gray hair color

Whether They Choose Ashy, Slate, or Charcoal Gray,

These Gray Hair Colors Are All The Rage

Gray tones add depth and dimension, and look interesting and intriguing when hair is styled with tousling and texturizing. When it comes to selecting a shade for your client’s hair, the color gray is now a reality.

Embrace the Gray

Gray hair is popular with all ages of wearers. It helps make the hair look shiny and bright against a variety of skin tones—and there is something simply glamorous about the hue.

Gray hair plays up to an older woman’s natural beauty, proving that aging gracefully can be a reality. Plus, your more mature clients will love how cost-effective it is. Instead of running back in for a root touch-up, they simply embrace their natural grays.

The versatility of how your clients can go gray is appealing. When going gray on purpose, a younger gal can do so through balayage or ombre. Clients can even go gray against a variety of tones, such as lavender.

Prevent Brassiness

The upkeep can be pretty intense if your client is going gray on purpose. As you probably know, silver and gray hair is difficult to whip up initially, because you’re not using silver or gray hair dye. A lot of mixing and sharing of other shades is necessary to get that perfect gray tone. It is wise to remind anyone going gray to not wash his or her hair for a few days to let the color to settle.

It’s also important to inform your clients about changing the usual products they use to avoid fading their new color. While using purple toning shampoo is nice for blondes, it will most likely transform gray hair into lavender locks. So, a product such as Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo by AG|hair is great to recommend because it not only helps prevent brassiness, it keeps silver strands silver longer.

In fact, recommending any kind of conditioner that is slightly color-depositing is always a good idea, as well as a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to alternate and use in between a color-depositing conditioner.

Finally, you should remind your client to come back in for a toning treatment every few weeks to keep things fresh in between a new color job, and keep ends healthy and trimmed, since gray tends to show split ends more than other colors.

Provide Color Inspiration

Going gray is a unique choice for your clients that will get them noticed and play up their skin tone. Many will already have in mind the tone, technique, and style they wish to achieve, but some sample images are always helpful to have around. Images of some of the many celebrities who have chosen gray locks can provide lots of inspiration.

Be sure to inform clients of all their going-gray options, and about the intensive upkeep routine those options require. And, encourage your 40-plus crowd to get in on this fabulous and fun trend as well since they are already working with gray, naturally.