Tips for Attracting Your Ideal Clientele:

The Best Way to Draw in Your Target Market 

Let’s face it—when we get into cosmetology, we all have a specific, certain kind of client in mind that we consider our dream client. 

Don’t get us wrong, when we talk about an ideal client, it doesn’t necessarily mean that person has to look or act a certain way, rather, in our minds, they desire the exact type of services we want to offer and, often, they have the dreamiest reactions to the work we do, too (c’mon, who would dream up an ideal client who doesn’t love their services?)

Many people think this type of client is just a pipe dream—that sometimes, your dream client will walk through the door and ask for exactly the service you want to offer and that other times, you’ll work day-to-day with great clients who aren’t necessarily requesting dream services. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if we told you that through your own hard work, determination, and a little self-reflection, you can work toward serving your dream target market—that’s right, an entire market of your dream clients. 

It can be done, you guys, and we’re here to tell you how to start doing it. 

Are you in? We thought you might be—keep reading to learn how to start drawing in your dream clients right now! 

First Things First, Know Who They Are

If you’re not entirely sure what your dream client looks like—remember, not so much in a physical sense, but in an overall sense of what they want from you—that’s OK. Sometimes, you don’t know exactly what you want, but you know that what you have isn’t fitting right. 

That being said, you can’t start attracting your target market until you actually understand who they are.

Makes sense, right? If you’ don’t know who you’re trying to reach, you’re not going to be able to know how to reach them—it’s like throwing a bunch of marketing strategies, hopes, and dreams at a wall and hoping something sticks. It doesn’t always work out that way.

Instead, start thinking about who your target market is. Is it a certain age group? Is it a group of people looking for a specific service? Is it a person who walks into your salon and wants all the options?

Figure out who you want to attract before you start trying to attract just anyone. 

How do you do this? Draw up a customer profile that’s literally your dream client. Then, do a ton of research on this demographic to understand who they are, where they live, and what they want. 

Build Your Brand Around It 

Once you have an idea of who your customer is and what they want, your next step is building your brand, your identity, and your services around that. It makes sense, right? If you want to attract a certain type of client, you need to be the type of salon, shop, or spa that they’d want to visit. 

That market research you’ve done should help you a ton when it comes to building your brand around your dream client’s desires. Remember, branding is more than just your salon’s aesthetic and your logo (though it definitely includes those aspects, too). 

Your brand is all about what you stand for, what your company stands for, what your business values are, and what you want to accomplish.

Your brand is all-encompassing and should speak to what matters to you as well as what matters to your clients. 

Be Where Your Target Audience Is & Know What’s In 

You know who your dream client is, you know what service they’re looking for, now, you need to know where they are. We’ll keep this one short and sweet because it doesn’t always apply, but if you’re looking for a specific type of client, you need to exist where they exist.

Unfortunately, if your target market is 2 hours away from your location, you might not get the dream client you’re looking for.

Think about it this way. If you’re hoping to attract an overall client base that’s city-based, looking for modern services, and ranges between the ages of 18-24, a very rural, out of the way location that requires a lot of driving might not be the right spot. 

This circumstance is different for everyone. You might be in the perfect spot. But if you’re not, think about the benefits of moving to where your target market is.

Build Credibility & Trust 

Working with a new target market doesn’t just happen—it takes a lot of work, especially for beauty professionals.

People don’t just inherently trust any beauty pro, they do a ton of research, read reviews, and search high and low for the right cosmetologist to work with, and most importantly, they seek someone who they can trust to do the job right.

That trust and credibility doesn’t appear out of thin air. Offer previews and samples of what you can do, build up your social media with tutorial videos and how-tos, create a platform for before and after photos of as many clients as you can so potential clients can see how talented you are. 

Focus On Your Customer’s Experience 

At the end of the day—no matter who your dream client is—customer satisfaction is everything. If you’re not wholly focused on your customer’s experience and their satisfaction, you can’t build a business that’s attracting your ideal clientele.

Not entirely sure how to do that? First, try to think about the customer’s experience from the moment they walk through the door (or call your salon) to the moment they leave (and even when you follow up).

Walk-through every step of that process and figure out what you can do to make their experience exceptional at every turn. 

Consider a Referral Program

A loyalty program isn’t right for everyone, but it can be a really helpful, expedited way to start bringing in the type of clients you’re looking for.

Essentially, a loyalty program is an incentive that businesses use to make customers feel valued, appreciated, and like they’re getting something more out of your services. 

Not sure how to start one? Trying to decide if this program is right for you? Check out our article here to get the scoop! 

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