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How to be an Entrepreneur in the Beauty Industry

Your Guide to Becoming a Kickass Cosmetology Entrepreneur

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—one of the greatest things about our industry is that there are truly no rules and no boundaries when it comes to establishing serious success.

Though some people might look at cosmetology and just see a chair in a salon owned by someone else, we all know the truth—the opportunities to be a successful, savvy, and creative entrepreneur within the beauty industry are absolutely there, you’ve just got to find the right fit for you.

At Elite Beauty Society, we adore all the traditional benefits of being in the cosmetology industry, but what we love about it most of all is that it’s never (ever!) static. Everything is always changing, new innovations are always needed, and there’s endless opportunity to kickstart your own version of being a cosmetology entrepreneur.

The ideas are there. The opportunities are there. The passion is there. The tricky part? Getting started.

That’s where this blog comes into play. We won’t pretend we’ve got all the opps figured out for you (because like, that’s impossible—the world needs your creativity and innovation!), but we’ve got a few ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing and start dreaming about your own entrepreneurship opportunities.

A Few Entrepreneurship Ideas to Kickstart Your Own

Salon Suite Tycoon

You’ve heard of renting your own salon suite, right? (If you haven’t check out this article right here for a little 101-background). Being your own kickass boss and renting a salon suite to run your very own business is one great example of entrepreneurship.

Want to take it a step further? Think about starting your own salon suite rental business. Seriously! Whether you want to run a small, perfect-for-you biz out of your own salon or you want to take it to tycoon status, salon suites are a huge opportunity for any ambitious cosmetologist out there.

Perfect a Product Line

You know what works about products and what doesn’t—why not create something of your very own? Crafting, designing, and selling your own products (from hair care to skincare to makeup and more) is a smokin’ hot opportunity.

Not only do you get to flex your creative muscles and make a difference in someone’s life (because let’s be honest, the right products do make a difference), but you also get to run a badass brand that focuses on the values and goals that you stand behind. That’s something super special right there. 

Educating Entrepreneur

Education is everything—especially in our industry. Combine your love for teaching and cosmetology with innovation by creating an educational guide, program, or course that helps other cosmetologists kickstart their own careers! 

Whether you want to take a business-first, career-building approach to this or stick to the fundamental of teaching cosmetology-related skills, there’s so much opportunity for educational entrepreneurship.

Digital Influencer

In our digital world, the sky is the freakin’ limit! Did you know you can make bank, work with amazing companies, and educate other cosmetologists (and non-cosmetologists, too) just by becoming a digital influencer?

Believe it or not, running a digital influencer brand is seriously hard work—you’ve got a brand to build, a rep to create, and a following to tend to in a responsible, honest way. Who’s to say this type of work isn’t entrepreneurship? We sure as heck think it is.

Styling Tool Creator & Technique Guru

We quite literally can’t think of anyone better to revolutionize and revitalize the tools and techniques cosmetologists use than actual, honest-to-god cosmetologists themselves.

Whether you consider yourself an “inventor” or not, there’s plenty of room for you in this part of the entrepreneurship biz—all you need is great ideas, a little determination, and a dash of creativity.

Create new styling tools that revolutionize haircare, rock the cosmetology world with an unheard of technique—whatever you decide.

New Tech Development

Nobody knows what the beauty industry needs better than those who are fully immersed in it—as a cosmetology pro, you know what’s missing, what could help make the industry better, and what could revolutionize cosmetology as we all know it. 

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a tech-savvy, ambitious cosmetology entrepreneur who’s got a passion for the beauty industry, doesn’t it? Create a new app, take a cosmetology-first web design business to the market, and just let your tech love merge seamlessly with your cosmetology passion.

Love advice like this? We love to hear that.

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