Styles That Are Scary Good

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

No, not Christmas, it’s Halloween – a night that every hair stylist, cosmetologist, and beauty industry pro absolutely loves because it means going totally unhinged, getting wildly creative, and creating Spooktacular looks that are scream-worthy-AHHHH-mazing.

What’s better? 

As a beauty industry pro, you don’t get to just perform these magical transformations on yourself, you get to bring your talents to the good-and-ghoulish people who are seeking out some exceptionally fun Halloween looks.

If you want a little inspo to get your creative pumpkin’ juices flowing, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a few of our absolute fave looks for Hallo-worthy hair and makeup that we think you absolutely need to be in-the-know about. Be warned though, these are not your cutesy Fall or warm Autumn looks (we already wrote that article, so if that’s what you’re hunting for, go check it out!)

These looks are Halloween specific, so get ready to provide your clients with the satisfaction of being happily spooky, thoroughly scary, and super stylish!

Spooky Look No. 1: IT, but Glamorous

A super famous macro-influencer that goes by the insta-handle @ling.kt put together a ton of fun Halloween makeup looks on her Instagram this year, but we’re absolutely wild about this glam-version of IT. 

It’s a super fun, super colorful, and super spookless look, but it’s definitely in the spirit of all things Hallows Eve. This is a great source of inspiration if you’re interested in your own take on an IT-style look.

Spooky Look No. 2: Go Galactic

If you follow Kayley Melissa on Instagram, you might have already seen this. But if you don’t and haven’t, we’ve got a galactic treat for you! Check out this sweet starry look that @kayleymelissa put together for Halloween!

There’s a little fun color, some serious ombre, and even some hair accessories (heck out those adorable stars!) This look isn’t particular spooky, but it’s definitely Halloween worthy! Use this for a little Halloween inspiration and put your own spin on your galactic look!

Spooky Look No. 3: Half Dead, Half Fabulous

If you don’t follow @makeupbymona_ on Instagram and you’re a MUA, then you’re totally missing out. While she’s not a crazy, macro-influencer (yet), she’s got a ton of great looks you’ll want to  check out for Halloween (and beyond!)

This half-dead look is perfect for makeup artists who want to gift their clients with a lil bit of glam and a lil bit of spook all at one time. 

This is the ideal thing to offer ladies or gents in your client base that aren’t entirely dedicated to going full-spook, but still want to employ a little bit of the Halloween scariness we know and love. Plus, this will really test your skills and give you a great excuse to practice this awesome look!

Spooky Look No. 4: Time Travel & Transform Into Wednesday Adams

This is from a makeup account, but overall, it’s a total classic and we absolutely love this look for Halloween – specifically the hair!

You’d be hard pressed to find a look that combines gothic glam and spook the way the Wednesday Adams look does.

It’s a basic, but beautiful look that requires a little bit of hair dye (if you want) and a  whole lot of beautiful braiding. 

Get creative and do a sweet all black look, like in this picture, throw in some color or a gorgeous grey-black ombre if you want, add the middle part, and make sure you don’t miss out on the widows peak (this calls for gel eyeliner or liquid lip liner). It’s a simple hair look, but an absolute classic! 

Spooky Look No. 5: Revisit Your Glory Days, Purr Up To This Lisa Frank Look


If Lisa Frank consumed your school supplies back in the good old days we're sure you'll love this clever look from @jadedeacon. We especially love the pop of hot pink in the bold brow, because while this may not actually be the 90's, brows are so 2018.

May the 90's truly live on forever, because if not Halloween, then when?

Spooky Look No. 6: Go Classic, A Bloody Good Vampire

Not into trends?

That's okay, there's something to be said for rocking an OG Halloween costume and doing it with style. 

This look was created by a beGlammed mobile artist and we can't help but love the expert use of a dramatic smoky eye and plum lipstick! If you're an expert at all things ghoulish and spooky, think about signing up with a mobile services provider, like beGlammed, to make a little extra cash this pumpkin spice season.

Spooky Look No. 7: Predict A Great Night, Ouija Yourself

However, if you do want to go trendy and unconventional, we love this spin on a Ouija board from @ssssamanthaa.

What's more Halloween than transforming yourself into a walking talking connection to the other side? 

This look pairs a bold brow, intense eyeshadow, and a little reverse ombre and it has us over the moon. 

Spooky Look No. 8: Flutter Away, Halloween

Not everyone loves Halloween, we get it.

 But if you we're invited to a party and you just have to do something, we have you covered.

Pull out some flasies, pencil in that brow, and use some liquid eyeliner to make a majestic butterfly wing and there you are- you've just put together the easiest costume ever and your makeup still looks fabulous.

There you go, we hope you found some inspo here for yourself or your clients!

Halloween is truly the one time of year you can do whatever you want and express yourself through all aspects of beauty. Have fun and stay spooky, beauty fam.

Happy haunting!