A customer receives an esthetician service as part of her customer gratitude package.

How to Give Back to Your Clients & Regular Customers
Tips & Ideas for Expressing Your Gratitude

The holidays always bring about a sensation and drive to give back. And it makes sense, right? This is the time of year when we start really feeling grateful for all we have, the opportunities in front of us, and, importantly, the people in our lives. 

It’s no surprise that you–as a talented, successful cosmetologist–would be grateful for the customers who make your business (and your beauty pro dream) possible). 

And while we should be grateful for our customers and clients all the time, there’s something so special about taking time at the end of the year, right before the new one starts, to evaluate and summarize just how much our clients mean to us.

But it’s one thing to feel that way–it’s another to show your clients that you feel that way. Not sure how to express your gratitude to your clients and regular customers?

Don’t sweat it–this blog is filled with tips and insights to help you thank your clients in a way that’s perfect for you (and for them, too). And remember, there’s no wrong way to thank your clients, really–big or small gestures are always appreciated. They say it’s the thought that counts, and that’s partially true–but it’s the effort and intention that counts most of all!

Tips & Ideas for Giving Back to Your Clients & Regular Customers 

Not sure how to share your gratitude with your customers? Don’t know what to buy, give, or send to show your appreciation? Here are a few ideas to help you pick the perfect way to express your gratitude. 

Opt for Something You Know They’ll Love 

If you have clients you know really well, get them small things you know they love. This is specifically targeted at your regulars who have been with you from the start. Does one of your regular clients love Paris? A little keychain charm with the Eiffel Tower shows her how much you appreciate her!

Got a client who can’t live without the muffins from the bakery next door? A $5 gift card is a great way to express that gratitude.

Remember, you don’t need to go overboard or spend tons of money–small, thoughtful touches you know your clients will love will absolutely send the right message/ 

In situations like these, think about going the written or verbal expression route. People love hearing gratitude and thanks from other people directly and authentically. So, write holiday letters, send out gratitude postcards, or just tell your clients. 
Offering a client a free service, like a discounted blowout, is a great option for client gratitude.

Focus on Intention & Authenticity

That whole “go big or go home” thing does not apply here. With clients–regulars and semi-regulars–it’s all about the intention behind your gift or token of appreciation. 

Make sure whatever you’re doing–handwritten notes, small trinkets, a free bang trim, etc.–is backed by authentic intention to express your gratitude for their help in making your beauty pro dreams come true. If you focus on authenticity, you can’t go wrong! 

Maybe you offer them something big–like a product from your holiday beauty pro gift guide. Or maybe you offer up something small, like a discount code for their next service. No matter what, make sure the intention rights true. 

Consider Upgrading a Service at a Discount 

Your regular clients trust you, appreciate you, and love you–give a little back by donating your time to show them your appreciation. 

While we don’t think you should work for free, for some cosmetologists, upgrading services at a discount (or for free) can be an easy, streamlined, and cost-effective way to give out customer appreciation gifts! Have a client coming in for a cut and color? Throw a bang trim in for free. Does a client want a blowout? You’ve got time for a quick eyebrow wax! 

Maybe you don’t have time at the moment for an upgrade but want to show them some extra love? Give them an extra star or mark on their loyalty program to help them get a free service faster! 

Don’t break the bank or anything, but a quick, little upgrade to a client’s service can be the ultimate thank you. Make sure you’re expressing your gratitude at the same time and getting their A-OK to tack on another service! 

Make it Simple But Sweet 

We don’t know anyone who’s going to turn down a delicious sweet treat around the holidays! Bake a bunch of your famous chocolate chip cookies, buy a baker’s dozen of scones from the best cafe in town. Candy bags, holiday-themed treats, or homemade baked goods are a sweet, simple way to show your gratitude and appreciation for your clients. 

Pro-tip, make sure you list out each and every ingredient for these sweet treats so clients with allergies can stay away from things that make them sick! 

Expression is Everything 

Maybe physical gifts aren’t your thing. We get that–it’s hard enough to shop for the people we call family–imagine how hard it is to buy something for a regular client that you might not know everything about.

Remember, this period of time– the end of the year, the holiday season, and the start of a new year–is the perfect opportunity to reflect on gratitude and thankfulness. And it’s an even better time to express that, especially to your clients. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your thanks and appreciation just because you can’t think of the perfect gift! Go for authenticity, intention, and something straight from the heart–you can’t go wrong! 

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