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How Insurance Can Protect You: 

Why All Cosmetologists Need Beauty Liability Insurance

Beauty liability insurance.

No, it’s definitely not the hottest industry topic out there. And, no, it’s not always a fun convo to have—we might be in the insurance biz, but we’re not about to pretend that talking about insurance is always super engaging.

Still, we think what we have to say about liability insurance is insanely crucial to your career and your future as a cosmetologist, so, we kind of feel like that’s important enough to keep you engaged for a hot sec. Right?

We think so.

We’ll do you a major solid and cut straight to the chase—as a cosmetologist, you need liability insurance.

Why you ask?

Bingo, friend. We’re glad you asked. Because that’s precisely what we’re here to dive right into today.

What is Liability Insurance?

And better yet—why the heck do you (a cosmetologist, esthetician, stylist, or whatever you might be) need it in the first place?

Let’s dive right into the basics to give you a better idea of what we’re dealin’ with here.

Beauty liability insurance—like other forms of insurance—is a form of risk management where the insured (that’s you!) can be protected and relieved of the financial responsibility of a potential loss as well as gain peace of mind that experts are handling any claims.

In other words, think of liability insurance as a safety net. You don’t expect anything bad to happen in your cosmetology career, and you certainly don’t plan to make mistakes—but just in case, you’ve got a seriously reliable safety net watching your back. That way, if anything does happen, the financial, legal, and professional burdens of it are going to be taken care of by pros in the insurance industry. That takes the stress off you, safeguards your career, and keeps all your finances from getting scrapped into costly lawsuits that might result.

Let’s go a little deeper.

Beauty Liability insurance exists in many forms.

  • Professional liability insurance is one of the most common types—it protects you against any claims (alleged or actual) that say you’re responsible for causing harm or damages to any of your clients.
  • General liability insurance still protects you but deals with things that are more of an indirect effect—so, instead of someone bringing a claim against you for accidentally snipping their ear during a haircut, they’d bring a claim against you for slipping on your carpet in the salon.
  • Product liability insurance is a type of insurance that protects you should anything bad happen as a result of something you used during your services (we’re talking shampoo, moisturizer, hot oil, etc.)

Looking for a deeper explanation? Check out our post here about the three main types of liability insurance.

To be properly covered and adequately protected, it’s pretty crucial that you’ve got all of those fronts on lock.

The right insurance can change your cosmetology career for the better.

But how, exactly? Keep reading to learn more about why insurance is an absolute must (beyond the obvious reasons, of course).

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Beauty Liability Insurance ASAP

Obviously, beauty liability insurance protects you from financial and professional destruction when and if something bad happens, but that’s not all. Beauty liability insurance is crucial for a lot of reasons, and we’ve got a feeling you’re going to want to be aware of all of them.

Protects You (& Your Career) From the Unlikely & Improbable

We’ve all made little, tiny mistakes in our careers, right? Look, we’re all human. No matter what you do, no matter how trained you are, and no matter how badass of a cosmetologist you are, you’re bound to make a mistake.

And yes, beauty liability insurance is a must when it comes to covering the little, inevitable stuff—but it’s also an absolute necessity for the unlikely and the improbable. Because guess what—no matter how unlikely and how improbable, something bad and unexpected can still happen.

That sounds super glass-half-empty, but that’s not how we intend it to. All we mean is sometimes bad things happen—heck, sometimes people even accuse you of being responsible for a bad thing happening when you have nothing to do with it.

When that happens, liability insurance is going to have your back—and that’s the type of cushion you deserve. 

Your State Might Require It

While every state is different, it’s likely that yours requires some form of liability insurance. Not having it in some states could just be risky, but in others, it could be illegal.

Do a quick double-check to see what your state requires. And while you’re at it, see what your salon or shop requires, too. Even if they have their own liability insurance, it might be on you to protect yourself—and you don’t want to figure that out the hard way.

Without Beauty Liability Insurance, You’re on the Hook Financially

Sure, if something bad happens and someone accuses you of making a mistake, you’ve got to deal with all the professional repercussions that go hand-in-hand with that.

And honestly? That sucks. But you know what sucks worse than that? Being on the hook for the professional repercussion and the financial burdens associated with lawsuits, legal fees, and damages.

Yep, without insurance, you’re likely going to be the one handling all the fees and finances—are you prepared to wave goodbye to lots of your hard-earned money? If not, we highly recommend looking into some quality liability insurance.

It Protects You on All Fronts

If you get the right kind, of course. Liability insurance isn’t just for your professional needs—AKA, when you make a mistake or allegedly make a mistake.

The right type of beauty liability insurance will actually cover other things, like product liability insurance and general liability insurance. Yep, someone can (and might) sue you if a product you used makes their hair fall out or if they trip on your spa rug and break their ankle.

But with the right type of protection, you don’t have to totally shoulder these responsibilities (especially when it comes to finances).

Shows You’re a Serious Pro

There’s some weird stigma in the cosmetology world where people think if you have liability insurance, it’s because you’re afraid of the potential mistakes you’ll make. AKA, that translates to you not being a confident stylist, esthetician, cosmetologist, etc.

Guess what? That’s totally bogus.

The opposite is actually true. The most professional, prepared, and caring cosmetologists are the ones investing in beauty liability insurance. Why? Because they believe in protecting themselves, their careers, and of course, their clients. Without insurance, your entire career could vanish with a single, false accusation. As a badass pro in the beauty world, you wouldn’t stand for that, right?

Investing in beauty liability insurance is the step you need to take in order to gain control over all the unlikely, improbable, and frankly outlandish stuff that could happen. And if you ask us, cosmetologists who are prepared for that are the most professional of all.

Look, comin’ from an insurance company that specializes in the cosmetology field, you’re probably thinking we’re just sharing this stuff to make a sale. And, don’t get us wrong, we’d love to team up with you and provide you with reliable protection for all kinds of services (and like, all kinds of members’-only benefits, too), but that’s not the reason we wrote up this blog.

The fact of the matter is, whether you decide to work with us or not, you need to invest in liability insurance to better protect and safeguard your career, your finances, yourself, and quite frankly, your future.

Stuff happens, things go wrong, and as a human, you’re bound to make mistakes.

Protect yourself against all of that with professional, general, and product liability insurance—just make sure your insurance partner cares for you, wants to see you flourish in your career, and is there for you every step of the way.

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