Holiday Marketing Tips for Estheticians 

What You Should Know Before the Holidays Hit Hard

‘Tis the season to be—profitable. At least, that’s how it works in the cosmetology biz anyway.  

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not scrooges—the joy of the season is real in our opinion. We love deckin’ the halls, getting’ holly jolly, and belting out Rockin’ ‘Round the Christmas Tree every chance we get. But if you’re a cosmetologist—or more specifically for this article, an esthetician—then the holiday rush is about to get real, and we’re primarily focused on getting you ready.

Yes, we know it’s barely the beginning of November, but in this biz, the holidays hit hard—it’s best to be prepared early so you can reap the benefits, get your promos out there, and of course, plan in advance so you have plenty of time to enjoy your own holiday festivities.

So, to all our estheticians out there, consider this article our holiday gift to you—it’s everything we think you should know about the holiday season but like before it sneaks up on you too quickly.

Thank us for this not-quite-under-the-tree present later—for now, get to reading.

Holiday Tips Every Esthetician Should Know

Take it from us—getting ready for the holiday season before the snow hits is the best way to prepare for a profitable and pleasant end of the year.

Not sure how to get this whole thing started?

We’ve got plenty of advice to get the fire lit underneath you.

We know it’s early, and we’re not going to tell you to you have to start taking out the Christmas ornaments and putting them on your tree just yet (but also, if you want to, go for it—Mariah Careys’ got to start singing about what she wants for Christmas pretty soon anyway)—but we do recommend you give this article a read and let it motivate your planning.

Start Planning Early (Seriously!)

We’re not going to repeat ourselves over and over (we promise), but we do think this point is worth reminding you once more.

We’re not saying that you can’t handle all the holiday rush stuff last minute (we have total confidence in you, duh), but getting an early start guarantees you’re getting all the customers you possibly can.

People need to plan in advance for their holiday appointments. Customers need to get their gifts all underway.

And everyone starts shopping before Black Friday nowadays for deals on their fave products and services.

In other words, not starting early means you’re missing out on some serious potential. So get going!

Go Gift Card Crazy 

The best advice we can offer estheticians like you this early in the season? Get ready to rumble—with a steady supply of gift cards, that is.

Listen, gift cards make phenomenal gifts and we’re sure that plenty of your current customers are 100% going to want to purchase your services for their loved ones this year, but that’s not the only reason you should be selling out these sweet little cards.

Gift cards are guaranteed cash in your pocket.

Why? Because someone is already paying for the service whether that service happens or not.

You’re making money in advance and while yes, you’re supposed to provide a service equivalent to that amount at a later date, there’s really no telling when or if that will happen.

Obviously, you want your clients who purchase gift cards to use those gift cards—but that type of guaranteed cash is hard to pass up.

Plus, when those gift cards are used, you’ll have more opportunities to make more profit, help more customers, and sell more products.

Adjust Your Social Media & Digital Marketing Early On

Do yourself a favor—don’t wait until the last week of December to start running social media campaigns about your December promos, deals, and specials.

You’ll miss out on a lot of potential business if that’s the route you take.

Even if it seems early, take a day or two this week to sit down and plan out your content strategy and digital marketing strategy for the next two months.

If you refocus everything on holiday goodness, you’ll be able to bring in a crowd more focused on holiday shopping, appointments, gift cards, and promos.   

Deck the Halls (of Your Retail Space) 

You don’t need to put up all the holiday décor just yet—but you can if you want to!

The jury is pretty much split on when it’s too early to decorate for the holidays (although we think any time after October 31 is pretty much fair game), but there’s no harm in purchasing and planning what your holiday décor is going to be!

Tackling this before the holiday rush guarantees that you won’t spend late nights or weekends working on something that might seem silly (like holiday decorations) when you could be out enjoying the beauty of the holiday with your loved ones, instead.

Partner with Fellow Cosmetologists for Holiday Beauty Packages 

Your esthetician services are to-die-for—but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little somethin’ extra to make them even more irresistible to the holiday crowd.

Consider teaming up with fellow cosmetologists you respect for a big beauty promo that’s perfect for the holidays.

Have a stylist you admire and want to team up with? Ask that stylist!

Know a nail tech who is dreamy as can be with the holiday styles? They might want to work with you.

Promos, Promos, Promos 

Promos and discounts and specials—oh my! Setting yourself up for success during the holidays often looks like creating clever, irresistible promos that have a little holiday ring to them.

So, like we said with everything else on this list, make sure you start early.

Want a few unique holiday promo ideas to get the ball rolling? We got you. Check out some of our holiday-themed promo article ideas below:

Don't Get Too Caught Up in the Holly Jollies 

In other words, don't forget your end of the year goals. 

Take the time to focus and zero in on what really matters—your yearly goals. Yes, the holidays can be a total rush and giant frenzy, but they make up such a small portion of the year.

Take a moment to sit back and reflect on the goals you set for yourself.

Did you achieve them? Can you still in the next two months?

Focus on accomplishing what you sent out to accomplish at the start of the year—and make it happen.


The holidays don’t have to be hectic—with a little planning, you can make this season as seamless and simple as you want!

The key? Plan early and get creative—and of course, add in a little dash of hard work (but we’re not worried about you there, you’ve got that part taken care of).

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