How Clubhouse Can Positively Affect the Beauty Industry

The New Social Networking App

The social media world is constantly changing.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, you’ve set up a killer Insta, and you’re engaging like no other—a new social media platform pops up and suddenly, you’ve got to learn a whole new game all over again.

Look, we get it—it’s kinda frustrating, especially when you have a business to run. But here’s the thing, usually social media platforms have some seriously high rewards if you can convince yourself to invest in them.

And Clubhouse, well, it’s no exception.

By now, you probably get that the whole “new social media platform” we’re referring to is Clubhouse, and if you’re at all like us, you probably rolled your eyes and sighed a little bit when you heard a new platform was on the scene.

But—like we said—social media has some serious payoffs, especially if the platform is solid. And Clubhouse is sort of turning out to deliver exactly that.

In this article, we’re going to do a little intro into what Clubhouse is. Then, we’ll dive into a few reasons we think you should invest some time into it.

Ultimately, we think that Clubhouse could have a seriously positive impact on the cosmetology and beauty industry—even if it means that you need to learn a whole new ballgame to be relevant and in-the-know (sorry, y’all, social media and its effect on our industry sometimes just be like that).

What Exactly is Clubhouse, Anyway?

Let’s tackle what Clubhouse is before we dive into how it’s making a positive difference in our community.

Clubhouse is a new type of social media networking platform that’s based entirely on voice. Yep, it’s all audio and that’s it.

Basically, Clubhouse is an app packed with glorified chatrooms full of people talking about specific topics. Imagine listening to a live podcast on a specific topic, then jumping into another live podcast on a totally different topic. When you’re on Clubhouse, you have the opportunity to hop around and listen to chats, but you can also host them, too.

Here’s how it works. Whoever is hosting the chat controls it—obviously, they speak, but if participants want to join in, they need the host’s permission. Other than the whole “just audio” thing, Clubhouse works a lot like other social media platforms. You can follow other users and view their profiles, you can even link to your other social media channels so Clubhouse users can find a way to message you and engage with you there.

You can also create your own list of interests on Clubhouse so that the platform’s tool will curate topics on things you want to hear from people you want to listen to.

And here’s something crucial you should know about Clubhouse—at the time of this article’s publication, Clubhouse is strictly invite-only.

That’s right—you can’t just hop on Clubhouse and join the party like you can with other apps—you legit have to be invited from an existing user, meaning that access can be tough to come by and that this platform gives off exclusive vibes.

How Clubhouse Could Impact the Beauty Industry

OK, so, by now you’re probably wondering how on earth something like Clubhouse could be beneficial for the beauty industry.

Don’t worry, we’re going to dive right into the benefits of this audio-only platform.

It’s a Great Way Host Credential Building Chats

Want to expand into being an educator? Hoping to become an influencer? Want to mentor and build relationships with other stylists? Clubhouse is a great place to build that credibility and find that market.

Yes, you could totally set up a podcast, but Clubhouse has a casual-yet-authoritative vibe to it that really helps build that “expert” credibility. Plus, that whole invite-only thing is helpful here, too.

You’re able to better connect with the people you’re reaching for because they’ll be actively searching for the topics you’re discussing—that’s why they’re likely on Clubhouse to begin with, right? They want to be educated.

More People, More Reach

Like a typical social media channel, Clubhouse gives you something you need if you want to succeed—reach.

Even though it might feel weird because Clubhouse is only audio (and there’s no way to post photos of your work so would-be clients can see what you can do), this platform grants you access to a whole new market. Reach and visibility into these markets are how you find new customers, make new connections, network, and boost your career.

Issue Big Announcements to a Select Crowd

Clubhouse is a great tool for announcements—especially if you’re trying to make a big announcement in tiers instead of telling the whole world all at once.

Private Networking Events

Get to know your idols, your cosmetology heroes, and stylists you want to learn from in a very private, very safe way.

This is a great way to get together to interview, start panels, or gather a group of professionals to get to know each other better.

Collaborative Tool for Your Salon

This is hugely important in our everything-is-virtual world. If you and your team need to chat safely as part of a round-table or town-hall discussion, Clubhouse is the way to do it. As a host, you can decide who gets to participate and when they get to participate.

That means you and your team can have successful, productive meetings where no one is talking over each other. Plus, it’s a super safe way to “gather” your entire team in one spot.

All in all? If you get a Clubhouse invite, we highly recommend joining. If it’s not your thing, don’t sweat it too hard, but def give it a try and see how you can make this ever-growing platform work in your favor.

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