How to Expedite Your Salon Sanitization Process
Without Cutting Corners

Let’s face it–salon sanitizing is the least glamorous part of your cleaning routine. Listen, we understand that learning, in general, probably isn’t the most glamorous job ever, but when it comes to hierarchy, sanitizing especially is on the lowest rung of fun.

The problem with that reality? Sanitizing is easily the most necessary part of cleaning your salon. AKA, you cannot have a clean, safe, up-to-code salon without the sanitizing process. That means you’re basically out of luck when it comes to expediting the process.

Or are you?

Here’s the deal. Salon sanitizing isn’t one of those things you can cut corners on (as we said, it’s the most important part of the cleaning process).

But that doesn’t mean you can’t set yourself up for a speedier, more successful sanitization process to help expedite the whole endeavor. It might sound silly, but sanitizing does take up a ton of time–if you’re ready to learn how you can speed the whole process up, keep reading!

Salon Sanitizing Tips to Speed Up the Process

Ready to expedite the sanitizing steps in your cleaning routine? These massively helpful tips can take you from a slow sanitizing process to a speedy one!

Create a Regular Schedule

This might not be the sexiest tip out there, but it’s a game changer. If you can create a regular schedule that offers consistency, you won’t have to deal with a massive pile-up of things that need sanitizing.

If you come up with a regular schedule, you’ll be far more organized and, therefore, far more prepared when it comes time to start your sanitizing.

And Then Stick to It

We’re going to start this off with a pretty hot take. Your regular schedule is totally worthless if you’re not going to stick to it.

Sure, it takes a ton of effort to create a schedule–there’s no denying that. But the really helpful part of the schedule is the consistency with which you stick to it.

Come up with easy ways for you to actually stick to the schedule–a rewards program, verbal praise for staff, or a special treat for yourself! Whatever it takes to make the schedule happen, do it!

If You Can, Share the Role

Don’t try to do it all yourself. Divvy up the sanitizing responsibilities to your staff, so everyone is committing their fair share.

Work by yourself? You’re still not destined to handle it all on your own. Sure, there’s day-to-day stuff (like tools and equipment) you’ll have to sanitize on the fly, but those bigger, weekly tasks can be hired out to a cleaning crew.

If it’s in the budget, don’t be afraid to invest in some additional help. Whatever makes your sanitizing process more seamless is worth it.

Don’t Let Tasks Pile Up / Try 5-Minute Cleanups

If you can avoid the dreaded pile-up, you can cut your sanitization time down substantially.

Sure, it’s not always possible to clean as you go, but if you can schedule a few 5-minute sanitization breaks throughout your workday, you’ll find that the bulk of the sanitizing will end up being tackled throughout the day in smaller chunks.

We’re not saying it minimizes the work, but it definitely creates an easy, more manageable task.

Create an Organized Sanitization Storage Area

Spending the bulk of the time trying to track down all your sanitization supplies can eat up your day.

Cut down on time by having everything you need to sanitize set up in an organized space. Try to put all your sanitization needs in one spot, organize that system, and keep that storage space as aligned as possible so that when you need to sanitize, you know exactly where to find every product.

Set Up a Checklist

Not sure what you’ve sanitized or when you sanitized last? Set up a checklist you can mark off and date so that you’re always up to speed on what’s been sanitized, what needs sanitizing, and how long it’s been since something’s last cleaned.

This takes the guesswork out of everything and creates an organized, clean, and safe sanitizing system.

Stay Stocked Up on Your Necessary Products

If you don’t have everything you need to be stocked up, you’re going to reach for empty containers more likely than not.

Try to do a quick audit of your supplies before they run out so you can keep everything on track. The last thing you want is to head in to tackle your sanitization schedule and realize you’re totally out of product–that adds a ton of time to your process.

Do you have sanitizing tips of your own? Let’s hear ‘em! Drop a comment in the reply section below and let us know what works for you, what doesn’t, and what your fellow beauty pros should add to their process.

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