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Stay Connected with Your Clients Virtually

The COVID-19 pandemic has—no doubt—affected us all financially, emotionally, physically, and beyond. When all of this started, those were things we all assumed would happen. Right?

But it’s also affected us in ways we never could have imagined. Because we’ve been isolating, quarantining, and unable to see our clients on a regular basis, a lot of us have had to learn how to deal with that disconnection—on a business level and on a personal level, too.

As beauty experts, we have such a unique perspective when it comes to our clients. Sure, we’re providing a service for them, but we get to know them. They become our friends, our confidants, some of the closest people to us—and with the way the coronavirus has affected our businesses, lots of us have been mostly (if not completely) cut off from the clients we know, love, and miss every day.

But just because we can’t necessarily see our clients in person yet (or we’re choosing not to yet) doesn’t mean we can’t be connected with them.

Though we’re not a fan of how we all came to this realization as of late, technology is a huge blessing.

It allows us the privilege of staying connected with the people we care about, showing our clients we’re engaged, and bridges the gap we’ve all been missing.

How exactly do you go about using that technology to connect with your client, though? There are literally unlimited ways to do this, but if you’re having trouble getting the inspo you need to implement a virtual connection plan with your clients, we suggest reading our ideas below and building on them to create your own, unique magic for client connection in the age of the virus. 

Easy Ways To Stay Connected with Your Client During COVID

Social Media Engagement

We always preach about the importance of social media for businesses because ultimately, the goal of social media is to inform, connect, and engage with your customer (current or potential). Use that to your advantage! Focus on our social media now more than ever. 

Create quality posts, engage with those who comment on your platforms, create videos to update your fans, send DMS, check-in with your regulars, post regular stories to keep everyone updated on your salon situation, etc.

There are so many ways you can use social media as a way to connect with your clients.

Consider going live for some BTS of what you’re doing in your salon even while it’s closed, host Q&A sessions, interview (virtually) some big-name professionals in your industry for your clients to see.

Entertain them, inform them, and talk to them directly through your social media platforms! 

Implement a Regular Salon Newsletter

When clients know they can expect regular updates from you through a specific platform, they’re inclined to believe that you care for them, want to keep them posted, and value staying connected. Implement a strict policy on regular newsletters—whether that’s weekly (for you ambitious beauty pros out there) or monthly, make sure that you stick to consistency.

Use these newsletters to talk to your clients about what you’re doing—COVID-19 related or not—give them updates on what your plans are, and importantly, be honest with them.

Provide information and entertainment but be direct and transparent for your clients. 

Focus on Communication More Than Ever

Whereas in our “old-normal” world where we could maybe let our communication slide a little bit with our customers, it’s more vital than ever to make sure we’re responding and communicating with our clients as efficiently and regularly as possible.

No, we’re not suggesting that you abandon all boundaries and forget work hours—you still need work-life balance. But we do suggest making it a much higher priority to communicate transparently and quickly with your clients.

This way, they’ll feel like you care enough about them to not just keep your business, but also to maintain the relationships you’ve developed. 

Host Zoom Happy Hours to Catch Up 

It doesn’t have to be all business, right? Just like when you’re providing a service for your client you’re sometimes dishing the gossip or being a friendly shoulder to lean on, there are ways to do this virtually. A hairstylist means more than doing hair, you are your clients confidant.

Try hosting specialized Zoom happy hours with your clients to check-in about the salon, answer questions, and just catch up on each other lives. 

Sure, it won’t be exactly the same, but it will show your clients that you miss them—and you know what, they probably really miss you, too. 

Like we said before, technology is sort of a blessing. While it can never come close to replacing the uniqueness of being physically face-to-face with your clients, it can absolutely, help you stay in touch and connected with the clients you love and miss.

Have a few unique ideas of your own on how you can stay connected with your regulars? Share it with us! Our community is all about providing a safe space to share ideas and support each other.

So, leave a comment below and let our readers know what you’re doing to keep those client connections strong! 

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