last minute halloween makeup

Top Halloween Makeup Looks

It’s almost here—every beauty artist’s favorite excuse to go absolutely wild with their look.

Halloween is game time for the beauty industry. Artists are bypassing the classic, sexy costumes in favor of unique, expertly crafted makeup looks. We scoured the web for the best Halloween styles showing off top-notch artistry to give you the #beautyinspo you need for your own unique creation.

In case you are looking for last minute ideas for your clients or even yourself, we’ve got you covered.

Class-Act Clown Halloween Makeup

Thanks to the It premiere this Halloween, the clown makeup trend is blowing up. With tons of wild, dramatic clown looks to choose from, this look keeps it simple with a touch of scare.

Create a bolder look by adding glitter to the high points of the face for bonus glamour!

A Simple Skull With A Twist

Are you trying to put in a last-minute effort for your Halloween look? Effortlessly mixing chic and grisly, this simple skull could be your answer.

Pair with a little black dress or chic power suit and heels, and be sure to turn heads at any Halloween event.

Skull makeup for Halloween by @lindasteph

Shoot for the Stars

This look goes to infinity and beyond by not only incorporating constellations, but also adding some actual bling with gemstone accents to create a truly sparkling night sky look!

The simplicity of the lip balances the boldness of the night sky splashed across the forehead, keeping your look star-crossed—not star struck.

Starry eyes makeup for Halloween by @pinpinpinpin

Understated Humor

Alright it may not be elegant, but if you’re short on time and looking for a look that will inspire a laugh among partygoers, friends, or the avid Snapchat user, try a simple character eye.

This look featuring the infamous Snapchat filter is sure to be a low-effort hit at any Halloween party. Whether it’s a tiny dancing hot dog or another popular filter, this look helps you show off your sense of humor in a blink.

Funny Halloween Snapchat hotdog makeup design

Get Ouija With It

Need a scarier look? Just dress as the portal to the great beyond. This ouija board look is definitely not for beginners, but it is a serious showstopper.

Channel your inner Stranger Things, and get upside down with this advanced makeup look this Halloween!

Scary halloween ouija board makeup by @ssssamanthaa

Pour Some Glitter On Me

Glitter lips, or mermaid lips, are hot right now. For most it’s not a look we can rock daily, however on Halloween anything goes.

This style can be incorporated into many different outfits and is a fun, quick way to make a statement. Plus if there happens to be a Halloween boo, you will definitely leave a lasting impression.

Glitter lips makeup for Halloween


Superhero costumes are making a comeback since the recent release of Wonder Woman. With this sultry Spiderman look, you will give Wonder Woman a run for her money.

A gorgeous upper-half web paired with a gold-toned, warm-smoky eye, perfect brows, flawless skin, and a sexy, red lip will have everyone in the room dying for you to spin them into your web.

Spider woman makeup by @jadedeacon

Light It Up

Neon makeup is all over Instagram and for good reason. It’s easier than it looks and makes a serious statement!

Whether it’s a little neon around the eyes or a full neon face with contour, highlight, and all, you’re sure to brighten up the room wearing this show-stopping look.

Halloween neon makeup by @ayajade