The Beauty Pros Guide to Winning New Clients in 2020

How to Nab (& Keep) New Clients—Even During a Pandemic

If the very idea of putting energy, effort, and money into a brand-new campaign to attract new clients right now feels highly overwhelming, don’t worry—you’re not alone in this feeling.

This year has been pretty ridiculously irregular, you guys. With a global pandemic, national unrest, and an all-around onslaught of natural disasters, we’re all feeling exhausted and a little defeated.

So, figuring out how to attract new clients right now might seem like yet another task that feels impossible and stressful. Listen, we really get it.

But let’s be real, you guys—you need this, and your prospective clients need you, too. You need to add some cash to your revenue stream (because you’re a business, after all) and prospective clients out there need some light in their lives (not to mention some cosmetology TLC).

So, how exactly do you go about attracting new clients in such an unusual time, and more than that, where do you even start?

We gathered up our team of experts and put our heads together to bring you the best beauty professional-specific advice for this situation and we’ve laid it out below.

Remember, we’re not saying this advice is the end-all-be-all—if something else works better for you, go for it.

But, we’re always here to get your creative juices flowing with some examples and suggestions—give our advice a read right now to start attracting your new clients!

Step 1: Know Who You’re Looking For

First things first, you need to know who you’re trying to attract before you strategize and make a plan.

Why? Because if you don’t figure out who you’re targeting, you’re basically just throwing resources at the problem hoping it sticks. 

And honestly? That might work for a little bit, but ultimately, that’s not a smart (or financially responsible) way to go about winning new business. This starts with gathering insights about your customers. Get your team together and compare notes about customers to figure out what you’re looking for.

As a quick note here, it’s important to remember that your target market can be fluid. Your ideal audience might not be exactly what it was before the pandemic—be open to this and be willing to work with it.

Make it EASY For Clients to Come To You

The more difficult it is for a client to come to you, the harder it will be to attract new clients in general. This means that every step of your customer experience needs to be simplified, easy-to-understand, and rapid. Clients shouldn’t hit a single road bump in the process of checkin’ you out, booking with you, or visiting you.

This means your website needs to be on point (online booking is a must in this day-in-age), your COVID-19 rules and restrictions need to be clear and easy to find, your customer service needs to be next-level, and everything leading up to an appointment (in addition to the actual appointment) needs to be seamless and easy as possible.

The path of least resistance is important when it comes to attracting new clients in general, but this is hugely important when the world is undergoing a global pandemic.

Communication is Everything

If you’re looking to attract new clients, it’s on you to bring them in. AKA, you need to step up your communication and marketing game. We’re not saying you need to spend tons of money on this—it can be as simple as running a free-to-almost-free social media campaign on your social media channels (PS, there are plenty of ways to get creative with social media and you could do some serious work for free).

Step up your email marketing game. Update your website. Go old-school and leave flyers in popular spots around town (you know, safely, and only if that’s your jam).

Encourage clients to come to you—show them it’s safe, send out your safety playbook (AKA, your well-thought-out plan for keeping them safe during the pandemic conditions), and be as communicative as possible.

Don’t Overlook the Clients You Want to Win Back

We’re not saying that you should invest all your time or money into winning back old clients who left you—that wouldn’t be wise.

But, we are saying that if you have a smattering of clients on the cusp who might have reeled back because of the pandemic, it might be time to reach back out to them and get them back in your salon (safely).

Why are we suggesting reaching back out to past clients? Because it’s a prime method for retaining clients.

Listen, we’re not saying you need to only ever worry about maintaining clients—every business needs to win new customers—but we are saying that it can be way more expensive (read: like five times more expensive) to acquire new clients than it is to reach out to the ones you already have (but might need a little extra push to bring them back).

Take a step back (but don’t move backward) and consider developing a campaign to reach back out to those old clients who may have disappeared into the background a bit but might still be looking for your talent and skills in their life!

It might seem like the worst time in the world to try to gain new clients—you might be just getting back into the swing of things thanks to COVID-19, you might be struggling financially, and you might be feeling pretty defeated. All of those things are valid, of course.

But think about it this way—if you’re ready for it, there are people out there who need you, your talent, and your influence. There are new clients out there who don’t even know how much they need you—now is a great time to find them, help them, and bring some light to their lives in your own, special way.

Plus, new customers and a stronger revenue stream is never a bad thing (especially after all the turmoil from the pandemic).

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