A client listens in as a hair stylist works on her hair and discusses what she should do with her tax refund.

How to Invest Your Tax Refund Back Into Your Beauty Business

Talkin’ taxes may seem like it’s never fun.

But in our opinion, there’s one exception–tax refunds. If your business welcomed a tax refund home with open arms this year, you’re probably thrilled.

If you’re anything like any other beauty pro out there, though, you might be torn, too.

What exactly should you do with that tax refund? Should you pocket it? Put it in your savings? Disperse it among your employees? Save it for a rainy day fun fund? 

All of those are fine ideas. But at EBS, we’re all about focusing on how to further your career–and to us, the obvious answer is to take that tax refund and roll it right back into your business.

That might seem like a tall order. In fact, you might not be sure what that even looks like. The good news? There are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of ways you can invest your tax refund into your cosmetology business. And we’re sharing just a few to kickstart that inspo for you! 

Tips for Reinvesting Your Tax Refund Into Your Cosmetology Business 

Make Improvements & Enhancements to Your Shop

Take a look around your shop, spa, or salon. Are there improvements that could be made? That chair in the waiting room could use a little love, right?

Or, how about that wall that you’ve been swearing you’d repaint all year? There’s always room for improvement–whether it’s a small fix or a huge renovation. And your tax refund cash could be the ultimate investment to further your business. 

Spend it on Client Acquisition 

Getting new clients in the door isn’t always challenging, but it does always cost money. Don’t believe us? Think about this equation:

Customer Acquisition Cost = Cost of Sales & Marketing / the Number of New Customers Acquired 

Do that math for us real quick, then circle back–you’ll see that it’s a pricy game. The problem? It’s necessary. And that tax refund is the perfect investment in that effort. 

Think about amping up your marketing budget for a few months, strengthening your digital presence, expanding your physical branding, stepping up your work with ambassadors and online reps, and offering exclusive deals for new customers. You can even level up your loyalty program for existing clients who bring in referrals! 

Make the Leap–Invest in Cosmetology Liability Insurance 

You had to guess we were going to talk about this one, right? The truth is, even though we’re clearly biased, cosmetology liability insurance is the best investment you can make in your business. We’re so serious; we’re not even going to try to pressure you into working with us (although, let’s be real, we’re the best in the biz). 

A stylist works on hair extensions, a skill she learned when investing her tax refund into her business.

Honestly, as long as you have cosmetology liability insurance that has your back, we’ll be happy–that’s how serious we think having it is. A lot of people view liability insurance as another expense, but it’s truly an investment in your business’ future. That tax return–no matter how much it might be–can either jumpstart that investment or pay for it entirely. 

Add New Skills to Your Service Menu 

Adding new services to your menu is a great way to make money. The problem is it costs money to take courses and get certified so you can get there. But tax return money is the perfect way to pour all that back into your business–and make a heck-ton of money in the future as a result. 

This is the ultimate investment in your business, so it makes sense you’d use your tax return to fund it. Right? Whether you want to learn how to lay amazing extensions, try your hand at braiding, or give lash extensions a go, this is the best way to infuse that money into something that can make you more money. 

Refresh Your Tried & True Tools 

Those amazing tools that have been with you since the beginning? It might be time to give them a proper send-off and replace them with new versions of themselves. We’re not saying retire the brand or try something totally new.

If something works–and it has for a long time–it might be best to upgrade those tools and snag some new versions of your old faves. 

Or, Try New Ones

Then again, there’s no time like post-tax time to splurge a bit on salon, shop, or spa tools of the trade you’ve always wanted to try.

That new Dyson dryer? Go for it. That extra amazing heat protecting spray? Yep, it’s time. 

No matter what it might be–actual equipment you need to get the job done, backbar product, or styling tools–that tax return money is a must for giving new things a go. 

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