there to see you.

You can meet new people every day and attract new clients to your business without spending much time or money on this acquisition.

What do you have to do? Network, talk, and meet the people who are in your salon suite–whether they’re cosmetologists in the building or their clients.

Take Advantage of the Features and Services

The perks of being in a salon suite are huge–especially when it comes to amenities and services. Lots of salon suites handle electricity, utilities, and more for you–take advantage of that.

Many will include you in their overall marketing efforts–take them up on that. Laundry is often in the building and easy to do during a major multi-tasking section–capitalize on that.

Multitasking is Your Best Pal

Our best advice for succeeding in a salon suite? Learn how to do a few different things all at once. Remember, you’re not renting a booth, you’re running a business (even if you don’t own that salon suite).

That means it’s up to you to market yourself, take care of your books, do the daily communication, and provide the resources for the ins and outs of your business. Sound like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all? There aren’t. Figure out how to multitask fast!

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Pal around with your fellow cosmetologists in the salon suite. Why? Because not only is networking important (as we discussed a second ago), but it’s also super important to just know and trust the people who work around you.

Why? Because having a community that has your back is a big part of your success.

Think about it–you’re running low on time but your salon suite neighbor just offered to throw your laundry in with theirs. Your salon suite neighbor is running out for a coffee and wants to bring you something back. Your salon suite neighbor has a family birthday party and they want you to be a part of it.

This type of community is beneficial for business sure, but it’s also good for your soul.

Salon suites do you a huge favor by offering up this community with a neat, little bow­­–in other words, it takes the hard work out of finding this community for yourself.

Create Referral Programs

You’ve probably figured it out by now, but one of the major perks of working in a salon suite is the possibility of collaboration with your fellow cosmetologists. If you can work out referral programs with your other salon suite renters, you might be able to snag some of their clients, too. For example, if the salon suite adjacent to yours is rented by a badass hairstylist whose work you adore, set up a referral program with her­ that benefits you both.

This way, if she sends customers your way they’ll get a discount and you’ll save marketing bucks that would have gone toward attracting new clients. What does she get out of the deal? You’ll send referrals her way, too.

Big or small, your salon is your space—so do what feels right to you!

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