A beauty pro's at-home beauty business is designed with green chairs in her home space.

How to Build an At-Home Beauty Business
Top Tips for Starting a WFH Cosmetology Business 

The world of beauty is attractive to the driven, the creative, and the passionate. In other words, it has wide-reaching appeal that draws a variety of people to it and inspires them to pursue their dreams of owning their own salon.

While traditional routes, such as renting a salon suite or opening a brick-and-mortar store, have their benefits, many ambitious beauty pros are opting for an alternative path—building their business in the comfort of their own homes.

The advantages of this at-home option range from lower start-up costs to the ability to have complete control over the beauty business you’re building. For the entrepreneurial-minded, DIYers, and upstarts, this is a fantastic way to kickstart your business.

The question is, how do you build an at-home beauty biz? It’s a deceptively simple question but have no fear—with a little knowledge and hard work, you can create a profitable at-home salon.

Top Tips for Starting an At-Home Salon

Whether you’re considering your own at-home beauty biz because the idea appeals to your heart or your head (hopefully both), you can get your new business on the path to success in no time. The prospect of being an at-home beauty pro can be overwhelming at first, especially if it’s a new experience, but it will all fall into place with the help of the following tips.

Develop a Clear Business Plan

It may sound like an official document drafted at a heavy oak table by very serious businesspeople, but a business plan doesn’t have to be as serious and stodgy as that. Instead, it just has to lay out a clear plan for your beauty biz, including your aspirations, goals, and ideas of how to reach them.

Will you offer a spectrum of services or niche down to a select few? Do you want to procure a large customer base, or will a few loyal clients do? Who is your ideal audience, what will you charge for your services, and how will you market your new business?

Start by answering these basic questions, then build on what you find. Remember, you can keep things simple and build on your business plan as your at-home salon evolves and grows.

Get Insured (Psst. Don't Wait!)

A stylist washes her client's hair in the sink as she works at her at-home beauty business.

It’s important to treat your home business like you would a more traditional storefront. That includes securing suitable insurance to protect yourself, your family, and your livelihood in the event of an accident.

If a customer is injured at your place of business (in this case, your home), you need proper insurance coverage. The best liability insurance plans will include a minimum of both general liability and professional liability insurance for beauty pros.

This is a serious consideration when starting your home-based beauty biz, so take the time to research, talk to experts, and choose the right insurance coverage for you and your business. In the event of the unforeseen, you’ll be grateful you invested in good insurance!

Follow the Rules

While the majority of states and local governments allow for home businesses to operate and thrive, you should check with your governing bodies to ensure that your at-home salon is working within the rules and regulations.

You may be required to get additional permits in order to legally run your home beauty biz. To ensure you’re doing everything by the book, consider reaching out to a local attorney for a consultation about starting a business in your home.

If you are renting your home or have a mortgage, it would be wise to check with your landlord or loan institution, too, just to cover your bases.

Set Up Your Home Studio

Whether you’re doing nails, makeup, hair, or a myriad of things, equipping your at-home beauty biz to excel at the task at hand is key. This is your chance to let your creativity run wild as you design your salon space, prepare your home for clients, and invest in the necessary tools to offer a premium experience to your patrons.

Keep your ideal client in mind as you develop your space. Not only is this an opportunity to design your dream beauty biz, but it is also an integral part of creating your brand. Keeping things functional (walking room, necessary equipment, tool storage, and parking spaces) while leaning into the aesthetic elements can be challenging, but it should be a fun process to undertake.

Invest in the Right Tools

Marketing your home beauty biz, scheduling appointments, and managing your finances are all exciting but daunting aspects of running a successful at-home salon. Investing in the right tools—and people, if possible—can make juggling all of these responsibilities much easier.

From scheduling software to bookkeeping tools, there are many digital products readily available to help you along the way and streamline your entrepreneurial journey.

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