It can be hard to stop comparing yourself to other stylists in the beauty industry, but just like in this photo of custom balayge, your techniques are your own.

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Stylists 

Why the Comparison Game is a Bad Idea 

You log onto Instagram and see that a stylist you love and respect has just launched a new education course. She’s raking in the dough.

You hit up YouTube, and you see that a stylist down the street (who deserves all the success in the world) created a stunning before and after on a client.

Every single day, you watch fellow stylists totally crush it. And that’s good, right? But somehow, it leaves you–and your accomplishments–feeling a little blah. The comparison game is a very common part of the beauty industry–especially if you’re an ambitious stylist who’s always looking for inspiration and improvement.

And while watching others succeed can be incredibly inspiring, it can also be a double-edged sword for your mental health. It might lead you to wonder why you’re not achieving what others are. It might make you feel less than or behind, somehow. And sometimes, it might just make you feel bad.

But here’s the deal–you don’t have to get trapped in a world of comparison. And this blog is going to teach you a few tips on how to avoid that.

Why Comparing Yourself & Your Stylists to Others is a Bad Idea

Aside from the obvious that comparing yourself to others just feels bad, there are lots of reasons that you shouldn’t practice this form of side-by-side comparison. Here are a few reasons why the comparison game is a bad move for you, your business, and your career’s longevity:

  • There’s always going to be someone to compare yourself to. Even when you get to the highest levels of your craft, other people are up there with you–are you going to continue comparing yourself over and over until the end of your career?
  • It gets in the way of honing your skills. Why focus all your energy on someone else when you could refocus that time and effort on bettering yourself?
  • Comparison feels bad. Seriously! It’s never fun, and it’s not a positive way to spend your time.
  • No one is you–and you’re no one else. Comparing yourself to another stylist is like comparing an apple to an orange. Sure, they’re both fruit–but they’re not the same. That’s the same idea with you vs. another stylist. Sure, you’re in the same industry, but you’re not the same.

Top Tricks to Help You Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Stylists

Take a Step Back

When you catch yourself feeling caught up in a wave of “that stylist is doing so much better than me,”–take a step back. Ask yourself a version, “so, what if that stylist is doing better than me–then what?” What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen to you if that stylist is doing “better” than you?

Take a step back and evaluate the actual repercussions. Take a step back and appreciate your skills, your strengths, and your customers. Think about everything you’ve built, and think about your future. Giving yourself a little perspective can take the sting out of that initial feeling that “someone is doing better than you.”

Your unique skills make you special as a stylist. This stylist shows off her expert braiding skills

Focus on Your Strengths

You’ve got strengths–so, what are they? When you’re struggling with comparison, think long and hard about the things you do well!

You don’t need to think of it as a side-by-side comparison kind of thing–you don’t need to say, “well, that person might have A, but I have B.” Just focus on you! What are you bringing to the table? What are you proud of? What makes you STOKED about your job? Your strengths matter.

You’ve Got Weaknesses–So What?

And those weaknesses? Don’t consider them “negatives”–consider them guiding lights. You know what you struggle with; why not view this as an opportunity to improve a skill that you care about or would benefit you? It’s OK to have weaknesses and think about them–but don’t let them tear you down or make you think that you can’t do something, get better, and be successful in whatever you want.

Find Inspiration Not Envy in Other Stylists’ Success

Seeing another stylist succeed in something is actually a very cool thing! And, yeah, while it’s totally normal to be a little envious of someone, try reframing it as inspiration.

It’s really awesome to see someone out there succeeding–that’s inspiring stuff! If they can do it, you absolutely can do it, too. Learn from them, ask them for guidance, and view them as a resource (if you can!).

Remember Your Unique Skills

The coolest thing about other stylists doing their thing so well? They’re finding success doing their unique thing. The best part about that? You’ve got tons of unique skills and traits, too. And you can find success doing that! How do you start this process? Think about your unique traits. What sets you apart? What makes you special? What do you have that other people don’t? Maybe it’s your balayage technique. Maybe it’s your ability to develop relationships with clients. Whatever it is, you’re bringing something unique to the table–think about that and capitalize on it!

Find the Positive Side

Just think–if someone out there can be that successful in the industry, that’s a really good thing for you! They’re out there proving that your industry is a fantastic one.

Know what else they’re out there proving? That you can find that success–or other success–in the industry. No, it doesn’t have to look exactly like someone else’s success, but they’re out there showing you there’s no ceiling–isn’t that a good thing to know for an ambitious stylist like you?

Remember: Something Good for Someone Else Doesn’t Mean Something Bad for You

This is a massively important distinction to remember when it comes to your “competition” in the industry.

Just because something good happens for someone else doesn’t mean something bad for you. There’s plenty of room at the table (err, at the salon) for everyone. That might sound a little silly, but it’s true.

Yeah, you should still keep an eye on your competitors and do your best to win your clients, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for success for anyone else. This industry is huge and multifaceted–someone else’s success doesn’t mean bad things for you!

See what we mean? There’s no need to compare yourself to other stylists–you’ve got plenty of skills, traits, and services to offer that are uniquely you and uniquely awesome.

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