How to Refresh, Rebrand, & Retire Bad Habits 

for the New Year

Before we enter the fresh, exciting, and roaring new year (hey 2020, we see you) ask yourself a very, very important question—did my salon struggle in 2019?

Whether you struggled hardcore in 2019 or just faced a few bumps in the road that you’d prefer to steer clear of in the upcoming year, it’s likely that you experienced (like everyone did), at least a few hardships.

And guess what? You’re not alone. 

It’s highly unlikely that any salon, spa, or shop went without a single issue in 2019 that they’d rather avoid in 2020—there’s no shame in the learning from mistakes game.

But that’s the great thing about a new year—you’ve got a chance to re-evaluate, revamp, rebrand, and retire those old bad habits that could be holding you back. That type of 2020 makeover sounds like a pretty hefty job to take on, right?

If you haven’t taken on any 2020 planning yet, don’t be overwhelmed—it really doesn’t have to be terribly difficult(we promise).

We’ve laid out a few super simple tips for how you can take your 2020 salon game to the absolute next level right now without totally stressing yourself out before the holiday (and the new year) hit.

Wave Goodbye to Bad Habits, Welcome in a Refresh With Open Arms

So long toxic, unproductive habits and hello to a healthy, happy, and profitable salon, shop, or spa! This year, take your 2019 and learn from it—don’t just stash it under the rug as quickly as possible.

Here’s how you can quickly analyze and assess your 2019 and use it to implement positive changes in your 2020 business plan!

First Things First, Take an Honest Look at Your Salon’s Past Year

Depending on your personality and who you are as a person, this might be the hardest step of all—which is why we think it’s so vital that you do this first before you even dream of other routes to improve your 2020 salon biz.

Take a moment to really evaluate your year. Ask important questions: 

  • Did we do as much business as we could have? 
  • Did I stand in the way of my staff?
  • Am I doing all that I can to ensure my customers feel valued?
  • What changes could I make to really boost my business to the next level?

Don’t just take this upon yourself to analyze—even though we can be our own worst critics, it’s vital to get outside opinions on these types of brainstorming sessions.

Gather your staff, chat with your customers, read your reviews—no matter how you go about it, ensure that you’re getting a full picture of how you operate as a salon or shop, what you’re doing well, and what you could improve on.

Only then can you start planning to improve your business in 2020.

There’s Nothing Like a Total Declutter and Cleanup To Kick Off a Healthy New Year

You really want to refresh your salon this upcoming year? There’s nothing like an in-depth round of spring cleaning to really kick the year off right. We’re talking about a total clean up with an intense de-cluttering motive in mind.

Your space is more than just your own, personal workshop. Every day, you invite customers into your bubble to provide them with the best service possible, and if you’re working with a cluttered, messy space, you’re likely not doing that.

Plus, the more dated and antiquated junk you clean out, the more room there will be for techy updates! Make sure this spring cleaning applies to more than just the areas your clients see.

Revamp that stock room. Get your laundry room on point. Deep clean those employee areas. 

Ensure that every square inch of your space is organized, functional, and totally de-cluttered to ensure your new year can start with a sigh of relief rather than with bated breath.

Check-In With Your Branding—Is Your Marketing On Point?

If 2019 didn’t bring you the business or clientele you were initially looking for, it’s time to ask the question—is your marketing on point?

Marketing is such a vital piece of the puzzle for any business, but especially for service-based businesses like the ones you provide. We suggest taking a deep dive into some marketing education courses (even if they’re just simple 101 guides like this one or this one). 

Get a handle on your marketing strategy, boost your social media efforts, ensure your website is kick-ass (we’ll get to this in specifics in a minute), and don’t neglect the chance to optimize your customer reviews. The more on-point your branding and marketing are, the easier it will be to reach your target audience and attract the clients you’re looking for.

Website Detox and Revamp—It’ll Make all the Difference in the World

Say it with us—clean. up. your. website. Listen, we understand—if you’re not techy and you don’t love the wonderful world of the interweb, making sure that your website is properly functioning probably seems super overwhelming and really out of your league.

But here’s the deal—it’s about to be 2020, and your website really matters.

Our advice? Declutter your website and make sure it’s simple, functional, and aesthetic.

You don’t have to have some super ritzy, fancy design to have a successful website, it just needs to work quickly, efficiently, and operate intuitively. As a side note, it should also optimize your marketing and branding as seamlessly as possible. 

If all of this still sounds like it’s too much, budget in some cash to hire on a web designer—when your website finally brings you the ROI you’ve been dying for, you’ll be glad you made the investment. 

Consider Some Eco-Friendly Changes

We’re not here to shove anything you don’t agree with down your throat, but we will say we’re totally on board with getting salons to be as eco-friendly as possible. In our eyes, it’s a win-win, you’ll likely cut costs where it matters while you conserve energy and save the planet. 

Sounds pretty great, right? Bring your 2020 year to a new environmentally-friendly level with a few simple tips—check ‘em out here! (HINT: there’s even a tip in there that opts to do away with paperwork, which we can bet you’ll love).

Plan Out Some 2020 Educational Investments

That’s right, we’re talkin’ trade shows, expos, conventions, and classes. It’s a new year, why not bring more to the table than ever before? Ask yourself what you’d like to change in 2020 and what you’d like to learn. Make goals, set up reasonable timelines for those goals, and make it all happen! Check out our top 5 list of conventions, tradeshows, and expos happening in the upcoming year to start planning!

Evaluate All Your Bad Habits & Start Brainstorming

From wasteful spending to product stocking to customer service, there’s bound to be something that’s not your cup of tea. And when that happens and you’re stuck doing something you don’t necessarily love, there’s a huge opportunity for cutting corners, laziness, and other bad habits to form.

Our advice? Get ahead of them!

Nip those bad habits in the bud by calling them out and holding yourself (and your staff) accountable.  

Out With the Old and In With the New

Don’t’ be afraid of change—especially in the product lines you’re using and selling.

The Beauty Industry is a constant ebb-and-flow of new, innovative products that can make all the difference in the world, there’s nothing wrong with evaluating your current product setup and asking, can I find something better?

Embrace quality in the new year, embrace new and exciting opportunities, and embrace the chance for change!

Have some additional new year advice for your fellow beauty biz professionals? Good!

Share it with us ASAP (that’s what the comment section is for, after all!). We can guarantee no tip or trick is too tiny to make a difference for someone, so don’t be shy about your strategy, share with us—your community will thank you.

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