Your Guide to Becoming a Cosmetology Career Coach

We’re about to drop a statement that we think might apply to you:

You’re loving your cosmetology career with a passion—but you want to do more with it, and you want to connect with people in bigger, more ambitious ways. 

Can you relate? 

If you’re an ambitious, career-oriented person who’s got a knack for helping other people build their careers, then we’d highly encourage you to take the journey toward branching your cosmetology career in a different direction than the typical trajectory.

In other words—have you ever considered becoming a cosmetology career coach?

Here’s the skinny about this career direction. If you love helping people connect the dots on growing their own meaningful and successful careers, if you’re a total cosmetology pro who wants to share their knowledge, and if you’ve got a heart for other ambitious people, this type of career could be the perfect pick for you.

But where the heck do you even start? 

If you’re loving the idea of this career move but you don’t quite know how to get here, then this blog is for you.

This article is designed to help you take the first crucial steps toward building the cosmetology coach career you’ve been dreaming of!

Start Small & Figure Out Your Goals

There’s no shame in feeling overwhelmed—but if you’re feeling that way, it can sometimes stem from not quite knowing your direction. There’s an easy (RE: not simple, but easy) fix for that feeling—taking the time to wholly outline your goals, your dreams, and your actionable steps. 

Even though it might seem like famous career coaches popped up on the scene randomly one day (and with very little effort), that’s rarely the case—often, these people were doing all the legwork in the background, planning meticulously for the career they wanted. 

So, how did they do it? They started at the drawing board with some very small steps—just like you’re about to do. 

We suggest you take a day, a week, a month—however long it takes—to map out your principles, your mission, your goals, and your dreams. Ask yourself, “what do I want to accomplish with this career? Why kind of difference do you want to make?”

The most important part of this step? Take it slow and start small. Don’t give in to the urge to try to solve it all at once. Outline your core mission, then take it from there. 

Side Hustle All Day

It’s so tempting to do what a lot of people preach about—quitting the 9-5 and throwing yourself into this new endeavor. And you know what? That does work for some people—but everyone’s situation is different. 

If chucking out your current career and trying out a new one just doesn’t fit with your current lifestyle (and if it’s not something you’re even interested in), know this—the side hustle game is the way to go. 

You already know you’re an ambitious, driven person, and while adding on a side hustle will def mean more work, you’ve got the gumption to make it happen.

All in all, don’t let anyone shame you into thinking that making your goal a side hustle isn’t the right thing—there ain’t no shame in that game. 

Focus on Education

You’re a badass cosmetologist, right? So you know the drill on education—it never ends.

That totally applies to this new career move. Start educating yourself on all the other areas that will make you the best of the best career coach, i.e., marketing and business. Be on a constant pursuit for more knowledge—that’s how cosmetologists like you become infinitely successful coaches. 

Write a Guide or an eBook

Share the amazing knowledge you already have—write up a guide or an eBook that dives into important topics that you think all cosmetologists need to know to build their careers.

Give people applicable solid information—but be careful not to spill all of your secrets and advice.

The key here is to offer beneficial details that will show people how credible you actually are—then show them how you can help them take it further. 

Create a Value-Packed Online Resource

Work on creating a resource that provides real, accessible, and available value that people can start implementing in their careers ASAP—before they even sign on to working with you.

This type of credible approach can go a long way in proving your merit, your skills, and your abilities. 

Be the Network Queen or King

Success rarely happens in a vacuum—typically, it has a lot to do with working closely with other people.

And as a career coach, you basically have to work with other people, it sort of goes hand-in-hand, right? You know, it’s hard to be a successful career coach if you don’t have people to coach.

In most fields, and yours specifically, networking should be a never-ending mission!

Love our business boosting advice? We sure as heck hope so. 

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