One of the best ways to introduce your product line to your clients is to use it during their services in your salon suite.

How to Introduce Your Product Line Into Your Salon Suite 

Tips for a Tactful & Successful Product Line Introduction 

Starting your own product line can be intimidating enough.

Figuring out how to tactfully introduce your product line into your salon suite is a whole other ballgame entirely.

Before we dive into some tips on how to do these, we want to preface this article by saying that, as the owner of your salon suite, an ambitious entrepreneur, and a badass cosmetologist, you have every right to introduce your line of products in your own space.

Some stylists or cosmetologists go through feelings of imposter syndrome or guilt–like they shouldn’t be introducing their own line of products to their customers.

But ask yourself, why wouldn’t you do this? If you believe in your products, you know they work, and you put a ton of hard work into them, what’s holding you back?
You deserve success. You deserve this cross-promotional opportunity. And your clients deserve to benefit from your skills in more ways than one!

So, how do you introduce your product line into your salon suite tactfully and successfully? This blog has a few pointers every cosmetologist and beauty pro should know.

Top Tips for Introducing Your Personal Product Line in Your Salon Suite

Trust us when we say your clients will thank you for bringing your magic into products just for them–this blog is just going to advise you on how to make that transition smooth and seamless. Here are a few must-know tips for tackling your introduction process in-salon.

Use Your Own Products on Your Clients

If you’re going to sell your products to your clients, you better believe in them–and nothing says believing in them like using them during your clients’ appointments.

Talk with them about what you're using and why, explain the benefits of your products, and let your line speak for itself with results.

Will you use your line for literally everything your client needs? Probably not–but you likely didn’t design a product line for literally every use case out there.

Use your products where it makes sense–and make sure your clients know when and why you’re choosing to use them. Later, when you do launch your line for them to buy, they’ll already be familiar with its benefits and how it's used.

Beauty products displayed on an artful sales table (like in this image) is a great, go-to strategy to sell your product line in your salon suite.

Start the Buzz Ahead of Time

Don’t just launch a product line and expect people to flock to it. Build the hype–and start from within your salon suite! Tell your regulars all about the product line before you launch it.

Get the buzz going and encourage them to tell their friends, share your posts, and give your launch a try when it’s available.

If you can build the hype beforehand, by the time you’re introducing your line in your salon suite to sell, you’ll have lots of buyers ready to snatch it up.

Offer Free Samples to Your Regulars

Listen, you still need to make money on your products, but clients love nothing more than free samples.

If you’re in the introductory stages of getting clients hooked on your personal line, there’s literally nothing wrong with a few free samples to give them an idea of what they’re dealing with. A small dash of whatever you think might work best for their skin, hair, nails, etc., is all they’ll need to see the magic of what you’re putting out there.

So, no, don’t give away your hard work for free–but a little sample here and there never hurt sales.

Educate Your Clients & Talk About Your Process

It’s one thing to use your product line on your clients–it’s another to educate them on why you started a line to begin with. What gaps are you trying to fill in the market?

What does your product line do that others don’t? What do you love about your product line, and further, what do you think customers will love about it?

Be transparent, open the door for conversation, and educate till you’re blue in the face–this will make the purchasing process so much more seamless!

Set Up a Killer Back Bar

The power of presentation is always a must-consider factor. Sure, you should give samples, use your products, educate your clients, and use your own product line during services–but if you don’t have a killer presentation for your products, you’re missing out on a key element of sales.

Make your back bar pristine, brand-aligned, and accessible format for selling products. Have plenty of products on hand so you’re never caught, well, empty-handed, and don’t forget to set up cute little gift baskets for folks who might want to buy your products for friends!

At the end of the day, if you believe in your product, you’ll find a way to get your clients to believe in it, too. Odds are, if they believe in you, it won’t be a tough sell at all.

Our advice? Embrace the possibility of bringing your own line into your salon suite–you’ve got this! 

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