top hair color application brushes

The Top Tools That Every Stylist Needs

Any artist knows the tools you use can make or break the final result.

That is especially true with hair color application. Applying color requires precision, attention to detail, and a great set of tools that will help you achieve whatever your client is looking to achieve.

Framar Brushes

So what makes a Framar brush a game changer for stylists around the world? The bristles.

Framar’s AccuSoft bristles are uniquely pliable and silky, allowing for both ease of application and comfort for yourself and your client. Framar has a wide selection of top quality brushes available.

From their sturdy, hefty Power Painter to their basic Single Coloring Brush, Framar Brushes allows you to choose from a wide range of options to best suit each type of color application.

Termix Brushes

The industry loves Termix brushes, and with over 20,000 Instagram followers it is not hard to see why. Their commitment to quality salon professional tools is evident in their hair color brush selection.

With just a few options for brushes, Termix goes for quality, not quantity. They provide stylists with brushes that are easy to handle, deposit color evenly, and are incredibly sturdy.

Stylists love how durable these brushes are, with comments on how Termix brushes have outlasted countless other professional brushes they have tried. A Termix brush could make for a good long-term investment to your color tool collection.

Wella Brushes

Wella is an industry leader in styling, so it’s not a shock that they have mastered constructing a durable, effective hair color application brush designed with stylists in mind.

Wella’s online catalog has a wide array of options to suit any type of color and any technique you’re using, from a bold blonde to a blue balayage. Whatever look you’re creating, Wella has a high quality, sturdy brush to suit your needs.

Redken Gear Brushes

Redken defies the classic longer bristles of most color applicator brushes by introducing both long and short bristle brushes, offering added precision for root touchups and other coloring techniques that require serious attention to detail.

These unique brushes aren’t the type of item you see every day, but does their quality match their uniqueness? Totally. These durable, long-lasting brushes are sturdy but not stiff.

Allowing the bristles to deposit color delicately and evenly without irritation for you or your client, Redken’s Gear Brushes are a great step outside the box for the colorist who is always up for a new creative venture.

Sprush Applicators

Stylist opinion is split on sprushes, the unique style of brush sold by BluSand Beauty that claims to cut application time and amount of product necessary by half due to its’ flat surface, lack of bristles, and ease of use.

The benefits of a sprush over a classic brush are ease of sanitation, smoother application, and a closer fit to the scalp without actually touching the scalp itself. A definite love it or hate it product in the industry, stylists seem to be split into either diehard sprush fans or total sprush haters.

Are you willing to give them a try? A sprush could be your color applicator game-changer.

These are just a few of our top picks, but with a selection this extensive your perfect brush may be in here somewhere.