A client and her stylist spend time chatting, talking within their beauty community.

How to Build a Beauty Community with
Your Clientele

As a professional in the service industry, it’s tempting to think that the only role you play in your customers’ lives is to provide a top-notch service that keeps them coming back for more. 

In reality, as a cosmetologist, your job is much, much more than that.

You have the unique opportunity to be more than just a beauty pro to your clients–you get to be a listener, a friend, a role model, and a confidant. Ultimately, you get to be a pivotal person in your customers’ lives and communities. 

That privilege? It’s honestly truly astounding–and it doesn’t happen overnight. 

It can take years of investment, time, and energy to build that level of trust, comfort, and community with your customers–but there are ways to expedite that process and retain your customer base all at once.  

So, if you’re a new cosmetologist–or a beauty pro who’s new to an area–and you’re anxious and ready to become a pillar in your clients’ community, this blog is for you. 

Top Tips for Building a Community with Your Clientele 

Get to Know Your Customers–As More Than Customers 

This one is starting off our list because it sounds so simple. Yes, we know that naturally, you’ll likely get to know every one of your regulars because that’s part of the job–but what if you knew more than the basics? What if you were invested in your customers? What if you brought cards on their birthdays and paid attention when they talked about their problems? 

Yes, these people are your clients. And, no, it’s not likely you’ll want to be BFFs with every last one of them. But when you start thinking of your clientele as your community, your perspective changes. You’ll pay better attention when they talk. You’ll write down their most important dates. You’ll ask them how that work conflict was resolved. You’ll suggest someone you know to watch their pets when they’re gone on vacation. You’ll share your favorite local food recommendations with them.

And soon enough, they’ll do the same thing for you. 

All of these things are part of what makes a community go ‘round–and it starts with getting to know people because you care (and you want to). 

Ask For–And Apply–Customer Input 

Making sure your clients feel like what they say is heard and implemented is a big part of that back-and-forth community thing. No, you don’t have to apply every suggestion a customer shares with you; but if something good and meaningful can be implemented based on customer feedback, why wouldn’t you institute it? 

It’s important to realize there are two parts to this equation, and each part is supremely important. 

First, you’re being proactive and asking your customers what you could do differently to make their experience at your shop or salon better. You’re the one reaching out–it’s proactive instead of reactive. That level of commitment and consideration is always appreciated within a community. Second, you’re not just paying your customers lip service–you’re applying the changes they think would serve your space best. 

Listening and taking action to help them feel more comfortable and have a better experience in your space will make them feel like you care, you’re attentive, and you want them to feel like part of the team. Don’t wait for difficult customers to share complaints–be ahead of the game! 

Create a Rewards or Loyalty Program That ACTUALLY Rewards Them for Loyalty

It’s easy to throw together a generic loyalty program that somewhat rewards your customers for choosing you. And sometimes, it works. But trust us when we say it’s not nearly as impactful as creating a tailored system that genuinely thanks your customers and gives them the reward they’re after for choosing you time and time again.  

Really want to know what your customers want? Ask them. 

Involve them in your loyalty program creation. Do they prefer free products or a reduced price on a service? Do they want 1:1 consults or half-off their next haircut? Do they get anything if they refer you to their friends and widen your community? Involve them in the process so you know you’re giving them what you really want.   

Be Grateful & Thoughtful–AKA, Take Notes

Going the extra mile always pays off. Being grateful and thoughtful to your customers doesn’t need to be a big, elaborate thing–it just needs to show them you care, you’re appreciative, and they’re on your mind. 

Being thoughtful is as simple as sending them a condolence card when they lose a pet, asking them a question about their personal lives, or putting together a basket of their favorite goodies when something goes wrong (or right) in their lives. There’s an art behind kindness–and it doesn’t take that much effort to practice. 

We fully acknowledge you don’t always have the time or capacity to keep track of all the details of every client, but you can boost your memory by adding important notes to your customers’ files and giving them a quick scan before they pop into the shop for a service. 

Be Open, Transparent, & Focus on Communication

The best way to build a community? Be an open book where it counts. If your customers have questions, answer them. If they’re seeking transparency, offer it. If they need help understanding your pricing or, your process, share it with them. 

There’s no need to keep things behind a closed door–it’s much harder to foster a blossoming community in the dark. Let your clientele into the light, share what matters, and be confident in your communication.  

How did you build your tight-knit clientele community? Got any tips for the team here? If you’re ready to share, we’re ready to listen.

Drop your all-time fave ways to bond with your customers in the reply section below. In the meantime, make sure you’re stocked up on the best insurance out there. If you’re not, peep what we’ve got to offer (cosmetology liability insurance, that’s what). 

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