How to Boost Customer Retention in Your Salon 

The Guide to Keeping Clients on Your List of Regulars 

Getting clients to walk into your salon, sit in your chair, and take a chance on you is the first half of the battle—keeping them coming back for more is the other.

Yep, we’re talkin’ client retention, the struggle felt ‘round the world by cosmetologists of all specializations.

Keeping your clients coming back—and effectively becoming part of your regular rotation—is a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

With a few simple changes and a good, hard look at your customer journey process, you can turn your one-and-done clients into seasoned regulars that will never want to leave.

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Keep reading to learn more about customer retention, why it matters, and how to keep your clients coming back time and time again.

Why Does Customer Retention Matter, Anyway?

Before we dive into the secret sauce that’ll keep your customers stickin’ around, let’s really quickly review why customer retention is important in the first place.

There are actually a lot of important reasons customer retention matters—more than we could even list, to be honest.

But fundamentally, customer retention:

  • Helps you build better client relationships overall
  • Cuts costs on attracting new clients to your salon
  • Increases your customers’ lifetime value
  • Boosts your revenue
  • Speaks volumes about your brand, your mission, and your customer service
  • Increases the profitability of your small business

Of course, customer retention matters for a lot more reasons than just those—but let’s be real, those reasons themselves are solid enough to convince you that customer retention strategies should be part of your primary salon focus.

How to Improve Customer Retention in 5 Easy Ways 

Entice Your Clients with Pre-Booking After Every Appointment

It’s easy to avoid the pre-booking question with clients—especially new clients—when they’re settling up.

Honestly, we get it—you don’t want to seem pushy, people have busy schedules, and the last thing you want to do to your clients is force them into an appointment they don’t want.

But most of the time, your clients will appreciate you offering pre-booking as an option and getting them set up for their next appointment.

Why? Because they know it’s hard to get on your books on their own—setting up this option for them is likely incredibly appealing.

Why is this good for you?

Because you know they’re coming back. Getting them on the books for their next visit as soon as they finish their current visit is basically a guarantee that you’ll have them back in your chair for their next service.

Retention doesn’t get much more streamlined than that.

Loyalty Programs For the Win

We won’t dive into a whole dissertation on why loyalty programs matter  (we actually have a blog for that, BTW), but we will say this: loyalty programs are the ultimate way to get your on-and-off clients to transform into your always-on clients.

People love to be recognized for their loyalty and they love to be rewarded for their commitment to a company—honor that by offering them a well-designed loyalty program that gifts them deals, discounts, and promos for their customer loyalty.

Create an Excellent (& Seamless) Salon Experience

This tip isn’t really a one-and-done kinda thing, but it’s definitely one of the most important pieces of advice we can offer.

Take a good, hard look at the customer journey a typical client of yours embarks on.

From start to finish, what does their experience with your salon look like?

What could be better? What could be more streamlined?

Think about what their experience looks like from a complete perspective—from online booking to sitting them down in the chair to what happens after they walk out the door.

What about that journey could be improved so that clients would be more likely to want to book with you again and again?

Get Feedback—Then Put it Into Action

Reviews are everything for a salon, but so is private feedback.

First and foremost, look at the reviews people leave you and learn from them—what are you doing right and, importantly, what could you be doing better?

Submit customer review requests to your current clients (enticed by a discount code or some other goody that rewards them for their feedback).

Read that feedback and put it into practice.

Your clients will tell you what they think, and when they do, it’s important to listen to them.

Put Promos Into Action

Offering regular promos—especially to newbies—is a phenomenal way to keep your list of regulars strong.

Clients love to know that their stylists are thinking of them and how they can offer fun discounts, deals, and offers.

If you rarely do this, it might be time to switch things up, give this a try, and get on your promo marketing game.

We hope you put a few of these strategies into practice in your own salon to help you hold onto those valuable customer relationships even better than before.

Making customer retention—and not just customer acquisition— a primary focus can work wonders for your salon in more ways than one!

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