Holiday Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Promos

To Implement In Your Salon or Spa This Season

All we want for Christmas is—a huge influx of holiday customers. Right? (It’s OK if you started singing out loud as you read that, we did when we wrote it—no shame).

OK, we’re sure that’s not all you want to receive this holiday season, but we can guarantee that if you’re in the salon or spa world, it’s definitely up there on your wish list.

While you’ll probably already receive a steady flow of customers because of the holiday season (which we love to love and love to hate simultaneously), there’s nothing wrong with doing a little something to ensure you’re getting the cheery, holiday customers you’re looking for.

This year, don’t rely on the season to draw people in—do a little extra work so that you can maximize your profits, increase your sales, and get more people inside your salon or spa. 

How, you ask? We’ve got you covered. 

Check out a few of our holiday marketing tips here!

Holiday Gifts On-The-Go

The reality of the holiday season is this—people usually have a lot of other people to buy gifts for, and they don’t usually have any idea of what to give them. You can step in and help.

Have pre-arranged, curated gift baskets for purchase in your shop (and on your website, too!) so that customers can come in, grab-and-go, and find something perfect for the loved ones in their lives.

Customers will love how customized and thoughtful these product packages are, and you’ll love that your products are flying off the shelves in a unique way (and boosting your revenue at the same time). 

Pro-tip: if you know this is something that will do well in your salon, be sure that you’re prepared and have enough product on-hand before the holiday season so you’re stocked enough until the new year.

The Gift of Self-Care: Offer Holiday Specials and Promos

 There’s nothing like offering your clients a special holiday discount. This year, embrace a good holiday special to get people in the door. It doesn’t have to be outrageous, but if you offer some kind of holiday-themed-promo, you’re basically guaranteed to get people into your salon or spa. 

Be creative, be innovative, and math it out before you decide on how much of a promo to go in for.

Get Online to Get the Word Out

Don’t just expect people to know about your holiday specials, get the word out with your digital marketing skills. This is where social media literacy really comes into play, guys.

Create a unique, catchy, and specialized hashtag that you’ll use on your social media platforms to help people find the info they need on your deals, promos, and sales. Use this hashtag yourself on all of your posts.

Get creative with your content—show photos of your holiday gifts-on-the-go, have info readily available about your specials, and be sure you’re active online to answer any questions filed under the hashtag of your choice.

Holiday How-To Videos

This is another genius digital marketing tactic.

Create quick, helpful how-to videos on holiday hair tutorials. People love to have access to free, educational information from professionals. Not only will this provide credibility for customers (a huge part of gaining a new customer, by the way), but it also provides viewers with something they can have for free—helpful education. 

Don’t forget to use your social media hashtag that you’ve created to brand these videos. Be sure your salon name, the products you use, and your handles are readily available in this content, too. 

The last thing you want is to create a fantastic video that draws people to you and then not provide them with a seamless way to get in touch with you for appointments.

Do Some In-Shop Campaigning, Too

Make sure customers who walk by your shop or step inside know about these specials, too. Don’t be afraid to get holiday-cutesy, either. Deck out your shop with some holiday décor, make your specials known, and be sure your gifts-to-go are in their line of vision. 

Another fun trick? Set up a holiday photo booth (with your branding clearly visible, too) where clients can take pictures of their new hairstyles. Have your clients tag you and use your hashtag as well.

Maybe you can get even more creative and set up a rewards program for clients who use those photos on their social media and tag you (totally up to you!)

Gift Cards Galore

Be sure that your shop, salon, or website is all set for selling out gift cards. People love to purchase these around the holidays as gifts, which means you can make a killing off gift card sales if you’re prepared.

Send Out Seasonal Cards

Show your clients your thinking of them this season by sending out a holiday greeting card. Don’t forget to let them know in a subtle way that you’ve got space for last-minute holiday appointments, too.

Even if you don’t book anyone from this effort, your clients will feel cared about and valued, which will keep them coming back for more—holiday season or not.

Love our holiday advice? We thought you might.

No matter how you put your spin on the holiday season this year, don’t be afraid to get creative and offer your clients a little somethin’ somethin’ they’ll be sure to remember. 

Have suggestions for more holiday marketing tips? Good—let’s hear ‘em. Comment below with your favorite holiday marketing advice, promos, and more. 

If you’re looking for more salon or spa advice (for the holiday season and beyond) keep checking in with our regularly updated EBS blog!