How Much Does Esthetician Insurance Cost?

Estheticians hands-down know the business of beauty. With skillful hands and the latest techniques, estheticians help clients look and feel radiant. When it comes to esthetician insurance, most professionals are usually concerned with one major factor - cost.

Here, we’ll show you the best things to look for in an esthetician insurance policy to get the best combination of both coverage and affordability.

The Real Costs of Esthetician Insurance

When you’re browsing different esthetician insurance programs out there, it’s easy to gloss over all of the “insurance-ese” you see and focus all of your attention on the big, bold numbers in the ad’s price list. As an esthetician, we totally understand that you are carefully counting every dollar spent and trying to conserve wherever you can in order to maximize your profitability. 

However, we’ll look at how many of the offerings out there for esthetician insurance on the surface seem very attractive, but when you dig deeper, you find the policy either too restrictive to be of much use, lacking in key coverage areas, or far more expensive when you add in a bunch of hidden fees.

Too Restrictive

When you purchase esthetician insurance you expect it to cover you in the event you ever have that warrants a claim.

Insurance is meant to protect you financially from an event that would otherwise come entirely out of your own pocket. When a single slip and fall accident can result in a lawsuit running into the millions of dollars, it’s important to understand what your insurance does and doesn’t cover.

For many programs, their coverage exists for a very limited number of skin care services that estheticians typically provide. If you, like many pros, want to offer an array of different services so you can match your skills to the client’s needs, you may find yourself offering a service that simply isn’t covered under certain esthetician insurance policies.

With Elite Beauty Society, our members are covered for more than 350 different beauty and wellness services so that they can focus on providing a great experience rather than worry if a given service is covered or not.

Further, other provisions to be on the lookout for include portability and occurrence form coverage.

Portability in insurance means you can change employers or even move across the country and your insurance literally follows you. If this provision isn’t in your policy, you may face extra fees to have it moved or even may face cancellation altogether.

Occurrence form coverage says that even if your policy has expired, you can still go back and file a claim for an event that happened when the policy was active.

Seems simple, right? But consider the opposite form - claims made policies. These state that the policy has to be active in order for a claim to be considered.

For example, if you provide services on December 31st and this happens to be the last day of your policy term, then a few days later on January 3rd your client decides to file suit for an alleged injury or damages, with a claims made policy, you would not likely have any insurance coverage.

Therefore, always, always make sure your policy uses occurrence form coverage.

Lacking Key Coverage Areas for Estheticians

Another important aspect when shopping for the best esthetician insurance to consider is actually running down the list of coverage areas.

Almost all programs will have coverage for general liability, professional liability, and product liability.

A policy that is deficient in the level of coverage it affords can lead to some serious heartache when an unfortunate event leads to a claim that’s not covered under the policy.

Beware of Hidden Fees

The main difficulty with only looking at advertised prices to compare esthetician insurance programs is that so many tack on loads of additional fees to their base rates. Always dig deeper to understand the full rundown from a given insurance company. 

Common fees that can really add up include annual membership fees or additional fees for operating in certain states or for providing certain beauty treatments.

We decided to go the easy route by offering great insurance at one, low rate so that our members know exactly what they’ll pay right up front. 

What Are The Costs Of Not Having Insurance?

Esthetician insurance is absolutely vital for any professional planning on a long-term career in beauty. That may seem like overkill but in an industry where ‘up close and personal’ is necessary in order to provide a given treatment, there are simply so many opportunities where an accident can occur.

As a leader in beauty and wellness insurance, we’ve been proud to support our members through some truly harrowing times.

After an accident occurs is absolutely not the time to be hoping you had an esthetician insurance policy in place. 

Compare Estheticians Insurance Programs

The very best way to make sure you get a great deal on just about any purchase in existence is to do comparison shopping. But clicking back and forth from one insurance plan to another to compare rates and coverage areas is downright tedious.

That’s why we decided to make it easier on everybody and went ahead and published our information right alongside the leading competitors in beauty insurance today. 

Why publish our competitors’ info on our site? Because we’re really confident when you see everything we have to offer, you too will need to join our list of happily-insured beauty pros that trust Elite Beauty Society to have their backs through every step of their careers. 

Below, you’ll find a quick rundown of our esthetician insurance comparison but make sure to visit the full insurance comparison page to see all of the information we’ve compiled.

  • Cheapest Esthetician Insurance (lowest to highest): Philadelphia Insurance - $145, Elite Beauty Society - $179, Associated Hair and Skin Professionals - $199, Next Insurance - $200, Alternative Balance - $249*
  • Uses Occurrence Form - Philadelphia Insurance, Elite Beauty Society, Associated Hair and Skin Professionals, Next Insurance
  • Identity Protection Coverage Included - Elite Beauty Society
  • Coverage for 350+ Different Services - Elite Beauty Society
  • Free Professional Website and Member Benefits - Elite Beauty Society

*Please note, we do our best to keep the prices and rates updated but please check in with individual carriers to see their most up-to-date plans and pricing information.

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Cheapest Esthetician Insurance Options

In our comparison, you may have noticed that Elite Beauty Society is not the cheapest option on the list *gasp!*. As we’ve seen, however, there is almost always more to the story.

While Philadelphia Insurance does charge a full $14 less for their esthetician insurance policy, the coverage provisions are far less robust, which can leave a beauty exposed in several key areas. 

Turning the glass half full, for just $24 more you get $25,000 worth of identity theft protection, insurance coverage for more than 450 different beauty treatments, and a membership benefits plan worth hundreds of dollars all by itself.

All the sudden a little more than $1 extra per month to get all of these coverages and benefits sounds pretty good! The point we’re making is always be sure to read between the lines when it comes to insurance. 

This is your career we’re talking about so make sure you’re always getting the best bang for your buck and especially when it comes to your esthetician insurance coverage.

Esthetician Insurance Actually Made for Estheticians

At Elite Beauty Society, we have been in the business of protecting today’s beauty pros for a long time and we’ve helped our members through some truly difficult times. We love what we do and it shows in our robust insurance programs actually designed for professionals in this industry. 

As you’re looking at your different options, make sure to make one last stop at the insurance companies’ “About Us” pages. This can tell you a lot about where the company is coming from and their frame of mind for the beauty industry.

Many companies out there have nothing to do with beauty, don’t understand the daily struggles, and see their members as numbers on a claim form.

We see our members as partners. 

We provide the insurance that gives professionals the peace of mind to focus on providing great treatments to clients and not whether their insurance plan will be there when they need it most.

The entire process usually only takes a few minutes and can be completed anywhere you have an internet connection. Contact our team with any questions or to walk through the policy.