How to open a salon suite like this one takes a lot of attention to detail.

How to Open a Salon Suite
Top Tips on How to Open Their Own Salon Suite 

Deciding to open your very own salon suite is a huge step.

It’s not just a leap in your career; it’s a leap in your confidence in yourself–and any time we see a beauty pro ready and willing to take that leap, we can’t help but get super excited about their potential.

But here’s the thing. A lot of cosmetologists think about opening up their own salon suite and never do it. Why? Because the how-to part is complicated. We’re not saying having a dream isn’t enough–we’re just saying to make that dream happen, you’ve got to know how to do it.

This blog is going to give you the 411 on how to make that dream happen. We’ll drop tips, considerations, and things you should know about having your very own salon suite. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading ASAP to get another step closer to opening your own salon suite!

How to Open a Salon Suite: Top Tips for Opening Your Salon Suite

Before we dive into the top tips and things to consider for how to open a salon suite, we wanted to make sure you knew that the resources don’t begin and end with this blog.

If you’re looking for even more salon suite information, we’ve got you (more than) covered. Check out helpful resources like these for even more assistance!

Find the Right Location

Whether you’re renting, leasing, or planning to own your salon suite, the location always matters. Where you decide to put down the roots of your salon suite–even if it’s not your forever spot–matters.

Why? Because of foot traffic, because of ease of access, and because of the type of audience you want to serve. Setting up a high-end, boutique salon suite in a neighborhood or part of town that doesn’t subscribe to those services doesn’t make sense.

And if you’re looking to keep most of the clients you’ve already acquired, it might be a good idea to find something near enough to where you’ve been operating. Will people travel for your services? Totally. Will everyone? Not likely. If you can keep most of your current clientele with a smart location move, we encourage you to do so.

Craft Your Business Plan

Even though it’s worked for some people, it’s probably best not to go into a salon suite without a business plan. Before you pick your location, create a business plan for your salon suite. What are your goals?

To whom do you plan to cater your services? Where do you see your business in 5-10 years? How will you keep up with the changing trends? Do you plan to hire employees eventually?

Ask yourself all the major questions beforehand–and coming up with a plan ahead of time–is the key to your success.

Take Care of the Legal Stuff Before You Open

Don’t start your salon suite without the appropriate business licensing! That’s not just us being rule followers­­­­–that’s us being concerned about your salon suite’s future.

If you kick off your business without getting all the legal paperwork, licenses, and inspections done, you’re going to be shut down before you ever have a chance to really get started.

Liability Insurance is a Must

Take care of liability insurance from the start! Don’t wait to get coverage until something bad happens–if you do, you’re stuck dealing with those repercussions on your own and out of your own pocket.

Make sure your professional liability insurance, general liability insurance, and product liability insurance are on lock before anything bad happens. Need some advice on that one? We’ve got you. Elite Beauty Society has the best salon suite insurance for cosmetologists like you–check out what we’ve got to offer.

Plan Your Space Properly

Your décor and your vibe aren’t the most important thing–but they’re pretty important when it comes to the client experience. Make sure you’re planning out your space, so it’s both fashionable and functional.

If you’re dealing with a salon suite space that’s super tiny (which is a possibility for your first space and tends to be the trend with suites), make sure you’re maximizing productivity without cluttering up your space too much.

At the end of the day, you’re the one in charge of making your salon suite a success–these are just a few tips from pros who have done it before!

Have you opened up your salon suite or two in your time? We want to hear about it. Drop your comments below so that your fellow cosmetologists can get a feel for how you did it! We promise they’ll appreciate all the feedback you can give them.

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