The Holiday Nail Trends Your Clients Need to Try This Season 

The Top 8 Trends That Are Holiday Must-Haves

The holidays might seem like they’re all about those lovely little traditions—hot cocoa around the fire, Christmas carolers at your door, decorating the tree, gifting your loved ones intentional presents, making holiday cookies.

The holiday list truly goes on and on (and on).

You know what else is on that list that doesn’t get nearly enough credit (in our humble opinion, anyway)?

Bringing the house down with some seriously sweet holiday nails.

Trust us, it’s on your clients’ minds—and this year, you can bring them the trendiest, most festive, best holiday nails ever.

How, you ask?

With this little list we’ve compiled in mind.

Try a few of these beauties out this year and watch your clients flip for the festive, holly-jolly, holiday nails that have been totally missing from their lives until you walked in the door (but will definitely never be missing again, that’s for sure).

The Top 8 Holiday Nail Trends Perfect for Festive Clients 

Trends may seem to come and go faster than you can keep up with them—but that’s where we step in.

Peep these 2021 holiday nail trends that are sure to deck your clients’ holiday halls with all the festive goodness they’re after.

Make it Metallic 

Silver, gold, whatever you choose—make those accents and nail designs marvelously metallic this year.

Whether your client wants a bold look that’s as shimmery and fun as can be or they’re after a subtle nod to shimmer, adding a little metallic can really shape up a festive look.

Hot Cocoa Nails Are, Well, HOT

Never heard of a hot cocoa nail? We’re about to change your (and your client’s) life.

What’s more delicious than a steaming cup of cocoa to fight this cold this holiday? Some hot cocoa nails, that’s what.

Think about a swirled look of bold browns and creamy whites to create a hot, rich, and stunning manicure.

Be warned, though—you and your client will definitely be craving a chocolate fix after this.

Snowy Decals for All 

C’mon now, you know that snowflakes are always a good idea this year.

Opt for a gorgeous blue backdrop, some sweet little snow decals, and some meticulous details (maybe metallic in nature?) to really bring that look to life.

See Red (But in a Good Way)

It’s no secret that red is a fab festive tradition this time of year—so let your clients lean into it!

Whether you go with a classic, sleek red free of any distractions or you kick it up a notch with a festive design, we always recommend an iconic red to ring in the holidays.

Ombre Glitter? Yes, Please

Let’s face it, there’s never a bad time for an ombre glitter manicure.

If this doesn’t seem seasonal enough, tack on an ombre glitter look with some vibes from other trends on this list.

A red ombre glitter manicure? Love it. A snowflake decal with lots of ombre glitter details? Like we said before, yes please.

Candy Cane Vibez

Nothing says holiday spirit like a candy cane manicure.

Whether this means meticulously painted canes on every nail, a decal or two to top off a look, or a well-done mix of red and white swirled shades, this one is a must-try—trust us.

Deep Jewel Tones 

Think sugar plum purples, think deep dusky blues, think rich Christmas tree evergreens—overall, just think deep, delightful jewel tones to give your clients a rich, unmatched festive vibe this year.

Festive Foils 

OK, yes, you got us—we’ve been talking about metallic nails this entire blog. But let’s face it—the bright and shiny foil look is SO in.

Consider this trend metallic-light—a little glitz, a little glam, and a little festive nod to the holidays.

Opt for teeny pieces of festive foil at the base or tip of the nail for a clean look—or go wild with some haphazard foil all over the nail. It all depends on how holiday-crazed your client is.

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