A gal shows off her summer 2022 looks.

Make Sure Your Clients Are Cool for the Summer 
The Top Summer Beauty Trends of 2022

The sun is shining, school is out, and the world is full of bright, shiny possibilities and a carefree feeling that only one season can bring–yep, it’s summertime, beauty pros.

And that means you better get ready for a slew of clients requesting the hottest summertime looks. So, let us ask you a super important summer question–do you know what’s hot?

If you’re ready to help your clients look hot with the coolest trends, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet the must-read summer 2022 lookbook you’ve been waiting for.

Our suggestion? Read through this list, take notes, and start practicing–because these summer looks are about to be hot on your radar this season.

The Top Looks for Summer 2022: Your Client’s Go-To Summer Trends

The Gotta-Try Summer 2022 Hair Trends

All About Airy Layers

Light, bright, and totally lowkey, a look with airy layers is a must-try this summer for your fave clients.

If you’ve got a client who wants a hot, summer look without going over the top, this wispy look is a solid option to bring a little heat (without going too crazy).

Natural texture is a big summer beauty trend.

What do we love about the airy layer look? It screams ‘90s vibes without going so far down the trend trail. That means it’s a subtle, summer look that whispers retro vibes without giving it a full-throated shout.

Ready-to-Wear Hair

This summer, we’re all about low-key, relaxed, and ever-so-effortless–that’s why ready-to-wear texture is so hot right now. Let’s be real, your clients might want to look hot, but they probably don’t want to spend their entire summer styling the perfect look.

That’s where a ready-to-wear texture comes into play. Introduce your clients to low-maintenance, minimal-effort styles that frame the face, offer plenty of lived-in layers, and never take more than five minutes to perfect.

Mixies All Around

You’ve seen the perfect pixie. You’ve experienced a mega-sweet mullet.

Now, picture both in the most beautiful way. 

Yep, the mixie is a merge of a gorgeous, delicate pixie and an epic mullet (which, c’mon, you know mullets are so in right now). This hybrid is a must-try for clients who want a trendy cut that doesn’t take a lot of care and styling.

Short Baby Shags

Soft, short, and sweet–the baby shag is a must for clients who want a fun summer look that’s edgy, epic, and all kinds of excellent.

Make this shaggy and fun, or opt for a subtle, lived-in style with layers plenty for a gentler look. What do we love about the baby shag?

It’s got all the fun of a full-length shag without the extra length–to us, that makes it the perfect lil summer cut that will subtly grow into the mid-length shag of your dreams just in time for autumn.

Yep, it’s the cut that keeps on giving.

The Must-Know Nail Trends of Summer 2022

Alien Inspo That’s Out of this World

Put the extra in extraterrestrial with alien-inspired nails this summer. Space-age nail polish is so in this summer, so expect lots of shimmers, cosmic colors, and swirly orbs making their way into the nail space.

Short, Square, Sexy

The long acrylics have had their day, now it’s time for a short, square, and sophisticated look for the summer. Short, square nails are especially fun when they add a bright pop of color to your summertime look.

Minimalist Manis

Line work, half moons, intersecting stripes–these manis are heavy on the precision but light on the detail. Yep, minimalist manis are super in this summer, so stay tuned for subtle nail art requests to stream in.

Subtle line work makes for the perfect minimalist mani.

Opalescent is In

Yep, just like a seashell (how perfect for summer) the opalescent sheen is so in this season. Need a little inspo to get this look in your brain? Think stunning and shimmery champagne colors that have a little extra glimmer.

Go-To Makeup Looks for Summer 2022

Makeup Minimalism

No-makeup makeup looks are back–just in time for an epic summer!

This year, you’ll spot folks rockin’ natural foundations and skin tints (heavy on the SPF), clean mascara looks, and glowy, sunkissed skin. In other words, heavy glam is out and natural glam is in.

Sunkissed Fake Freckles

The lack of natural freckles doesn’t mean your freckle look is unattainable.

Fake freckles (and real freckles) are a big summer beauty trend this year.

Nope, fake freckles are so in, and with the right product recommendations for your clients, they, too, can have that adorable little dappling of freckles whenever they want.

Statement Eyes, Please

Big, bold, and bright–statement eyes are here to stay this summer.

Colorful eyeshadow has long been a spring and summer thing, but this year, it’s all about the highlighted liners complementing bright lights (the more shimmer the better). 

We love this look for a fun summer night out on the town–so don’t be afraid to get creative with your customers’ looks.

So, tell us the truth–how many of these looks are you about to run out and try right now?

If the answer is all of them, we’re not mad.

Got your own badass beauty summer trend to share? Do it!

Drop a comment in the reply section below and let your fellow cosmetology brothers and sisters know what’s hot this season!

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