Hairstyle Inspo for Holiday Parties

Ideas for Your Clients (And You, Too!)

Let’s face it, you’re about to start dealing with holiday parties in absolute spades.

Is this a bad thing? No way! Holiday parties—whether you’re attending them or you’re helping your clients get ready for them—are an absolute blast.

There’s good food, probably tons of holiday music, gift exchanges, and most importantly of all, an opportunity to gather with people you like, cherish, and enjoy spending time with.

But this article isn’t about convincing you to embrace holiday parties with open arms (we think you can handle that piece of the puzzle on your own)—it’s about helping your clients (and you, duh) look hot AF when you attend them.

Especially when it comes to the focal point of any holiday lewk—the hair.

Yep, this blog is entirely dedicated to must-try, must-have hairstyle inspo looks for the next holiday party in your client’s life (or your own).

What do we love about this list of looks?

We’ve got a little something for every occasion.

From sophisticated and elegant looks for the chic and fancy parties to something kitschy, fun, and adorable for a party that’s a little wilder, there’s a gotta-have-it look waiting for you and yours right here, right now.

The Hottest Holiday Party Hair Looks Every Stylist Should Know About This Year

Crown Braid Looks For All

PC: @svglamour

Step up that royalty look with a sweet little (or big) crown braid. What do we love about the crown braid look? It can be a standalone style that’s sure to wow or be a fun, little addition to a much bigger look you’re planning. In other words, you really can’t lose with a crown braid.

A Little Holly Never Hurt Nobody

PC: @hairbytiffanyobert 

Garland didn’t, either. If you want to get really holiday trendy, opt for weaving in a little garland or holly into your hair look (extra points if you can incorporate your festive pièce de resistance into a chic twist or jaw-dropping braid).

The best part about this trend? You can play it up or down with more pieces, how you add them in, and where you incorporate the look to adapt to any party—from a chic soiree to a raucous office party.  

A Texturized Half-Up-Half-Down for the Trendiest

PC: @abriletnatureau

Half-up half-down looks are the absolute queens when it comes to quick styles that are sure to impress. Why? Because they look a lot more sophisticated than they actually are. Throw in a few quick twists and maybe even a pull-through braid or two for an epic look that takes you all of ten minutes. The real key here? Find the right product to give you or your client the ultimate texture to complement that trendy style.

Big Bombshell Curls, Please

PC: @the_headturner

Get your Marilyn Monroe on at your next holiday party with a classic Christmas-esque look that’s sure to impress. The best part about this look? It looks pretty dang sophisticated without being too challenging to pull off—it’s also a super easy one to teach your clients.

Braid it, Baby

PC: @cathughesxo

It’s no secret that braids are the special sauce that can take any look to the next level.

The best part about braids? They’re versatile. Whether you want sleek and sophisticated (like a one-sided braid) or a punky, funky look (like with some double upside down braided buns), adding braids to your style can really elevate even the simplest of styles.

Sleek and Chic

Channel your inner A-list celeb with a slicked-back look that offers the right amount of chic style—bonus points if you pair this with a bomb makeup look, BTW.

Push that hair out of your face, pump up that high-fashion attitude, and show off those cheekbones at the holiday party with a slicked-back look that can’t be beat.

Classic Christmas Chignon

Feeling more of a classic and classy vibe? Nothing says elegant sophistication like a classic Chignon bun. Want to throw a little bit of wild attitude into that bun? Pop in a few braids, fishtails, or twists to elevate that classic look a little bit.

Love this holiday inspo list?

Well, good news—it’s not the first and it’s certainly not going to be the last.

At EBS, we’re all about helping cosmetologists and beauty pros like you build your careers—but we’re not going to totally ignore the fact that part of that means looking your best and showing your clients you know a thing or two about the hottest looks.

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