New Year, New Self-Improvement: 

How to Set Productive Schedules for a Healthy Holiday Season & Beyond

With a hefty holiday season coming our way (well, let’s face it, we’re already mid-way through it), we’re probably craving stability, time-off, and productivity more than we could possibly explain.

We don’t need to tell you how busy cosmetologists are at this time of year, you’re livin’ it—but if you’ve ever wondered how to life-hack your way toward setting a productive schedule without missing out on that extra big holiday check or your fun holiday time, this article is for you.

But here’s the deal—these tips we’re about to share are going to be lifesavers beyond the holiday. These tips are perfect for a new year, new you mentality—especially when it comes to the self-improvement tactics we all try to implement at the start of the new year.

Our advice? Read through this article and start now! These tips can help you in the new year, in the holiday season, and beyond. 

All in all, we consider this a well-rounded approach to building your business, fortifying your mental health, and ensuring you have a better understanding of how to effectively structure your time.

Today’s tips revolve around building up a detailed, reliable schedule that you can look to in order to stay in line. 

While we believe that it’s totally impossible to outline every moment of your life (even if it was possible, it wouldn’t be super fun), having a well-thought-out and intricate calendar can be a huge lifesaver during the busiest seasons of our lives.

Make Personal Time Priority

By this, we don’t just mean making empty promises (out loud or in your head) that you’re going to make more time for yourself and your interests, you’re committing to scheduling personal blocks in your daily calendar to ensure you’re setting aside time to do the things you want and need to do.

What do we mean by this? We’re talkin’ about stuff like:

  • Time off for non-work activities
  • Doctor appointments
  • Family time
  • Holiday season shenanigans (don’t tell us you haven’t decorated your Christmas tree yet)
  • Continued education classes and online classes
  • Mandatory breakfast, lunch, and dinner time slots

You get the picture. Ideally, we advise moving your tasks and appointments to a calendar, then, literally blocking off that personal time so you can’t schedule your daily duties for those times.

By doing this, you’re committing to personal time, to getting other things done (aside from work), and to taking care of yourself. Trust us, it’s that important—that’s why it’s the first thing we recommend.

Create Realistic Hours For Appointment Scheduling

Sit down and really play through your schedule—what hours are you actually available to take appointments? Think about your entire life’s spectrum when you do this.

Are evening appointments realistic if you’ve got a whole family you want to spend time with? Are early mornings actually possible if you’re just not a morning person? Are you struggling to get adequate nutrition if you’re booking yourself solid through the lunch rush?

Obviously, when you’re creating a schedule you’ll want to keep a few things in mind:

  • That personal time you already blocked off—if possible, don’t comprise. If you have to change things up, make sure you’re not removing your personal time blocks completely. Readjust them instead and add them in somewhere else.
  • Consider the times that people are booking appointments—because you’ll want to be available for these. Typically, Thursday-Sunday (hello, weekends) are the busiest times for people needing your services.
  • Right before the holiday season kicks in should be the time you receive a ton of inquiries—try to make yourself available for these so you can reap the benefits of tons of sales!

Don’t forget, balance is key here. It can feel really tempting to just open up your schedule indefinitely and fill it to the brim—especially during this time of year.

But if you do that, you’re sacrificing productivity in other parts of your life, as well as free time and time spent doing things you love.

Add in Important Dates You Can’t Miss

Sometimes, we get so busy balancing our personal lives and our work lives that we forget mega-important due dates we simply can’t miss. That’s right, we’re talking bills, payments, re-stocking dates, and more.

Start scheduling your rent, your electric bill, your product ordering dates, and more so that you can consult your schedule and know when everything is due. 

This way, you’ll never get caught with the lights off wondering who forgot to pay the bills (spoiler alert, it was probably you!).

Start Classifying Your Priorities

Even though everything might feel like your no. 1 priority, we promise—it’s not. Take the time to look over everything you’ve got on your calendar. 

Are some things more important than others? Are some tasks absolutely critical while some could be considered flexible? Start classifying your to-dos and giving them a priority ranking system. 

Focus on priority 1 tasks first, then move on to others—this way, you’ll spend time on the things that absolutely need to be taken care of worry less about the non-urgent stuff.

Trust us, this is a crucial exercise for your productivity and your mental health!

Be Bold About Your Goals

Are you ambitiously chasing after the goal of being more prepared, more organized, and better at prioritizing your time? Good. Speak that into existence. Don’t just wish quietly to yourself that you’ll make the changes you need to—tell someone.

We’re not saying you need an accountability partner, but if you’re serious about making changes and accomplishing goals, saying these things out loud—to someone—can ultimately be that extra layer of drive you need to tackle your ambitions. 

Feeling ready to take on the holiday season and the new year with a productive, healthy mindset? We sure hope so.

Be sure to check back in with us and drop a comment in our reply section below—let us know which tips worked for you, what you found to be the most effective piece of advice for scheduling, and even share some insight on tips you developed on your own. 

We’re positive your beauty community will thank you!

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