Hair Gems: Is This Y2K Beauty Trend Here to Stay?

The Beauty Pro's Guide to the Bedazzled Hair Gem Trend  

Bedazzling hair is back, beauty pros–and it’s better than ever. We know what you’re thinking; how did this Y2K trend make it back into 2022?

Like most things, we can blame–and that’s not really the right word, because we love a good trend like this–on TikTok.

Hair gems are the latest trend in the beauty world, and, like most fun fads that are all about expression, this is one we can get behind. But where did this trend come from, and more importantly, is it here to stay?

This blog is dedicated to this latest trend, but we’ll be sure to dive into some of the flashbacks of what this trend was like before 2022.

And, of course, we’ll explore why it’s popping back up with such a vengeance now.

(P.S., don’t worry–we’re even giving cosmetologists who might be new to this trend a few pointers to start adding this to their clients' cute styles).


What is the Hair Gem Trend All About?

In a word, fun.

The hair gem trend is literally about nothing but glitz, glam, and drawing attention to a hairstyle. Like all good hair trends, this one is an up-cycle of a 90s style.

For all you 90s babies out there who miss rocking your snap bracelets and clear caboodles, you probably recognize the bedazzled hair trend.

Now, this trend has a dash of 2022 sophistication on its side. Gone is the 90s-to-early 2000s name bedazzling.

Now, this fad is known as “hair gems,” and as you’d expect, it’s taking over TikTok. Everyone–from TikTok stars like @kirstyeelizabeth and @sophie_murraayy to non-influencers who just want to hop on the trend–lovers of the hair gem trend.

When to Wear the Glitzy Glam Hair Gem Trend 

When’s the most appropriate time to deploy this hottest trend? We recommend advising clients to go for something fun and glitzy like this for things like:

  • Concerts or music festivals
  • Big birthday bashes
  • Weddings, special events, memorable occasions
  • A freakin’ Tuesday

We’re being funny on purpose here. Because like any other trend, this one fits however your client wants to make it fit in their life. No special occasion is needed! As always, encourage your clients to rock their style and to do them­­–especially when fun hair gems are involved.


How You Can Do the Hair Gem Trend on Your Clients

The easiest way to make this seamless hair trend happen? Snag a retro bling bedazzler and get to placing those gems seamlessly in your client's hair. Of course, you’ll want to get them a little spritz of protectant, some moisture, and a great holding gel.

If you’re concerned about the blinger damaging your clients’ hair, consider doing hand-placed gems for a little touch of caution and precision.

With a pair of hair tweezers, a great holding gel, and maybe even a dotting tool–then, get to placing those gems meticulously. The best part about this style? Whether you opt for a pattern or take a haphazard approach, there’s really no wrong way to do the hair gem thing.

Go with patterns, create a design, or just let the sparkle guide you!

Want to really rock this throwback style the right way? Pair these hair gems with a very 90s style–yep, we’re talkin’ the spiky bun, high ponies, and chunky highlights (which, FYI, a more sophisticated, styled version of these are back in action, too).

Want to take advantage of this style even if you’re not on board?

If hair gems aren’t up your alley enough to add as a service to your list of offerings, you can still capitalize on this trend in a few ways to make your clients (and Insta followers) happy:

  • Set up in-person appointments to teach your clients the best way to do this themselves
  • Host an online how-to video that your subscribers can access
  • Offer free education on an Instagram post with an on-yourself or on-a-model tutorial

Ultimately, it’s up to you if you tackle this trend in your salon, on your socials, or if you even acknowledge it. We’re just saying, don’t knock the gem trend until you’ve tried it.


Will the Gem Trend Stick?

As much as we’d love for the gem trend to stick as well as they stick on hair, who knows what’s next for this trend? One thing is for sure, though. Even if this round of hair bedazzling is short-lived, we can pretty much expect it to cycle back in years to come. That’s what all good trends do, right?

So, whether or not this is a here-to-stay sort of trend or just a for-the-moment look, we’ll give you the same advice–rock it if you want to and empower your clients to do the same! Whoever said a fleeting hair trend was a bad thing, anyway?

Want a follow-up on the hair gem trend? Something tells us we’ll be updating you in a few short months. To keep up with what’s happening in hair and to stay on top of the industry gossip, subscribe to Elite Beauty Society here and now! We’re dropping two articles a week with the best of the best advice, insight, and career-boosting advice!