How to:

Maintain a Work-Life Balance After Returning to the Salon

Let’s not kid ourselves—in a COVID-19 world, you’re working harder than ever.

We’re not saying that you didn’t kill it or bust your butt as a nail tech, stylist, esthetician, or another type of beauty pro when COVID-19 wasn’t a thing—but, c’mon, you’re doing a whole heck of a lot more now that you’ve reopened your salon, spa, or shop in the midst of a pandemic.

Maybe before the pandemic hit, you had your work-life balance on lock—maybe you were great at setting boundaries, making time for the things you love, and managed to run your shop like the badass you are.

But now, things are a little different. You’ve likely been out of work for a hot minute. You’re likely a little out of practice when it comes to maintaining that balance you know and love.

While we can’t recommend fun things like taking a vacation or playing hooky (because let’s be honest, you’ve probably been missing work a bundle since the pandemic shut you down), we can recommend some seriously helpful tips for reinvigorating that work-life balance you used to be such a pro at.

We’re not going to pretend we have all the answers, and we know that throwing out a few generalized tips doesn’t always work for everyone (because we’re all different, right?), but we do think that you can use these as a jumping-off point for your own creative, helpful solutions to manage the stress of work and the joys of life.

So, get to reading!

Straight Up Accept There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Work-Life Balance

Sometimes, the pressure of wanting to create a perfect work-life balance can make achieving a work-life balance even harder. Kind of ironic, right?

The best thing you can do for your work-life balance is to sit down and be direct with yourself—there’s literally no such thing as a perfect work-life balance.

All you can do is do your best.

All you can do is try to check-in with yourself. And all you can do is come up with a routine and some tips that can make your life a little more manageable and a lot more joyful.

Delegate to Your Heart’s Content

That’s what you have a qualified staff for, right? We know this is going to feel exceptionally difficult since everything is so chaotic, but trust us, now is the time to put your trust in your staff. Don’t just leave them high and dry—be a resource for them, of course.

But put your faith in them, too, and start delegating the many new responsibilities you’ve had to take on due to COVID-19. Yeah, we’re especially talking about that crazy sanitizing and cleaning schedule you’ve had to create and maintain.

Unplug When You Can

Turn. Your. Devices. Off. Say it louder for the people in the back!

If you have the opportunity to unplug, just do it. Don’t check your emails. Don’t check-in with clients. Don’t message your staff to see how it’s going. Put your phone down, slap some cucumbers on your eyes, and leave the technology to itself for a day (or an hour—whatever you can manage).

You-Time: It’s a Must

Stop sacrificing your me-time! Sure, there was probably a time in your life where someone told you that focusing on yourself is selfish—we’re telling you to bump that noise like right now because taking care of yourself is never selfish. In fact, it’s necessary.

Have you ever heard the expression you can’t pour from a cup that’s empty? That’s kind of what me-time represents. If you’re constantly giving yourself, your time, and your energy to everyone else, you’ll never put time into yourself—and how could you possibly give your best to anyone when you’re not giving your best to the person who matters most (hint: that’s you!).

So, do the things you love. Get yourself a fancy pedicure. Take a day off and go to the beach. No matter what you like to do for your me-time, just do it. You deserve it.

Set Up Some Serious Boundaries

And stick to ‘em, people! We’re not saying that you have to cut back on your work hours substantially, just that you should really work on sticking to whatever rules and policies you set for yourself.

Have you decided that you’re only going to work until 5 PM on weekdays? Excellent—that means you should probably say no to that last-minute client who wants to squeeze in at 4:45 PM, right?

Look. We get it. It can be hard to say no to potential clients and a boost in your income—especially after the salons, shops, and more have been shut down because of COVID-19. But you can’t just burn yourself out trying to make up the money you lost during the shutdown—you need to think about your health and your career’s longevity.

Put Your Health Above All Else

Yes, we mean physical health here, but we mean mental health, too! Don’t miss your morning runs, swims, or cycles. Stop skipping your veggies. Do what you need to do to keep your body in check. And at the same time, check-in with yourself mentally, too. Have you been feeling strong shifts in your mood lately? Are you feeling burnt-out? Have you been able to meet with your favorite counselor lately?

Balance your physical, mental, and emotional health and we promise, the rest will come much easier than you think.

Like we said at the beginning of this post, there’s no such thing as a perfect work-life balance, so throw that expectation right out the window. But there are plenty of things you can start implementing right now to create a healthier, more balanced work-life than ever before.

Have a few tips of your own that we didn’t mention here? Stellar.

Let’s hear ‘em. We’re all about transparency, sharing, and building our community members with the best advice possible. So, leave a comment, drop some hints, and help your community learn how to balance their work-life better than ever.