How to Keep Clients Coming Back to Your Spa

The Top Tips Every Esthetician Needs to Know

Getting new clients into your spa to enjoy your amazing esthetician services is one unique type of battle.

Keeping them coming back for more? Well, that’s an entirely different type of fight. And honestly, it tends to be a lot more difficult than winning that initial draw-in.

Don’t take what we’re saying the wrong way. First, allow us the chance to get right out in front of whatever you might be thinking—keeping clients coming back to your spa likely has nothing to do with your skills or talents as an esthetician. The most talented, professional, and in-demand estheticians struggle to keep clients coming back.

Why? Because often, retention has less to do with how amazing you are and more to do with factors like client experience, your marketing strategy, your staff, or even your booking process.

To be honest, there are a ton of different factors that could play into retention—and many of them have nothing to do with how skilled you are.

Don’t get us wrong—you’re not going to be able to retain every client. Unfortunately, that’s just the name of the cosmetology game. But becoming and remaining a successful esthetician is definitely more attainable when you’ve got a host of regular clients always coming back (and trust us, this is going to be better for your bottom line than trying to constantly attract new clients).

So, how exactly can you start focusing your efforts on retaining the clients you’re successfully attracting?

Keep reading to learn more! We’re sharing some of our hottest spa tips we think every esthetician needs to know to help retain clients seamlessly and regularly.

Evaluate & Assess Your Customer Experience Process

Our best bet for client retention when it comes to your spa? Start examining your customers’ entire experience from the moment they book with you until they walk out the door. In fact, take it even further and try to evaluate how your customers’ journey even after they’ve left.

Gaining an understanding of your customers’ entire journey is going to be helpful when it comes to narrowing down what’s going wrong and why they’re not coming back. While this isn’t going to solve all of your retention issues, it could certainly uncover any subtle issues that you might not be aware of.

Not able to glean any helpful information? Here’s a pro-tip. Invite a few friends or family members to the spa to evaluate your customer experience. 

Treat them like a customer from start to finish, then have them honestly assess the entire customer experience. Have them tell you what you need to work on, what you did well, what they enjoyed, and what they didn’t. Then, make those changes and see how your rate of client retention changes.

If you’re not interested in feedback from your close friends or family, ask some of your regulars to participate in a survey study in exchange for a few free services or credit toward future services.

Encourage your participants to be as honest as possible. Then, take their feedback seriously and make changes accordingly.

Set Up a Rewards or Referral Program

If you’re looking to ensure customer retention, we’ve got two life-changing words for you—loyalty program.

Friends, if you’re really trying to keep your clients coming back to your spa for more, it’s time to set up a badass reward program, referral program, or loyalty program—whatever you want to call it, it’s time to put one into practice.

Incentive programs are a huge draw for lots of customers, and if you set them up well, they’ll be the ultimate tool to encourage your newbie customers to become regulars in a pinch.

Not sure how to set up the ultimate program? Check out our blog right here to get a better idea of how your loyalty program should look, what you need to consider, and how you can ensure you’re creating a system that benefits you!

Beef Up Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Even if marketing isn’t your thing, it’s important to realize just how important digital marketing is for your business in our modern era.

If you’re struggling to retain clients, it’s possible the problem has nothing to do with your skills, your services, or your customer experience—it might have everything to do with your lackluster marketing.

If you’re not using compelling marketing tactics like email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and SEO to promote repeat visits to your salon, create re-engagement campaigns, get your brand out there, and remind your clients you exist, it’s possible that’s precisely the issue you need to face head-on to get your retention under control.

Marketing not really your game? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got all kinds of resources you can reference and read through to get on your feet and kickstart your digital marketing efforts. 

Check some of them out right here:

Truthfully, the tips for client retention are endless, but these three areas are prime places to start. If you’re struggling to retain clients, we highly recommend evaluating these three areas first to see where you might find gaps—then, explore even further into your spa process to see what else you might be missing!

Ultimately, your client retention methods are totally up to you—if you find something that works for your spa, do it! Then, head on back to the blog and drop a comment in our reply section.

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