How to Convert New Leads to Regular Clients: 

The 101 Guide You Never Knew You Needed 

We’re all on the hunt for new clients. 

Even though many of us are fortunate enough to have a solid crew of regulars we can rely on, the smart business move is to always convert leads and potential customers when we can (in the most affordable, sensible, and ethical way possible, of course). That’s just good business sense, right?

But if you’re not quite sure how to go about that tricky, tedious, and sometimes precarious process of converting call-ins, social media messages, leads, and prospective clients to full-on regulars, know that you’re not alone.

Being a badass cosmetologist doesn’t always mean that you’re inherently the best lead-converter—but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. Converting prospective clients into actual clients doesn’t have to be super tricky—in fact, it can actually be sort of fun.

We’re laying out a few tips and tricks to help take the stress out of your conversion tasks and help you (easily) become a conversion queen (or king). 

Ready to learn how to convert new leads? Check out a few of our fave tricks below to make the conversion game easy-peasy. 

Mirroring Body Language & Verbal Mirroring 

If you’ve never heard the term mirroring before, we’ll give you a quick lesson. Typically, mirroring is subtly copying another person’s verbal and body language cues. For example, when they smile, you flash a smile. When they laugh, you send a laugh their way. 

Mirroring is a very normal part of human behavior and is a huge boost when it comes to converting leads to clients. Why? Because ultimately, it’s all about making your potential clients feel comfortable. Further, it’s hugely intentional and revolves around listening. 

Mirroring and verbal mirroring typically work best when you’re copying body language and verbal cues (like keywords) because through these actions, you’re essentially saying, “Look, I’m hearing you, I’m like you, and I feel the same way.” Ultimately, that makes a person feel far more comfortable and strengthens the probability that they’ll book again with you.

While this all might sound like you’re being a little fake with your prospects, mirroring and verbal mirroring don’t have to be phony. Remember, it’s all about listening, about making them feel comfortable, and ensuring they know you’re paying attention. It’s all about building rapport. 

Lock Down Your Phone Skills

Yes, as cosmetologists we’re offering our art, our skills, and our dedication to our clients—but we’re also offering a service and dealing directly with people. And that means customer service needs to be on-point at all times. This absolutely, 100%, without a doubt means that your phone skills need to be top-notch if you want to convert leads to clients.

Remember that point we made about verbal mirroring? That applies here, too. But it’s also much more than that.

Often, potential customers will call in to get a feel for the salon they might choose, to chat with an expert, and to see how they’re treated. If a potential client doesn’t dig the vibe, you can basically say adios to your lead. 

This also means keeping up with your social media. Potential leads willl DM you on faccebook, instagram and other platforms that they use. And if they DM'd you, that means they had a chance to find your profile, lurk your profile, and immediately sparked interest. Don't let this opportunity pass, check your messages daily!

Be helpful, be informed, and be personable—this shouldn’t be too difficult, we can bet you’re already all of those things and more.

Just try to remember this mantra every time you answer the phone, or repond to a message.

Think about it this way—each phone is loaded with the potential to turn a prospect into a new client, so treat it that way!

Follow-Ups are Key 

Even if you can’t seal the deal with a potential client the first time you chat with them, that doesn’t mean you’ve wasted your efforts. Making the connection is key, sure, but so is following up! This doesn’t need to be an elaborate campaign—just make sure you’re sending an email, phone call, or text (however your prospect might prefer to be contacted) to remind them that you’re there if they have any additional questions.

Typically, this subtle nudge is an effective way of switching gears and getting your potential customer back into conversion mode without too much time passing. 

Offer Incentives 

There’s nothing wrong with offering fun, beneficial incentives to your leads to get them to take the plunge and book with you. C’mon, who out there doesn’t like free stuff, great discounts, and fabulous promos? (Go ahead, try to think of someone, we’ll wait).

This incentive doesn’t need to be incredibly expensive, but it does need to offer your potential clients value. Brainstorm and think about what you can offer potential leads if they book with you. 

Do you have any conversion tips or tricks that have worked fabulously for you and your salon, spa, or shop? Share them with us! We’re sure your fellow cosmetologists and beauty pros would be thrilled to hear what works for you—and they’ll likely be thrilled to share theirs with you, too! 

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