hair stylist meaning

What does it mean to be a hair stylist? What is a hair stylist?

If you asked Siri or Google, it may say something along the lines of "a person who cuts and styles hair as an occupation." But if you are a hair stylist, we know we hold true to being so much more than such a simple definition.

We hold the power to change, change the lives of those in our chairs that are looking into a mirror.

We are keepers of light without even knowing it at times. A guest can walk in feeling one emotion and leave with another—hopefully with a bigger smile than when they initially arrived.

Define hair stylist.

We become family and see your kids grow up. We love to give our clients a confidence boost with a new haircut or color before those special life moments.

We are the ones there on wedding days, birthdays, and that date night you MUST have a blowout for. We want to make you look and feel your best.

We double as therapists and life coaches all while standing eight to 12 hours on our feet, living on that venti iced coffee we bought at lunch—and that granola bar we managed to scarf down mixing our last color. But, we do it with love—the love of the craft and for love of people.

At the end of the day, it's about that smile of a man or woman starting a new chapter of his or her life. At the beginning of the appointment, they would not even look in the mirror. After their services, they can't stop smiling in the mirror. That is what a hair stylist is.

We are light, we are love.

This life path is about relationships you create. Relationships with your guests and the relationship you have with yourself.

We are artists.

Being a hair stylist is giving your light to someone else to make them shine brighter. Often times we get lost in the journey and continuous flow of life, and we forget to take care of us. Hairstylists are here to help with that experience.

Five years ago this may not have been my response, but it is today. Hairstylists are licensed professionals who have been chosen to help promote the best versions of their clients through a path of hard work and dedication.

The creative self you are or always dreamed of exudes passion. We are artists that are able to perform for our clients, asking them to let us help them find their perfect look that they have been missing.