How to Redirect the COVID Talk In Your Salon 

We can’t be the only beauty professionals in the biz who are absolutely exhausted with the endless back and forth we get every day about the coronavirus. C’mon now, we know you’re starting to feel the weight of all this, too, right? 

Look, we’re not trying to undermine its importance or downplay it, but with all due respect to everything that’s going on in the world, endlessly talking about COVID-19 only makes it harder to continue doing our jobs.

We’re all tired of hearing about it, talking about it, and thinking about it. So, what if we just—didn’t? 

Hear us out. It’s not that we’re trying to instruct everyone to be willfully ignorant to the reality of the coronavirus pandemic—we’re not even subtly telling you to forget about it altogether (as if, right?). 

But we are suggesting that you do what you can to keep the COVID talk in your salon, spa, or shop to a healthy minimum.

It’s not like we can just magically stop talking about it or stop hearing about it at the drop of a hat—as much as we wish the world worked that way, it doesn’t. 

What we can do is take ownership of the vibe, atmosphere, and energy in our own salons, and we can start by focusing on politely and gently nudging the COVID talk in a more positive direction when it comes up in our beauty pro workplaces.

How do we do that, you ask? Keep reading for some easy, tried-and-true tips!

The Top Redirecting Tips To Keep the COVID Talk Healthy 

Redirecting isn’t pushy, we promise! Especially when you redirect with grace, ease, and lots of positivity. Here are our top tips for changing the conversation about COVID in your salon, spa, shop, or space! 

Don’t Be Afraid to Set Some COVID Boundaries 

There’s no way you can go an entire day (right now, at least) without hearing about COVID. It’s just (most likely) not going to happen. Instead of trying to set some unattainable standards (like saying you won’t mention one thing about COVID), try to set healthy, realistic boundaries. 

You’re in the service industry, so you don’t have any control over what your customers are going to say—that’s just the harsh reality of what we do—but you can redirect, be honest, or just plain change the subject when you’ve reached your COVID-max for the day. 

Start out by figuring out what’s your boiling point when it comes to COVID talk. Do you feel mentally exhausted after hearing about it for more than 20 minutes? Good!

Take note of that and make sure you set that mental boundary. Once you surpass that 20-minute-mark, it’s on you to move on politely and positively with your clients.

It’s Your Space—Fill it With Your Preferred Vibe 

Don’t ever, ever feel bad about trying to shape the atmosphere of your own space. Your clients are important, and feeling like they can talk to you matters, but they flit in and out of your salon day in and day out, moving on to other things as the day goes on. 

You’re the one who has to stay within those walls, in that same space every day, and deal with the stagnation of their abandoned conversations. Your salon is just that—yours. So, fill that space with how you want it to feel. From décor to affirmations to music to scent, the vibe is all about you and your preferences. 

Don’t let anyone—even your clients—change that for you. 

Share Some Positivity 

So, your client is on minute 19 of their COVID monologue. You’re coming up on that agreed-upon 20-minute limit. How do you redirect? Start by sharing something super fun, positive, or exciting. 

Have a great uplifting story you’ve been dying to share? Now’s the time. Did your dog just have puppies? Go puppy conversation crazy. Are you expecting a new and exciting milestone in your career soon? Let’s talk about it! 

If you’ve got healthy boundaries, it’s up to you to fill your arsenal with some positive and uplifting conversation topics to help redirect the conversation to a space that brings you joy.

Make it About Your Services

Struggling to focus on something uplifting or positive? You’ve got a built-in topic right in front of you—the service you’re providing.

Seriously, clients love to hear about the process, why you’re doing what you’re doing, what they can expect, and even tips on how to maintain lasting results for their new look.

You can most likely stay on this topic of conversation for hours at a time! 

Be Real & Transparent

Don’t be afraid to just tell your team, your boss, or your clients when you simply need a break from the COVID doom and gloom.

It’s not selfish to want some inner peace. (Let’s repeat that louder for the people in the back). IT’S NOT SELFISH TO WANT SOME INNER PEACE.  

Create Other Fun Distractions to Occupy Your Clients 

Set up fun games your clients can (safely) play while they’re getting their service done. Create a bomb AF playlist that’ll be super distracting. Throw on a great, hilarious, positive movie on the big screen for a worry-free few hours.

Your distractions can be totally up to you—just make sure they are all about the vibe you’re hoping your space will give off. 

Look, some things are entirely out of our control—as much as we want to, we can’t totally fix the COVID situation right now. That being said, we can set boundaries and healthy limitations to help us create a more positive experience in our salons despite the global pandemic. 

Your salon, your staff, your energy, and your healthy boundaries are yours—so make sure you’re protecting them fiercely! 

Have some tips for your fellow beauty pros? We’d love to hear them—drop a comment in our reply section below and share your fave tips for protecting your energy, your health, and your salon’s wellbeing.   

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